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    Remember Who You Are 11

    “Well hello darling…” Charlotte purred, reaching out with one hand to clasp Bette’s.

    “Char… wait, what are you doing here?” Bette stammered, her hold on Tina loosening as Charlotte pulled her in for a kiss on both cheeks, all four awkwardly close. Bette’s head was reeling, what was Charlotte doing here? Here with Jodie? Oh God, the art show…

    “I assume you both know Jodie Learner, the artist?” Charlotte interrupted Bette’s thoughts and let go of Bette’s hand to sign to Jodie as she spoke, looking between the two of them.

    “Yes… we’ve… dated, it’s been a while… this is my wife Tina” Bette smiled graciously, good Lord would this evening be nothing but one social hell after another?

    She glanced at Tina who was wearing an expression she couldn’t quite read. She tightened her grip on Tina’s waist and pulled her closer as Charlotte signed something to Jodie, too fast for Bette to read.

    “Hello, Tina”, Charlotte moved in to kiss both of Tina’s cheeks, laughing. “You must be one special lady to capture such a delightful creature as my Bette…” Charlotte said teasingly, her voice smooth and European and Tina liked her immediately. Bette was relieved when Tina flashed a beautiful smile, her eyes lighting up.

    “Actually, Bette captured me, almost 8 years ago…” Tina said softly, looking at Bette and smiling. She looked at Jodie, who stared back with a blank look on her face.

    “Ahhh… mon dieu! What a striking pair you make…” she continued, signing to Jodie, who seemed unusually subdued. “Well, my darlings… enjoy your evening, I will see you Bette… Monday, yes? You have the painting hung I see?”

    “Yes, it looks incredible. We are almost ready for the opening.” Bette was pulled into another hug with the affectionate artist who then dragged Jodie away, waving. Jodie looked over her shoulder at Tina and narrowed her eyes, shaking her head slightly.

    “Come on, Baby, let’s get you some coffee and spend time with our friends. The evening is almost over, and we still have a chance to enjoy ourselves, sound ok?” Bette did not leave Tina’s side the rest of the evening. Eric kept his distance and the friend group found themselves really enjoying the evening being together.

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    1. Hi BK,

      I got the notification you posted this chapter and i had to wait for almost ten hours before i could read it. Damn, why do we need to work for our money 😁

      Truly a amazing chapter. This part shows how much Bette has changed and grown as woman and wife. It shows her dedication to have a healthy and honest relationship by communicating and not hiding:

      “That is not good enough Tee. Not anymore. You can’t just ignore it and hope it goes away. We fall apart when we don’t communicate. You can have both, you must realize that. You can come home and lose yourself in me and talk about what is bothering you. You have to let me walk with you, trust me enough to take the journey together. Honor me with your story.”

      I hope Bette knows a way to stop the asshole behaviour of those men, woman, Eric and Aaron at the studio till Chicago is over. It must stop now.

      Last time Bette didn’t respond when she told Bette that she was distant and didn’t feel save, but she will not let that happen again.

      About your question in the authors note: Will these old stores become irrelevant or more important then ever?

      For me, they will be more important than ever!!! I will follow the reboot, just to support the next generation. The original show meant so much for many people and i hope this show will be the same for others. I can’t watch it in the Netherlands, so i have to follow everything that will be put on Social Media.

      But i am very disappointed that it seems that Tibette broke up or are divorced and from what i read in interviews Jennifer Beals gave the last days, that Bette doesn’t learns from her past mistakes. Cheated she again on Tina or did Tina fall out of love like they imply and is that the reason they are not together anymore?

      To hear and read that they tell Bette didn’t learn from her past mistakes hurt me. After season Six i really believed that Tibette had overwon all the anger, hurt and other things and were destined to be a happy, loving and long lasting couple. A couple that showed the world that gay couples can last and be a example for those around them and the rest.

      So yes, i need stories like yours to keep my spirit up and give me the hope they can last as a couple. I am with my wife for 21 years and still very much in love with her. She and i had or will have problems, but we fight for our love till death tears us apart.

      • BiBi
        thank you for taking the time to read my newest post (or the patience to wait the ten hours lol) and for responding. I could not agree with you more about the perceived direction of Bette and Tina the Q seems to be taking. I have read so much about how Bette is a mess, Bette hasn’t learned, Bette has to lose everything – that it makes me wonder if they didn’t just decide to recreate the angst and drama with her and Tina in a tired old formula – because it worked the first time. I agree with you that the world needs to see a committed lesbian couple that works every day on making the relationship special.
        And if Laurel truly doesnt want any part of the new show, could they not for the love just have her be off camera – but still involved. Tina on a business trip but sexy talk on the phone with Bette, and we just see Bette’s side. Same with texts. Oh well. I could go on and on.
        I guess we will know when we know.
        I appreciate you letting me know how important the old Tibette is. I will keep writing…


        • The old Tibette story and the fan fiction of its aftermath is what keeps me coming back to this website and following stories like this. BK – your story is particularly appropriate for this time period. Some how to me seeing Bette or Tina not learning from their past experiences is just not the Tibette couple I know. These women are intelligent, sensitive and loving. Their desire is to be together and to inspire happiness in each other. I cannot imagine Bette would not have learned from her prior mistakes. Her association with Jodi and the presentation of “Core Values” in the original L Word and in this story was enough to make even the most dim witted person aware of the value of having Tina as her confidant, partner, friend and lover. The only thing that I could imagine that would break these two up after Core Values is death of one or the other. It would be far better to recast Tina Kennard than to allow Bette to revert back to her old ways. I loved Laurel Holloman as Tina, but if she was not willing to do the role, then surely they could have found another to do this. Its been ten years after the show ended and 16 years since the first episode aired. None of us look like we did ten years ago. And with some decent writing and the right casting, the Tibette story could have become iconic for the next generation.

          If I have an opportunity, I will view the new show. I will not subscribe to Showtime for that privilege. I still am having a hard time figuring out how they plan to link the original to this new show. From what little I have seen in the ads, they don’t feel like the same people only older. It feels different and it will be. Different writers, directors, cinematographers, etc. with very little connection to past. So writers of Tibette stories. Keep writing. Keep publishing. Keep Bette Porter and Tina Kennard together.

    2. Nice chapter…. A lot revealed about Tina’s work environment. Should be some form of retribution for dear Eric. Photo shop some photos of Eric and Aaron on nude males and plaster them up in the men’s room – maybe. OR sue Eric for sexual harassment. I’m sure Jane Wishnia would love to take that on.

      I like the way Bette and Tina worked this out. Even though Bette reverted back to her superwoman protective position, Tina did not automatically give in to Bette’s wishes but worked out a compromise.

      Maybe Bette can go to Chicago with Tina? It seems that this Chicago trip is real important to Tina’s career, so it would appear that she needs to go. Maybe they can have some alone time to get over their recent stressful events.

      Great writing…. can’t wait for the next one.

    3. Great Chapter, thank you.

      I align myself with Bibi’s comments on the new series and will not be able to pick it up in the UK, at least not in real time.

      Please continue with your stories on Tibette.

      Please post soon on this great story.


    4. “Tina cried a long time, it was a good cry and Tina told Bette later that good, healing cries accompanied by her wife’s wet, salty kisses was like coming up from the cool water of the ocean only to be kissed by the warmth of the sun. Refreshing. Freeing. Alive.
      Bette liked that analogy and thought about it often.”
      What a beautiful sentence, full of delicate poetry… I love it !

      Oh, dear BK, even if I wasn’t always able to comment – so wanting but definitly not able, alas – , know that I was always, always reading your story, slowly, savouring – because it’s a gift.
      Yes, really, truly, a gift.
      A Christmas gift, now that I’m writing to you today !

      This marvellous story of yours never stop to bring all the possible emotions and feelings, through tenderness and passion, painful or relieving moments, emotional scars from past and wishes for the best future possible…

      This story of yours, my dearest author, is the new L Word show I would have dream to watch !
      Treating our beloved two so rightly, with such deepth… The true Bette and Tina, finally sharing everything, the worst and the best, learning from a not so far past, so obviously determinated to not take each other for granted anymore, rich of a new level of understanding and trust.
      True love indeed.
      Yes, really, this amazing story, your creation, full of intelligence and reflexions, is my new L Word show and each one of your chapters will be an episode : my mind see it, see the images and hear the voices thanks to your beautiful talent !
      I’m so deeply grateful to you for this marvellous gift, dear BK :-)
      With all my very best wishes for Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year,
      Warmest thoughts from Geneva – A.

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