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    Remember Who You Are 31

    Tina woke up with a splitting headache. She rolled to her side and the resulting nausea almost had her rushing to the bathroom. She lay still for a while, thinking about the previous night’s events as they swirled in her brain. Her bra was undone, and she couldn’t remember why but she wiggled out of it, groaning.

    Looking around the room, she found her wife standing at the closet wearing only black dress pants and a black bra. She lay quietly, watching as Bette considered one shirt then another, her back muscles sleek and toned. She looked very sexy; Tina wished she felt better to take advantage of the half-dressed Bette Porter.

    “Bette” she called hoarsely and was rewarded when Bette turned toward her and made her way over, slipping on a blue dress shirt as she sat on the edge of the bed near Tina.

    Her pants were undone, and her shirt unbuttoned as well but her makeup was already on and flawless.

    “Here…” she handed Tina four aspirin tablets and a large glass of ice water, helping her take the pills and placing the glass on the bedside table when she was finished.

    “Are you responsible for my bra being undone?” Tina asked, raising one eyebrow saucily.

    Bette smirked, “you know I like your girls to be free…”

    “Why is there an elephant standing on my head? God, it hurts…”

    Bette smiled sympathetically. “I warn you all the time about Alice and tequila and you never listen…”

    “I just like to lick your neck before each shot” Tina responded, curling to lay her head on Bette’s lap, her nose touching Bette’s stomach.

    “You don’t need tequila to do that…”

    “huh…” Tina grunted, closing her eyes. Bette, as always, smelled wonderfully. It was a mixture of her soap and shampoo and perfume and… her. Just her. Like fresh laundry or the sea after a heavy rain. She smelled safe, like a warm blanket on a bitter cold night. Comforting.

    Tina felt instantly better just breathing her in. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to kiss the spot in between Bette’s belly button and her panty line… the spot that if treated just right in just the right way would have the brunette writhing under her, begging for more.

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    1. Leo Herrera??? Whoa!!!! How is he connected to this story? Did he participate in the Helena conspiracy against Bette? And was this because of Lucy’s aid and assistance? There are more twist and turns, dips and rises than a world class roller coaster. I love it.

      Good to see Bette opening up to Tina. And its good to see Tina coming to grips with her part in what happened. The biggest obstacle as with all of life is that hindsight is always 20-20. The true resolution is to accept the fact that a error was made and to do all you can not to repeat it. You can never undo that which has been done. So accept responsibility, apologize for your error and work toward doing better. And never, never stop talking. This is the lesson that both Bette and Tina have learned and continue to be aware of as they reaffirm their commitment to each other. It is a remarkable journey for these two that you are writing here.

      I love, love, love this story – And to quote Dana “Ditto., love love”. Now I am anxious to find out the whole story on Lucy and on Donna and on Eric. These are characters that are like the energizer bunny – just keep on giving intrigue and drama.

      Thank you for this.

      • Love your Dana quote Martha3128! I love your insights, especially about hindsight being 20.20 and that accepting errors is all a part of the journey. Lets see where this story takes us!

    2. Talk about adding some more suspense to the Eric/Lucy/Mama Kennard trio!!! I like that Bette had been doing some digging into Eric and now we’re gonna see what’s really been up!!

      Anyway, Chapters 30&31 have been enlightening as far as Tibette working on their fears & truths. I’m with Martha3128.

      Thanks so much BK for the refreshing cold drink of water which this story has brought. Make sure to take care of yourself and refresh your soul as well dear lady 🥰

    3. BK, that was another amazing chapter. What a fantastic start to my day!

      Finally Bette started to open up. No wonder those pictures and thoughts in her head keep her from sleeping. Good for Tina that she didn’t let up and prompted Bette to tell her at least some of the things that weigh heavily on her.
      Great how you had Bette at the edge of losing her cool and let the frustration escalade into an argument. But once again she drew strenght from Tina’s words and her touch.
      Just like Tina when she only needs Bette’s scent to feel calm and safe. I can so relate to that!

      Again after nearly every chapter the wheels in my head starts turning. Thinking back to that evening in Chicago and Aaron’s heart attack. Were there investigations? Was it already ruled out that something might have triggered the heart attack? I think that Eric put something in Aaron’s champagne as well. That caused the heart attack and created enough distraction for Eric’s assault on Tina. He should be charged of attempted murder of Aaron on top of everything else.

      It would be a smart move for Tina to get more legal enforcement in Chicago.

      The Lucy story gets more complicated, right? Leo Herrera? Now what has he to do with all of it? Helping Eric?

      Not so patienty waiting for more ;-)
      Happy Easter, enjoy the time with your loved ones and stay safe.


      • Hey hey KP, Hope you are having a fantastic Easter. Did Eric also put something in Aaron’s drink and what could be the motive there – so many options. Trying to keep the story from becoming too complicated because I have a tendency to lose sight of some of the details…. but I do like a calmer Bette who is committed to talking and Tina is starting to take a lead in her own role in the relationship. Writing a grown up and more balanced couple has been fun for me. Thanks for your comments!

    4. Wow, amazing chapter BK!

      I really love this story! Your Tina and Bette are amazing and a joy to read about.

      The others commented already what i thought or would say, i agree 💯 with them.

      Lucy, she is more involved then she told them, i am not sure if trust her. Leo Herrera, wow, she introduced him to Eric and he was a pain in the ass to Bette and involved with Helena who tried everything to destroy Bette.

      Look forward to how Lucy explain this.

      Keep save and healthy 🙏

      • BB
        You ever watch old I love Lucy shows where her husband (can’t remember his name) says something along the lines of “Luuucccy you got some ‘splaining to do” ?? Well that’s how I feel about Lucy in the next chapter. It is sink or swim time honestly… thanks for you comments, be well –

        • Lucy’s husband’s name was Ricky and your Lucy indeed has NOT come clean. I still dont trust her one bit. Still expecting Donna to come pounding on thei beach house any day now.

          And where are those bloody lab results???? Has Bette asked Tasha to keep an eye pealed to make sure Eric hasn’t paid someone to “misplace” them??? I’m anxious

          • Ricky! yes! As soon as I read it, I was like d’oh of course.

            You are correct, Donna is getting fidgety… she does NOT like to be kept waiting.

            Ah yes the lab results. BRB I will just go and ask for them…. :))))

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