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    Remember Who You Are 12

    Tina woke to find the sun coming to peek through the blinds, lighting up the room and chasing away the night. She gently disentangled her legs from Bette’s and went quietly into the bathroom, then to the kitchen to get a large glass of ice water, her head hurting a little.

    God, what an utter fool she had made of herself last night. So Fucking Childish. Worse, much worse… she had hurt Bette, her beautiful sweet loving Bette.

    The alarm would be sounding soon, breakfast at The Planet was a requirement after a big event, the group loved getting together to rehash and dissect and process the evening.

    Returning to the bedroom, she drank from the glass while she looked down at her sleeping wife. Bette was resting soundly, her chest rising and falling, her face peaceful. She had rolled on to her back, the sheet pulled down to just above the small patch of pubic hairs and Tina’s eyes moved up to take in the toned stomach, the thin tank top covering her breasts but the darkness of her nipples showing through. Her lips were slightly open, and she was utterly breathtaking. Tina swallowed thickly.

    She thought back to the first morning she had woken up in Bette’s bed, the first morning after their first night of love making that is. They had been up almost all night, neither could get enough of the other and when they finally fell in an exhausted slumber, the first rays of sunshine had appeared on the horizon.

    Tina’s internal alarm clock had woken her, she ran most every morning at 5:30am, so when her eyelids opened for the first time she had blinked at her surroundings, remembering the passion of the night before.

    The first thing she had noticed was the warm naked softness that was pressed up against her back. It felt so deliciously good. Tina would later tell Bette that she never wanted to wake up without that feeling. Never Ever.

    The second thing she noticed was how perfect Bette’s bare body melted into hers. Her thigh was just the right weight to cover her leg without feeling heavy, her arm from the elbow up was just the right length to nestle above her hipbone and end with her hand lightly cupping Tina’s breast. Her other arm fit like a puzzle piece under her head to rest out in front of her and her long curly hair was like a blanket on Tina’s shoulder and neck.

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    1. Wow!! Hot! Hot! Hot!,,,,

      Bette will be violating her new standard of taking action without consulting Tina if she goes ahead and goes through with the lawyer’s letter to cease and desist.! She chastise Tina for doing the same thing earlier in the story by plotting revenge against Jodi without consulting Bette. Either she and Tina are a team or they are two individuals. Hopefully Shane’s advice got through to Bette otherwise there will be more trouble ahead for her and Tina.

      What could Carmen have which will give Bette and Tina leverage for revenge over Jodi? Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      • Thank you for reading Martha! Bette will always be Bette and you are absolutely correct the lawyer will be a problem if she doesn’t talk to Tina about it before moving forward. I havent decided yet which she will do, there is an element of Bette that plows ahead consequences be damned but I am trying to show a changed more thoughtful partner….

    2. Even with delicious intrigue present with every chapter of this marvelous story,that classy, sensuous style of how these these two “see” each other is captivating. Doin’ a gr8 job of having them remember the things they “used” to do for one another. Now their passion comes from a much deeper well

    3. Hot, hot, hot! Tibette will always be the gold standard.! Keep writing! I think Shane:s words of wisdom will pull Bette to the ledge. I think her plan will still let Bette get her limbs and preserve Tina”s worthiness. I love me some Alpha Bette. Keep posting, please!

    4. The love scenes showing the reaffirmation of their love were amazing, I hope Bette listens to Shane’s advice not to destroy Tina’s career. Does that mean that Tina will move to Chicago if she gets a job with the new studio?

    5. “One morning after a strong climax, Bette had poetically and at great length compared it to what a butterfly must feel, when it first emerges from its cocoon, confused, attempting to clear its brain… to shake out as a beautiful flying insect only to then take flight. Tina had replied that if Bette wanted to compare a morning orgasm to the metamorphosis of a bug, that was her prerogative, but she preferred to call it fucking.”

      This was truly a wonderful passage that makes me laugh, because Tina was hilarious, and then smile because I know I can so easily, in my life, indulge myself in the most unrestrained lyricism *wink*

      I totally trust your Bette and Tina, they learn so much from their mistakes and will nevermore take each other for granted. Here and there, of course, they’re able to relapse a bit – it’s human – but not for long and that’s the essential.
      Thank you SO much for this new Christmas gift I just, slowly, unwrapped !!
      Because, yes, I’ll always be a kind of gourmet about my favorite Tibette stories – and you know how deeply I love yours, don’t you ?

      … and, as sang so beautifully my alltime favorite singer : “Have yourself a merry little christmas”, dear BK !! :-)

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