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    Remember Who You Are 10.1…

    Bette sat on their bed in her robe working on her laptop, but she was really more interested in watching Tina get ready. The movie premiere was in a few hours and Tina has taken a long hot shower while Bette wrapped up her work emails for their upcoming Gallery opening. Something was off, Bette could feel it. She didn’t know how to respond, sometimes she misread a situation so badly she made it worse. Tina always was there to help her unpack things but now… now she unsure of how Tina was. She was distant, quiet. Needing more snuggles, which was good… but talking less, which was not so good. Something was up and Bette was watching to see what would happen next.

    When Tina came out of the shower, Bette looked up from her computer and was a little surprised to see that Tina had been crying. Her eyes were puffy, red. Bette’s heart leapt in her throat and demanded action, do something, it said… make it better. She swallowed, feeling immediately adrift and a little scared. Feeling disconnected from Tina was like being without power through a storm, it was a helpless vulnerable place to be.

    Tina avoided looking at Bette, and blew her hair dry quickly and quietly then went to the closet to see what she wanted to wear. Bette frowned, struggling with her impulse to engage, force the issue. She took a quiet deep breath. I can do this she thought, I can… Wait, watch. Patient, she was normally not.

    Usually Tina getting ready before a big event involved loud music, naked dancing and a fancy cocktail. A strip tease if Bette was lucky, sexy banter at a minimum and either was fine with her. She enjoyed watching Tina dress – and undress – especially when she was in a playful mood.
    There was none of that this afternoon.

    That was what first alerted Bette that something may be wrong. Usually the music started before the shower with the slow undressing and impromptu dance occurring. Tina always got Bette dancing, always knew exactly what song to play to entice, tempt… seduce.

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    1. So that POS Eric has overtly been hitting on Tina all this time knowing full-well that she is totally UNavaileable??!!! Jerk. doesn’ t sound like Tina has encouraged him in any way. Surprised that she hasn’t set up hidden camera in her office and gotten some jewlry with a body cam.

      So Is that “work” trip to Chitown (Chicago y’all) that Eric was planning what has Tina so vulnerable and threatend??

      Gosh being a female Exec in the movie industry must often be soooo demoralizing. Fighting off predators is such sh*”t!!!!

      • YES, The movie industry is well known for being filled with predators. I think I read an article where Laurel H said that she wanted the conversation about hiring women as actresses (when Jenny and her were arguing over who should play the lead in the movie) if they were “fuckable” because she heard that when she was auditioning. Did I make that up, anyone?
        Tina does feel threatened. And she should….

        • Definitely remember Laurel talking about that scene! Thrilled that writers decided to keep that language in the script.. Just finished Ronan Farrow’s audiobook Catch & Kill where he talks about the cruelties of the rich&powerful in the movies and TV.

          Makes me wonder how much of that shitJennifer & Laurel have endured…….

        • Thinkin’ some more about how it’s life or death in so many areas of society that women combine their power (financial, political, athletic, social, etc) to create safe areas where women can excel and change the world without the destruction oF predators whether they be rich and in positions or power or not.

          So much of the world is F’d Up bc the influence and prominence of women is ignored and feared. Women bring empathy & compassion as their 1st option in solving problems and expressing options of well being for all. Much more of wiN-win as the goal end result

        • Laurel Holloman definitely said that. I believe that she was referring to sex appeal of actors and actresses on the screen to general audiences when choosing the right cast member for a role. I feel that is completely different from asking for sexual favors and demands and making sexual jokes and references in order to get a role or a script read or keep your job. One is making a decision for your product make up in order to make it more salable. The other is intimidation and assault and creating a bad work environment. All those selected for The L Word had (or have) tremendous sex appeal to the general audience and therefore be termed “fuckable”. But I would hope that in their day to day work environment, the directors and executives would not be pressing them with unwelcome sexual advances and innuendos. That would not be professional nor conducive to making a good series.

    2. Hi BK,

      Bette did a fantastic job to let Tina feel her love and showed her what a incredible woman she is.

      But you have me a bit worried for the next chapter, that Tina unravels. Bette will be there to catch her.

      And please please get rid of that annoying and asshole Eric, how did he get so rich by the way that he is now able to worm his ass into Tina’s workplace and therefore harrass her?

      I ???? you will not let anything sad happen to Tina or our beloved couple.

      • Bibi28
        Mention again/still that Tina would “unravel” for the upcoming chapter (10.2) kinda unnerved me too 😟😑

        I’m chalking it off to a “typo” by this fab Author so that I can sleep soundly until her next post 🥴🤪

      • Totally agree with Bette’s approach to healing her wife that she knows is suffering. Wow! What is it like to have a partner with that much insite & compassion?!!!

        Love this Tibette story!!!!!

        To you, BK, U’re the Best 🥰😍

    3. Nice interaction between Bette and Tina. Bette still does not know why Tina was crying – generally maybe the pressure going on at work, Eric’s presence and her lack of alone time with Bette. But we do not know what Eric has been up to for the past couple of weeks nor does Bette. The only hint is in the chapter description. I’m sure all will be disclosed in the next part of this chapter.

      Actually, i was under the impression from the meeting of Eric and Tina that he did not know about Bette. Well, since Bette is escorting Tina to the party, I guess he will know now!. This is something Bette will need to know before she gets to the party. That is that Eric will be finding out that she and Bette are happily married and he stands no chance whatsoever. But it could pose an unexpected homophobic response. This would certainly to add drama to the situation whether he knows or not. Seeing these two together would certainly give the message that they are together and no one else stands a snowball’s chance in hell of breaking that up.

      Look forward to the next part of chapter 10….thanks for submitting.

      • Thank you so much for sticking with this story Martha. I think there is an exchange at Tina’s office in an earlier chapter where she reminds him that she is happily married to Bette. I could be wrong, but you are right we will have to see how Eric responds to seeing them together. I say we because I really dont plan this story out, it just seems to write itself. Appreciate you commenting, see you next chapter…

        • Yes, I caught the exchange where Tina told Eric that she was married AND that she was happily married TO Bette. Seems like he had been following the gossip that Tina was married and was estranged from her wife, but didn’t know that they had reconciled.

          None -the-less, he seems to have been motivated to “show” Tina how successful he had become especially to the point that he could weasel into the movie industry as a financier and ESPECIALLY into THE company that employed Tina!!

          I don’t think for one minute that it’s an accident that he has hooked up that slime ball Aaron 😡😖🤬 who had been discounting Tina’s authority all along. He certainly didn’t give a flip that hiring Eric would be a threat to Tina in more ways than one!!!

          Anyway, Eric’s response to the news of Tina being married didn’t diminish his thrill that Tina would have to work with him alone in Chicago. He planned to put the moves on her.

          For sure wanting to put her in some sort of compromising situation that at the very least jeopardizes her job and reputation; and if marriage falls apart then he would “there” to sweep her up!

          I’m hoping the mention that Tina is “unraveling” in the upcoming chapter 10.2 is just a “typo”!!!!

    4. Previous Chapter did have Tina telling Eric she was happily married to Bette.

      I too hope that Tina unravelling will be in such a way that she takes Eric down as low as he really deserves.

      Please post the next Chapter really quickly, please!


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