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    Remember Who You Are 32

    Over dessert, the third bottle of wine almost empty, the group fell silent as Tina’s mood seemed to shift. She was quieter and quieter until finally Alice asked what everyone was thinking.
    “What did you do today, Bette?”
    “Well, Alice… I scheduled a show for the fall which I’m really excited about. And… I found out something interesting about Eric…” She looked at Tina, needing permission to go on.
    “Luce…” Tina said quietly, reaching for Bette’s hand. Bette held her hand with both of hers, noticing the slight shake. “When did you introduce Leo Herrera to Eric?”

    Lucy’s mouth dropped open, she was mid swig of her wine glass and caught like a deer in the headlights.

    “Leo Herrera? What are you talking about?”

    “Leo Herrera, you knew him and you…” Bette started when Tina gently laid her hand on Bette’s thigh and squeezed lightly. The message was clear… let me. She left her hand there, Bette covering it with her own.

    Bette took a sip of her wine. She understood that she needed to let Tina take the lead; Lucy was her sister after all. Bette could wait and see how this shaped up, she was the one with intel that provided her with a possible scenario, there was clearly more to the story.

    She was not optimistic that Lucy’s version would match up or make sense. She had started calling Lucy “Pandora” when in private with Tina, referring to the opening of Pandora’s box which unleashed pain and misery into the world.

    “Leo fucking Herrera. God, it’s been so long since I heard that name…” Lucy played with her wine glass, swirling the red liquid around and around carefully.

    Tina’s hand turned over to clench Bette’s tightly, the contact making her feel calm. Several times today she had cried hard and now she just wanted to get to the root of the story. In typical Tina fashion she was not jumping to the same conclusion Bette made regarding her sister and her connection with Leo. She wanted to give Lucy a chance to explain.

    Earlier, before dinner, she had argued with Bette for patience, to not jump to conclusions. That Lucy introduced Eric to Leo was only a part of the story and they owed it to Lucy to hear the rest of it. Bette felt that they owed Lucy nothing and that this was the last straw in a long line of blunders Lucy had made that hurt Tina.

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    1. I love this story. So well written. I hope Bette gets the lab results before they confront Tina’s parents and I really hope they prove that Eric drugged Tina and Aaron. With Bette by Tina’s side they won’t know what hit them. Just want Eric to get what’s coming to him and for Tina and Bette to finally get their much deserved peace and happy ending.

    2. I couldn’t wait ‘til 2morrow . . . .
      That…..Little….Fu*#ck’n….Bitch….LUCY…. She didn’t tell Tina the truth! Alice put 2 & 2 together and pryed info out of her🤬🤬🤬. I may as well comment now, bc clearly I’m NOT gonna calm down😖😡😠

      And that little sorry outfit Lucy has the audacity to imagine herself with Bette???!!!! Who does that??? And she told her parents That she would keep Tina & Bette at the house where they could be ambushed by her parents??? She is a guest invited out of the kindness of tina’s heart to the only other place on earth where Tibette could go to find refuge!!! How did Tina NOT choke the shit out of her??

      She tried to blame Tina for “leaving her alone with their Mother, when all she had to do was stand up in church and spill the beans. That would have taken care of the holier-than-thou Mother. Don’t get me started on sissified Pop Kennard . . . . .

      What’s more, Lucy is leaving the whole weight of confronting their parents on Tina’s shoulder. Tina is gonna be lambasted with dreadful accusations from Mom you can be sure and Lucy will shit back and willfully let Tina be sliced to ribbons by their vitriolic mother. I can’t imagine the whining, snot-flying crocodile tears mom is gonna bring forth to get her way.

      BK, for my sake, I beg of you, let there be a moment when the mature, alpha Bette gets to speak to cut thru all Mrs K bullshit. I realize that it can be after Tina takes the lead and says her peace, but you’ve hinted that Bette has been doing some digging, AND the blood results are due back, so you get my drift.

      Your writing is brilliant, maybe too much so. Glad U at least tempered the chapter with some Tibette lovin’ 🙄☺️

      • You crack me up!! I love your series of comments, in the moment commenting. THE BEST DT!
        Lucy reminds me of a mosquito buzzing at your ankles or a little yappy dog biting at your feet, except this girl has fangs. Big crying baby. The plot thickens DT, I am glad you are along for the ride. Stay safe, and thank you for commenting.

      • Glad you liked that! That was actually a last minute addition to the story. Normally I write on a word document and copy and paste but that I added in the story box. Details details! thanks my friend!

    3. Oh BK….what a drama. Lucy is so messed up. She is running from her mother (theoretically) and yet she is still carrying the phone around that she pays for? So she’s really just a phone call away no matter what? And can knows she can be traced? Take that freaking phone and chunk it in the ocean!!! If she really wanted to be independent of mom, just do it. Pay for your own freaking phone! Go get a disposable phone while you get a job! And are you really interested in getting away from Eric? Same thing – stop going to him for support. Go someplace and don’t tell anyone where you are. The real reason is that she enjoys being a victim. She enjoys being dependent. Amazing that two girls who are raised in the same household with the same parents could be so different. One striving to make a life for herself which she is independent and successful and with the person she loves and the other with no ambition except to have fun on everyone else’s dime.

      Lucy has never had to pay a price for her errors except maybe for the abuse she took from Eric. The problem with that is that she went to Eric and consented to his abuse. By cooperating with her parents she is consenting to deceive Tina and be a part of whatever they have in mind to preserve their meal ticket with Eric. They deserve financial ruin. They deserve whatever happens to them as they know that Eric has broken the law and they have assisted him. They have basically tried to sell their daughter (Tina) into slavery. . That is low…lower than a snake’s belly. They made their choices, they should reap the results and ramifications.

      Tina and Bette together can be a powerful duo. But they both have an empathic side which could allow them to give them assistance for their problems. But that would mean that the older Kennards would have to accept Tina and Bette for who they are. Donna simply will not ever do that. I wonder what happens when Donna finds out that Lucy Pandora is bi-sexual? I do not see Lucy as bi-sexual. I see her as bi-curious and just doing whatever so she can join the party – drinking, drugs and sex. Lucy does not seem to have the capacity to form a real attachment to anyone. Gratuitous sex and on to the next party. Its time for Lucy to grow up and take responsiblity for her own actions and her own life.

      Great story….”Ditto! Love! Love!”.

        • Love that you both are calling her Lucy Pandora. LOL.
          Martha, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments. I had not thought about the fact that Lucy and Tina both grew up in the same household yet have very different approaches to life. So true. I think Tina is more prone to forgiving for the sake of avoiding conflict whereas Bette walks away and when she is done she is done. It will be interesting to see the three of them when the parents Kennard enter the scene, can you say drama!

    4. This is such a great story!

      Can we have the next post as soon as please! Can it include a real alpha Bette to give these s…s the riot act!

      Thanks so much for sharing your storytelling and writing talents
      Stay safe and well

    5. Hi BK,

      What a fantastic chapter! I don’t trust Lucy, she is a terrible excuse of a woman. Trying to blame her faults on Tina. She needs to grow up and take responsibility.
      Lucy is someone who likes to be the victim but meanwhile knowingly seeks out the danger or challenge. And how dare she think of Bette in such a sexual way. Was she sent to play the victim and try to seduce Bette? Do they hope Bette goes wrong again and cheats Tina again? And that Tina will go back to Eric?

      B&T are a strong front together and together they can win this. I wonder what else Bette has done and discovered. I hope the blood test proves that Eric gave drugs to Aaron that led to his heart attack and that Tina’s blood test proves he put a drug in champagne.

      Despite all his money and power, I hope Eric will bleed for his crimes and spend the rest of his life in jail.

      I also agree 💯 with Martha’s and DumplinT’s comments!

      Stay save and healthy 🙏

      • Thank you BiBi. Lucy does have some out there notions as far as understanding the relationship between Tina and Bette. Interesting that she reduces it to merely a sexual thing when it is so much more than that. Shows how shallow she is that she thinks after so long it is all about who dominates who. Shaking my head. I appreciate your comments so much! Peace

    6. thanks for posting, BK! I can’t believe Lucy, that little immature piece of sh***. Is she trying to copy Tina’s life by stealing her partners? Egocentric, self-absorbed, selfish, self-serving (I’m running out of synonyms) bit**.
      I say dito to the comments above.
      Up to now I wasn’t sure what to make of her. I still don’t but now I know that I don’t like her.

      I love Tina and Bette all the more. Their bond is incredible. I had tears in my eyes in sympathy to Tina’s pain. But what a great and perfect decision to confront her mother and father. It has to end. Well, I’m prepared for another show by Ma Kennard with condemning Tina. But I hope that Tina will simply confront her mother with her involvement with Eric. Or more with the Kennards selling their lives to Eric and only trying to save their assets with this show.
      Enter stage: Alpha-Tina
      At her side: Alpha-Bette

      Sorry for missing your post, I’m not quite myself these days.
      Enjoy the weekend, stay healthy, take care

      • Thank you KP, glad you are here. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. I think Ma Kennard has her own level of warped alpha-ness, this will be a show down fo sho.

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