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    Remember who you are 4

    Tina stared at Elena then took a deep breath and sat down heavily on her office chair. This was spiraling out of control. Elena was pacing the room, talking quickly. She described how when she first met Jodie, they had been at a club two nights before the convention and Jodie had gone home with Elena’s roommate. Tina did the math in her head; this was before Bette had broken things off with Jodie. She had clearly been cheating on Bette with more than just Amy. She felt sick to her stomach again, sick for Bette. She knew then she would have to tell her everything. Why didn’t she talk to her before this got so out of hand? Fuck Fuck Fuck. She wanted to pull her hair out. She wanted to throw up.

    Elena continued, describing the two-day affair Jodie had with her roommate in which they rarely left the bedroom except when Jodie went to work on her piece for the convention.

    Elena had left drawings of her work on the dining room table and had walked in on Jodie looking at her sketches. She appeared to be making her own drawing of some sort, although Elena admitted she never saw what Jodie had drawn. Elena had been drunk, and they had an argument when she asked to see the paper. Jodie had stormed out of the apartment and never returned.

    It was only when Elena showed up at the convention and found a huge piece of her project missing that she saw who the keynote artist was. Jodie Lerner. With her work incomplete she was left with no entry for the convention and she withdrew her name from the event.

    Unable to present and broke, Elena had walked around the convention dazed and confused. Finding Jodie’s piece, she was shocked to find that it had a strong resemblance to the work she was missing. She knew she could never prove it. Jodie was wildly popular and well known in the small circle of metal workers and artists. Jodie was surrounded by people, so Elena moved on, her world turned upside down. She never saw Jodie again. Until now.

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    1. Hi BK,

      Another fantastic chapter!!!

      I am so proud that they are talking about their feelings and how Bette expressed her hurt to Tina. She was so right that they have to share and trust each other so that nobody can hurt them and try to come in between them.

      I love your writing style!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • BiBi
        Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Glad you liked it. if only…if only they related a little more like this on the show. Oh well! So far this story has written itself, working on part five now…


    2. Fantastic !!! and yeah that’s true, I found season 6 a little botched, with more questions than answers and that’s why I’m infuriated at the thought of the new show, we’ll never get the answers !

      But … good job, please post soon.

    3. Coming back after some pretty painful but essential weeks – a personal journey with, as your Tina said here, some “good cries” – , finally I’m able to reward myself savouring this new wonderful chapter of yours, my dear talented author !

      How I love your B&T !
      All the talks we would have dream to hear at this so precious moment in their new connection, all the tender words that were missed here and there – especially from Tina, because for me Bette was always the one to express her love for her more often and, yes, in a much tender way in the show…

      Yes, I truly love your B&T…
      Taking the time.
      And they did (as you wrote it !).
      Savouring each other and sharing with each other.
      Each moment, each word, each feeling, each emotion…
      Tenderness and passion mixed in such a precious way – true love indeed !

      I’m deeply touched by your story, BK (Beautiful and Kind !), really I am…
      You’re acting like a painter here, with a wide and contrasted range of brushstrokes, here and there – and so you offer to us, true Tibette lovers, a vision of our beloved two to cherish…
      Thank you, so much, for this gift !

      … and now I cannot wait your next chapter, adding my very best pout and smile *wink*

      • Sorry to hear you have had a rough time of late, hopefully you are on the other side of what ever is going on! Thank you for your kind words (again) and for loving this story. I agree that Bette was always more tender, and open about her feelings and Tina was more reserved on the show. I am hoping to show that Tina still needs some work in this area, but that she is finally trying. I cherish their relationship too and hope we can all experience something close to this in our own lives…..
        Look for the next chapter Friday, assuming I can get my work done this week. It is written but I proofread obsessively and often change the story on the final read through….
        Have a good week –

        • Thank you, dear BK, for your kind words – yes, I did the more difficult indeed.

          And I’ll look for your new chapter Friday or later (take your time, I fully understand your writer’s search of perfection !) – it’s a date ;-)

          Take great care of you !


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