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    Remember Who You Are 9

    She arrived home and started dinner, wanting to surprise Tina. Marinated Lime Chicken on the grill, diced and placed on a spinach, grape, and feta salad with tomatoes. She was absurdly proud of herself, she had never done this before, never prepared dinner for Tina on her own.

    Tina arrived home 30 minutes later, her brain still on work. The movie. Elena. Eric. Entering the house, she stopped in the entryway to watch as a barefoot Bette set the table. She was casually dressed, in yoga pants and a thin tight t shirt that revealed a hint of her taut abs and lovely breasts. Was she wearing a bra? I hope not, Tina thought. Her hair was tied back and as she turned to smile at her wife, Tina’s heart did a flip then a somersault. She sighed. That smile. That smile lights up my world.

    “Baby…” Bette walked quickly towards Tina, noticing the way she carried her shoulders, the clenched hand around the handle of her briefcase, the worry in her eyes. Gently, she placed her hand over Tina’s and took the briefcase from her to place it on the floor by the door. She walked around the back of her wife, kissing her behind her ear, and removed her coat. She fingered the back of Tina’s neck gently as she lifted the coat from her shoulders. Hanging it up in the closet, Bette then returned to face Tina and take her hands. They looked at each other a moment, a small smile on Bette’s face. She looks tired she thought. Tired and emotional. She pulled her in for a much-needed hug.

    Tina melted into her, some of the stress of the day leaving her body as Bette’s presence calmed her. They stayed that way for a long time, Bette holding Tina to her. Pressed against her wife, Tina allowed her brain to clear, relaxing in Bette’s arms drawing strength and feeling her stress start to drain away.

    Bette spoke gently in Tina’s ear, “I am so glad you’re home. Go get changed, my Darling. Get changed then we can have dinner.”

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    1. Hi BK,

      This chapter was so incredible! It shows how they both have grown and are now able to show their trust, love, support and love making!

      It is so good to read a happy Tibette story where they are so in love!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!

    2. BK,
      I so agree with the other readers that You DEFINITELY have a wonderful way of explaining the word “intimacy”. I especially like how you’ve reminded us that it comes in levels and stages as our trust is released..

      This story is flat out fun!! 😃And funny!!🤪 And delicious.😍 And Intimate.🥰

      Looking 4ward to every post

      • This comment cracked me up. I am finding it challenging writing the dialogue which is why you dont see me write multiple characters at once but I cant avoid it forever….

    3. This is true intimacy….sharing of fears, dreams, memories and souls. This is really a hot chapter…..amazing that they made it through dinner… This is the Bette and Tina I imagined when the series finished 10 years ago. Actually this Bette and Tina are a bit more mature and closer in their relationship than they have ever been. Great writing….

      Looking forward to the next Chapter….

      • this story answers so many questions that were left danglng in the show. B&T were really connected in season 6 and whewn B asked T to marry her we was like “Oh yeah baby, finally”!!!

        Anyway, I loved that Bette confronted Tina how she (Tina) wasn’t trusting her to choose Tina over work. Bette really made monumental changes in how she approached her fears & insecurities. It was time for Tina to examine her responses too. And she did. She quickly apologised to Bette and sought forgiveness

    4. BK,
      Was just thinking about how marvelous it’s been to have your screenplay featuring our Tibette, and I’m really trying to imagine how you will fill in the blanks on Tina’s childhood. Will be interesting to learn whether or not Tee has siblings in your story and whether or not an Angelica is in the future.


      • Interesting idea Dumplin! I honestly didnt expect this story to go nine chapters but the words are still making their way to the page so I will keep writing. Tina is complicated, exploring her childhood and family might be a good segway to understanding her.
        Out of curiousity, dont most stories on here have her with a sister?

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