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    Remember Who You Are 2

    Tina lay in the middle of their bed reeling.

    Looking up at her wife and overcome by the lovemaking they had just shared.

    She felt so consumed by her closeness to Bette that she was overwhelmed, her love pouring out of her heart, making her whole body feel alive. All five senses were on high alert, her eyes replaying snapshots of their encounter, every pore on her body screaming for more, more touching more feeling more of everything that was Bette Porter.

    Listening to Bette’s breathing and hearing a small whimper come from her wife, Tina settled into their embrace, processing.

    She was not usually so chatty during their lovemaking, normally only when she came and rarely so descriptive as she had been just now. She had been talking to Bette the whole time, talking and tasting and taking. She had led but Bette…God, Bette…Bette had never before responded with such abandon. Tina liked the result of her taking charge in their lovemaking, liked the way she had guided Bette’s movements. She was completely engrossed in the woman holding her, above her. Utterly consumed by Bette and wanting more, more, more. She led because Bette had been lost, but also because she knew it what was they both needed.

    She could not get enough of her beguiling, enchanting and complicated wife.

    She blinked, then reached up and pulled Bette even closer to her. She needed a minute to bask in the moment, the shared intimacy following Bette’s intense orgasm and now her own heightened arousal.

    She was on fire.

    Usually during their lovemaking – and their life – Bette led, and Tina responded. And that had been the formula for a long time, years even. It was a formula that worked. Bette was by far the more experienced lover, but Tina was the expert on loving Bette.

    Tonight though, goodness. Tonight, Tina had not hesitated, knowing exactly what Bette needed to come up from the darkness that was Jodie Lerner. The path out was with each other. Tina had not come home from her event with this plan in mind, but her instincts had taken over. It was what Bette needed. It was what they both wanted.

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    1. Hi BK,

      Another fantastic chapter!!!

      The way you tell this story is so good, the love, trust and passion between Bette & Tina simply blows my mind and heart.

      Jodie is a total upper bitch, i never liked her in the show!

      I am very happy that you are a big fan of Bette & Tina and write about them and again you portray them so well!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      I came to conclusion how to deal with this promo for the new “show”. I just thinking about this “show” how about the another fanfic, where Bette and Tina didn’t end up together and which i never read.

      About this part – i don’t understand a few things –
      First – where is Angie?
      Second – Dana and Carmen, how?

      • Good questions. Honestly, I forgot about Angie until after I posted the first chapter to the story. Children are hard to write, I feel like they either become cute interruptions to an otherwise good story or they come across too old or too young. So I think I have come to the conclusion that for the purposes of this story, Angie doesn’t exist. I thought about having her appear with Kit at a random moment but my brain can only handle so many characters and I haven’t even added in Kit.

        Dana and Carmen? Not sure of your question, can you elaborate? If it appears they are together then there is a serious typo or I need to re-read what I wrote, lol. Please give me more to go on so I can answer. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

        • I uderstood about Angie.

          About Dana and Carmen – i just though that you wrote post s5 story, after Bette humiliation with no difference with TLW story before that. But if the difference with original story was even before this part ( and if Angie doesn’t exist – so than it is), i understand how in your story Dana still alive and Carmen not leave after the wedding.

          • Your knowledge of the L word timeline surpasses mine! I simply did not pay attention to who was where in the story line – you are absolutely correct – Dana and Carmen were not a part of the show at this point. Oh well! Thanks for clarifying, onward and upward!

    3. The trailer was upsetting because who wants to watch a 50+ Bette Porter hooking up with twinks when she could be happily married to Tina?

      Thanks for keeping Tibette alive for us. In this site, Tibette is forever in love and together and Dana is alive..The way you describe their love, the realization of past mistakes and wanting to make amends is passionate and raw, yet tender.

    4. Thank God there are still Tibette stories ! Just what we needed at this point, thanks a bunch !

      This chapter, was … I don’t know I’m speechless …. I mean it was so good, they were so sensitive around each other, their love was litteraly dripping from them and Jodie… hmph … don’t let me start on her, what a vulgar bitch !

      By the way, I love Carmen, I’ve always thought that she was the only one for Shane.

      I’m already waiting for your next chapter so post soon please.

    5. “I need to go to art shows more often”, Bette teased, smiling at her lover. “Baby, you are an art show”, Tina answered” – that was just adorable… and true ;-)

      You know, I really have to thank you for such wonderfully loving pages, an amazing mix of tenderness and passion, for it truly brang me a much needed comfort after this destabilizing teaser of the new L Word…

      Oh my, I know I should be delighted for the new generation of viewers but I simply can’t be that wise and calm…
      Because I’m an incurable Tibette from day one ? Yes, of course I am. But it’s so much more than that…
      This tv show saved me, in 2004, when I was lost in a black tunnel of dispair. I remember discovering pictures of this show I had to wait to see in my tiny european country – and I was in such a need to see it that I bought dvds in US and, after that, season after season, I followed each episode thanks to people who posted them the day after…
      Following my own bittersweet and cathartic journey, Bette and Tina’s story became much more than simply fictional characters, I’m afraid – and still are – and will always be. They were my first happy lesbian couple after Highsmith’s Price of Salt characters (so obvious with my pseudo – that was years before the movie, by the way) and I shared, fully, all their emotions, feelings and so complex and dramatic storyline…
      Suffering during season 2, feeling totally in dispair during this nightmare of season 3 but nevertheless keeping hope for my beloved two ! And finally, when they found each other again for good, my faithful Tibette heart was full of happiness and relief !

      So, as pathetic as it sounds – and I fully assume it – , I will NOT be able to watch this reboot because this teaser make me feel sick and depressed.
      I so wanted to find my dearest Bette again, I have such a huge respect and admiration for Jennifer Beals and I think they were right trying to offer this amazing tv show to new young viewers through actual topics…
      But I know myself, my hypersensitivity, my deep romantic soul : Bette without her Tina is simply unbearable for me, period !
      If I was able to endure Candace, the first version of Helena (I loved her character after that), Henry and Jodie, it was ONLY because I was certain my beloved two would find each other again, beyond everything.
      Now, without this hope, frankly, I can’t bear it…
      Bette and Tina were my life preserver for years when I fought again depression and self-acceptance : I will keep faithful to them,
      All my deepest gratitude to this site (the old one and this one – thank you SO much, Jacky !!) and these so generous and talented authors like you !!
      Tibette lovers like me will need you more than ever…

        • Thank you so much, Zhenya, for your kind words, it touched me a lot…

          Well, for once I took the opportunity to let fully express my emotions in one of those river-messages typical of me,,,
          Are you also suffering this new teaser ?

          Call me crazy but if I had money enough, I’d be dying to go to Laurel painter studio and the most polately way I’d adk her why she wasn’t able to do some episodes to please this crowd of frustrated Tibette ! I know I would have try all my diplomatic way with this artist since I could never have charm eough -. my french accent appart…

          And please feel free to laugh to my desperate crazy idea ; and if Tina would appear later to surprise the fans ? And if Laurel had to keep mute about it to preserve the “shock” of her return, even short ?
          One can dream, hmmm ? Pathetic to see everyting I’m always able to deny to keep smile on my face !

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