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    Remember who you

    Bette sat on the edge of their bed. Reeling.


    Her eyes blinking, blinking back tears that threatened to fall. Looking at the rug at her feet.
    Trying to process the events of Jodie’s art show. What had just happened? WTF? And, more importantly, WHY?

    Did she deserve what happened – what did happen?
    Was it fair?

    She searched her heart, looking for answers and examining her actions.

    Yes, she had betrayed Jodie with Tina. Yes, she had loved another. Yes, she withheld herself sexually and emotionally from Jodie, frustrating and angering her. Not fully letting go.
    But…Jodie had been seeing Amy on the side…did that make what Bette did ok? Jodie had been fucking Amy, Bette had learned after their painful separation. So, they were even, right?

    She hung her head lower, knowing the answer.

    It did not make it ok. Not even in the same neighborhood as ok. But…to be publicly humiliated. Embarrassed. Gawked at? Her integrity, dignity called out.

    In front of her friends. In front of her peers. Her stakeholders. The art community. Everyone there to bear witness to her humiliation. She had felt Jodie watching her as the video played, smirking. Always smirking. Jodie’s eyes followed Bette as the video surrounded her, captured in the middle of the floor like a rabbit in a trap.

    Bette’s hands clenched the side of the bed, her feet searching aimlessly on the floor, drawing patterns on the rug.

    She never gave her heart to Jodie. This she knew. Her body, yes – but she never lost complete control when they made love. And her heart belonged to another.

    She had tried, in the beginning. She had tried with her gestures, with her flirting, tried to fill the loneliness and emptiness she felt.

    She had been drawn to Jodie’s energy at first, her directness. Jodie walked into a room and was the center of attention. She was always confident, self-assured. All the things Bette wanted to be on the inside, Jodie was through and through.

    Bette had been drawn to Jodie’s almost aggressive attitude and Bette knew she wanted to be taken, touched, wanted. To be consumed so she didn’t hurt so much. It had been so long. So long. So long since she had been touched with love, held.

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    1. ” She’s a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe” that summarised what so many people think about Jodie Lerner !

      I’m happy to see new writers coming on this site, welcome !

      I enjoyed reading your fic, it was well written and I hope to read you soon again.

    2. Welcome, you did this story justice! I hope there will be a part 2 where Tina puts Jodie’s ass in her place. Shut her ass all the way down. She want be able to do another art show EVER! More soon please and thanks.

    3. Hi BK,

      Welcome on board!!!

      It is so important to welcome new authors on this site!!! I am very happy that you shared this story with us!!! What a fantastic story to begin with!!!

      I loved how Tina took care of Bette and this line is so true and described my feeling about that woman:

      ” She’s a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe” that summarised what so many people think about Jodie Lerner !

      I would love it if you can continue and let us see how Tina will take care of Jodie and kick her ass!

    4. I really enjoyed this story. Your description of Bette’s response to the Jodi’s exhibit was excellent. Bette in my view always reacts strongly to rejection and when you add public humiliation, I can see her at least going temporarily into a state as you describe. Bette’s motivtivation is to be loved, wanted, needed and accepted. It’s why she had such a terrible time when she and Tina were seperated. The bringing Bette back to the woman Tina loves and knows is really a good story. I have seen it written that most of The L Word Fans want to be Bette or to make love to Bette. Put me in the camp of wanting to be Bette. I want to make love to that wonderful Tina. And only Bette deserves to be with Tina. They truly are the two best ficitional characters I know.

      PS Nice touch using “sugah” as Tina’s term of endearment. Tina being raised in Atlanta Georgia, would definitely use such a term..

      • I agree completely. Glad you liked the story. I wanted to write something that highlighted the connection between the two, something that was sweet but true to character as I see them. I think Tina is wonderful too and Bette so complicated and tender at the same time. I want Bette to be strong but she is insecure so hopefully that came across in the story. More to come…including a pool party, parking lot confrontation and Alice. Thank you for taking the time to respond, everyone!

    5. Many thanks for sharing your obvious talent with us !

      I’m especially touched by the way you depict devastating effects of humiliation on someone as deeply vulnerable and full of old emotional scars like our dearest Bette…
      How miraculous to find such a true soulmate like her Tina, the person who so fully knows you and that you can trust with your life…

      You know, I also thought, when I saw this episode the first time (so many years ago but it always seems like yesterday) that they missed the opportunity to show the way Bette and Tina would have recovered together from such an awfully humiliating act of revenge from this insufferable Jodie,
      So I cannot wait to see how you will treat her through Tina !

      Welcome to this wonderful and so precious site, I’m delighted to discover your story – thank you :-)

      P.S.: Beyond the so endearing topic, what a pretty hot way to be comforted ! *wink*

      • Thank you for your kind words. With the new L word coming out I am drawn back to the missed opportunities in the first edition. I heard Leisha say in an interview once that the L word was the first to show how lesbians did things, ordinary things, like drink coffee. She was joking but I think comforting each other when life gets tough would have been really good to see.
        Bette, to me, is so complex and carries such fragility inside that I am hoping to show that here. Glad you liked it.
        More coming this weekend


        • Complex and carrying such fragility indeed – I see we obviously share the same point of view on Ms Porter ;-)

          By the way, fascinating enough was the way Laurel Holloman depicted Jennifer Beals, in an interview during the first season : “Luminous and complex”. Since we all know how much of herself JB brought to Bette’s character – for exemple the biracial topic she so wanted to add – and her own deep emotional personality, this definition always touched me a lot…

          ,,, well, no need to be a genius to guess how much complexity and fragility speak to me on a very personal way, I’m afraid :-)

    6. Thanks for this story as it captures so well a wonderful possibility of a most difficult moment in Bette’s life. We were able to witness a relationship between two women that was unique and sacred, even though it was only a tv show. There was definitely a chemistry that they successfully create for us to observe as they told their stories.

      You story captures that sacredness of two spirits joined in love and how their understanding of the other brings forth a healing of a pained heart with the simplicity of looks, words and touches and a deep and abiding love.

      Thank you!

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