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    (Re)Finding our own path (Finale)

    It had been a rough night for Bette. After listening to Alice’s words, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her friend said. She knew the blonde was right; what Bette and Tina had could be salvaged, no matter how hard it may have appeared, they still had the chance to fix things. The truth was she didn’t know how to do it. Too many things happened and she was too scared it would hurt Angelica if things didn’t go well. They couldn’t risk that. For their daughter’s sake. Tina and she sat at the table in the kitchen and decided once for all to end everything. Tina was going to New York. And Bette… she was going to stay in Los Angeles, with Jodi (as Tina thought).

    Despite the lack of sleep, the brunette jumped out of the bed as soon as the first light of dawn made its way through the bedroom window. Wearing some sweatpants and a loose blouse she sat on the floor,  took the classical lotus position and a deep breath. She was facing the garden and letting herself being lulled by the sound of the pool and the gentle song intoned by the birds. A car passing by could be heard every now and then, but somehow, they reminded her of the sound waves make, helping her focusing on the meditation.

    She managed to sit there for about an hour, reciting her mantra over and over again, but then something occurred to her, giving end to her ‘apparent’ peace. Tina was really going to leave Los Angeles. And it was happening tomorrow, in the morning. She knew she wasn’t taking Angelica away from her, they already thought about a new schedule. A new nanny would go with Tina and take the fly back to Los Angeles each time Angelica was supposed to spend time with Bette… The truth was, she didn’t know if she could bare the thought of Tina living far away from her. The sound of a loud horn put an end at her contemplation. She stood up and made her way out of the room.


    The morning light took its way in Tina’s room as well. Just like for Bette, sleep had been inexistent. She rolled over, lying in her too big bed and exhaled. She was completely alone in the apartment. Angelica had been sleeping at Bette’s, for the whole week, since she was going to be with Tina for a while, before settling the new schedule. As she looked at the ceiling, she slid her fingers through her hair and couldn’t help the feeling she had in her guts. She knew she was doing the best thing she could do to be able to finally take a new step in her life.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      I have missed you and your stories. I am glad that you finishd this story.

      I did not comment at the old site but i really enjoyed your stories.

      Do you think you will update your other story?

      Thank you for finishing this one.

      • Bette0Porter says

        I will surely update the other one. I’m working on the new chapter and I hope to post it soon. I’m also writing a new story for #TLW10 challenge, but it may take a little while… I’m pretty proud of this one.
        Thank you!!!

    2. Sharod says

      Thank You fist for coming to the new site and second for finishing the story. I was scare for a while there. I didn’t know where you were going to go with this one. But I am so thrilled with the outcome.

    3. lipitora says

      you almost made me upset with that really the end of them.
      but you’re still a real Tibetter in the end, right? ;-)
      It was a great story, and wonderfully written in the end,
      I liked that the love always wins, especially between Bette and Tina :-)
      thank you!

    4. kingg says

      Bam!….another great love story, love prevails, but been a true tibetter at heart you came thru once more. Story was well written, but that’s no surprise. I love your writing style. Thx and keep up your great work…

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