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    Remember Who You Are 48

    48 – Paternity results…

    Tina froze, the frayed envelope in her hand as she and Bette looked at Yaya with a mixture of confusion and excitement.

    Tina moved closer to Bette, suddenly needed to be as close as possible, Bette’s hand coming up to rub her back. She knew what this moment meant for Tina.

    “What? How?” Tina asked in a squeak. She cleared her throat as Yaya nodded.

    “I wasn’t looking for it. Fate, Tina, intervened… the day before you had your boat accident, I called a friend of Boo’s about a promise of a donation he made at a fundraiser in Charleston months ago. Do you remember Young Bobby?”

    Tina took a minute, still trying to figure out what was happening. Rosie climbed down from the table and walked over to climb in Bette’s lap, tired. She laid her head on Bette’s chest, snuggling in and reaching up to play with Bette’s earlobe, a new habit that she did when she wanted to go to sleep. Bette gently took the paternity envelope from Tina’s hands and put it on the side table, she would not open it where Rosie could hear the results. Tina reached for a blanket and laid it over the child.

    “I do remember Young Bobby,” she said, still trying to process what was happening. She glanced at Rosie. “Hang on…” she muttered and went to retrieve Rosie’s stuffed rabbit from her room and tucked it in her arms and Rosie smiled at her, the big eyes closing as sleep overtook her.

    “Who’s Young Bobby?” Bette asked, kissing the top of Rose’s head, settling into the cushions.

    “Young Bobby.” Tina said, smiling. “He was older than me, a local handyman, jack of all trades kind of guy. He could fix your roof and change your tires and paint your house. He had no real job, just floated around. He did some work on our house, met Boo when her boat engine died and Tom sent him down to the river to look at it.”

    “Yes, he did a lot of work here to get the clinic open.” Yaya confirmed, smiling at the memory.

    “God, he never aged, Bette. Boo always said he was ten years younger than he looked and he would get so annoyed at her. At night, he played the sax at the juke joint down the river, you could hear him all the way to Turnup’s if the wind blew just right.”

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    1. Been a long emotional week – for all of us. But this right here is a pure slice of heaven. Grinning from ear to ear through the tears. Need to take a moment to process. Then will post more. Or just continue to cry. Thank you so very much.

    2. Well I’m not quite crying the hiccuping, snot-flying, loose-your-breath crying, but could easily do so without provocation. This week has really been a doozie with the election and the days it takes to count all the votes.

      Ohhh BK, to have you post THIS sweet chapter is real-love life-blood for us all.

      Now I must go (sniff, sniff) since water is escaping from my eyes to read again as is my custom . . .

    3. Thanks for posting this Gem of a Chapter BK.

      We’re just going into a Second Lockdown here in England and Stories like this are like an Oasis in the Desert :-)

      Stay safe and well and post again real soon !

      • Sassy
        I read about the second lockdown in the UK and know how frustrating that must be for you after the long year already. Please be safe. Glad you liked this chapter, there is more to come!

    4. Good Chapter…. Boo is on her way to be with them. Rudolph is not the father. The meeting with the social worker could not have gone smoother and Rosie loves Bette and Tina. And to top it off, Tina and Bette are going to be married on the river next week.

      If was funny that Bette kept driving by the court house to tempt Tina into going ahead of schedule with the wedding. Bette has wanted to be married to Tina for a long time and now that she has agreed, Bette can hardly wait. Maybe Tina can catch another fish for the wedding feast. And maybe Kit and Lucy can attend as well.

      Wonderful story… and good news for our friends Bette and Tina in what has been a most stressful week. Cannot wait to read about the reunion between Boo and Tina. Maybe the Kennard-Potter household can be expanded by one more? When the baby comes, there never can be too many helpers.

      Thank you for this chapter…. love, this story…

      • Thank you Martha! Lots of good ideas in your post. I remember when my kids were babies how helpful it was to have extra help. This baby – and Rosie – will have a small village wanting to be there. Que Shane in GQ standing to video Angie in the school play. LOL.
        Bette is funny driving by the courthouse, just in case… she has certainly been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks for your comment –

    5. Hi BK, glad to see a new chapter! I will read ASAP. It looks good for Biden & Harris but man it’s a long sit before we know for sure they win the election. I am reading everthing on Social Media and watch every news program and that’s just silly, i even don’t live there. I really sympathize with you and I really hope that there will be a result soon. Aside from my job, I’m so fascinated with the election that I don’t even have time to read your update. Really bizarre! As soon as I read it I will come back to write a comment. Have a good day, time to sleep for me.

      • I excruciating for us Americans. All we need is Pennsylvania.

        BK, I can’t say enough about this story. It’s magical and should have been picked up my a studio somewhere. A series, a miniseries even. That would be “Must Watch TV.”

      • Bibi
        You and I have talked off site about the importance of this election. As I respond we know the result but reading what you wrote reminds me how close we came to another outcome. So much at stake. I really believe that this election will be studied and evaluated and assessed for many years. I envision college course built around the year 2020 and psychology courses delving into the manipulation of media and voters. Sorry for the rant, I am sure many come here to avoid the politics of it all. BK

    6. Apologies in advance. This is a long one. Probably too long. But this chapter reminds me of a perfect summer vacation that is soon coming to an end. As much as you want to slow down time and hold on to every last precious moment the clock is ticking. And so we should all employ: “The Slow Regard of Silent Things.” This is a chapter to sit with, reflect upon, embrace, cry over, and read again and again. Each subsequent read revealing new details that otherwise might have been missed. There is not one wasted word which is rather astonishing. No filler. From start to finish one significant scene after another.

      Now – I make no apologies for being a Bette girl. I just am. But what I have solidified about this Bette is that she is who she is because of her unbreakable bond with the love of her life. Tina completes Bette and makes her whole: “And she would continue to wake up every day and give thanks for the family now in the car with her, the woman that made her a girlfriend and soon a wife, the child in the backseat and in Tina’s womb that would make her a mother. It was all so special to her.” Her Tina and the life they are creating together is the be all and end all for Bette. What more could Bette possibly ever need or want?

      I said it before but this Bette is just so Zen. And funny. She feeds off Tina’s love and quiet grace and as a result exhibits such a soft strength. What would the LA crowd make of this Bette Porter: “Wait a second, Baby. Let’s call after we breathe this good news in. Take a minute, Honey. My God, Tee. Boo. And Rosie. It’s like Christmas and Easter and the day I met you all rolled into one.” There is just something so very sweet about this Bette. Even as she seduces her pregnant wife Bette manages to tease her in other ways: “How does one refer to the wife of a water mouse?” Perfect. Bette is so over the moon happy.

      And Tina? Well she continues to shine. Love her latest terms of endearment: Baby Love and Rosie Bunches. Also, developing a list of plans with “contingencies and possibilities like a giant decision tree rooted in the same outcome: adoption of Rosie.” Tina is so loving and lovely. Life on the river taught her to be prepared and she really is quite something. And now they are just that much closer to adopting Rosie. Plus Boo is on her way. And Tina and Boo have picked up mid conversation from where they paused so long ago not missing a beat. I suspicioned that Boo might have been keeping track of Tina and biding her time until fate brought Tina back to her: “It’s been long enough you hear me? A minute too long… and I have been following you on the goggle, Honey.” The google! Oh we are going to love Boo. That made me laugh and also put a fairly good sized lump in my throat.

      Sometimes it is easy for me to forget that there was quite a lot to this story prior to the river. Tina has endured so much. She deserves this happiness. And it is all tied to Bette and Boo. “Honey, it is a dream come true to have you and her in the same room. She is going to love you; she will adore you. Eat you up with a spoon as she used to say when she met someone new she liked. I might spontaneously combust of happiness with my two most favorite people together. I am who I am because of her, and because of you.” Be still my heart. Cannot wait until they finally lock eyes. My prediction – Not a dry eye in the house.

      I am so happy they are getting married on the river. And how appropriate that Bette brought it up. Good one Bette! As it turns out a river wedding is a dream come true for Tina. Kind of brings Tina’s life to this point full circle: “I never thought that would be possible, not even in my wildest dreams.” Tina whispered and visibly swallowed, unable to speak more, the knowledge that this beautiful, complicated woman who would soon be her wife knew her so well. Knew how special the river was, the history of her upbringing woven so tightly – for good and bad – into the fabric of what made her Tina Kennard. And now, what made them a couple. Getting married here was impossibly special.” Exquisite writing. I suspect Kit will take to Yaya and the river folk and they will love her as well. And we just know how Kit will react to her baby girl Rosie. I smell spinoff! Perhaps James could be Kit’s travel companion? He really needs to be there. Wait – maybe he can give Bette away. We know he is dapper and can find the perfect attire. Sunset on the dock next to the river. With Rosie and Boo and Yaya and Jerry and all. What a magical day this will be. And a perfect way to integrate Rosie into their family. She will understand what is happening because she is being included. And she now knows she is moving away but she will also visit Jimmy and Jena Beth and Jerry and Yaya. Yes, they will miss the river and their friends but they will be back. So really glad about this. Maybe we can even check in from time to time. There will be challenges to be sure. But there is so much love.

      Three standout sections: The meeting with Mollie Sullivan. Your description is exceptional as it really is so easy to picture her as a middle aged woman either baking cookies or rolling a joint. And Rosie and the doll house? This baby girl is very loved and she knows it. And everyone in that room knows it. Again, the writing is just so great. One simple and lovely image tells the tale. Family. The second and, oddly enough, perhaps my favorite section of the chapter – Bette and Jerry and their early morning conversation. It is just so perfect that Bette Porter wants to not only spread the love but impart some cautionary words of wisdom to Jerry – from one rascal to another. Been there done that Jerry! Wait – maybe Jerry should give Bette away and James can escort Tina. Regardless, Bette and Jerry are life long friends to be sure. Coming full circle with this long comment, my third favorite is not so much a scene as some beautiful words: “Bette smiled softly, she was getting used to Tina crying more with the pregnancy, even a Home Depot commercial could set her off and forget about sunsets. A song on the radio could get her all misty eyed and making love was a whole new, special adventure these days.” BK – Do I love this chapter? Suh!!

      • Wow Billy, that is a beautiful and to the point comment!!!

        Never apologize for posting long comments!

        I have said it before but you are a master in writing very insightfull comments, you see the small and big things and i love your comments!

      • Billy
        Never apologize for a long comment – OR as Boo would say – never apologize for existing. Your comment was fantastic, in large part because you dive deeply into the symbolism of each chapter, which I love. Your comments give me such motivation to continue writing that I want to thank you for that.
        I went into this chapter with exactly the motive you mentioned – one significant moment after another. Everything was coming full circle for B/T, everything they hoped for, dreamed of and wanted right there in front of them. And yet there are so many side stories also bubbling – each weaving in and out of the larger story. So I wanted to make sure we didn’t leave any dangling plot lines as we move closer to Boo coming home and a wedding (!!!).
        Tina does complete this Bette. And vice versa. To me they have worked really hard – together and separately – to get where they are now. Overcoming so much and staying focused on each other and their commitment to the relationship. The security and connection that allows them to just be, be who they are because the other helped make them so.
        And Tina? Middle name should be resilience. As long as she had Bette, she just keeps going. Ever read that quote about the answer to getting knocked down seven times? Stand up eight. That is how I see this Tina, with Bette there to give her strength and it is returned ten fold.
        I forget too sometimes everything that came before these latest chapters. I never in a million years thought I would be writing about a backwoods river in relation to a Bette and Tina story. But here we are and thank goodness! Such fun!
        Lots of good ideas in your comments as well! You know I have to make this a river wedding (not sure what that means but it will come to me…) which means it will be part magic, part whimsy and all heart. With a dash of Boo.
        The Bette and Jerry scene was my favorite too. And to use your word – Bette is so zen. Who would have thought she would be giving relationship advice to a guy on his way home from a one night stand? Makes my heart happy.
        Love your insight Billy, and love that you love this story as much as I do. Comment as long as you like, I could discuss this for days. Peace, have a good week –

    7. Wow, what a chapter! Outstanding, BK. I raise my hat to you and add another, long overdue La ola for you.

      You are bringing some of your main plot lines to the finishing line. Others were completed like the sometimes missing communication between Bette and Tina of the early chapters. Not talking to each other, making important decisions without the other.
      Their communication, often a silent one, now is amazing, off the scale great. It is now the foundation of their relationship and combined with their deep love, respect and understanding for each other. They seemed to ooze this love whenever they show up together and they engulf the people in their orbit with this love. Literally so when Bette pulled Yaya in the group hug. The good doctor probably put on a small smile and blushed a little.

      I can’t decide which moment I love the most. Bette’s talk with Jerry? Ever since she saved Tina’s life (let’s call it the life vest moment) she was in his good books. Then he probably observed how she was caring for Rosie, also saving the little Rabbit. Now she’s even going to adopt her and giving her a better chance in life. He would see Rosie’s mother in the child, the woman who was the love of his life, so even if he wasn’t her father he’ll be happy that Rosie gets the chance to escape the life at the river.

      Or is it the family breakfast? With Rosie deciding that she would live with Tina and Bette as long as her alter-ego FisherRabbit would be part of it. And french fries. What a cute, hear-warming moment! Memorable family moment for years to come. Like Billy I can already see how Kit’s going to take to Rosie in the blink of an eye. Rosie a little shy at first seeing this impressive woman with a little darker complexion than Bette’s but quickly falling for Kit’s motherly nature.

      I think it is the Boo moment. Couldn’t read it without tears like Tina and Boo. I already loved Boo from all the stories about her. But this moment was precious. Boo sobbing when she hears Tina speaking, Tina reacting to hearing her words, reverting to a small child who is still learning how to use a phone. This: “That you, Tina?” Boo finally said and Tina nodded enthusiastically…”
      Boo’s simple “You ok, Honey?” like they’ve never lost contact just blows me. Of course her following Tina’s life “on the goggle” and last her promise to “… coming with bells on and whistles blowing and a damn parade if I have anything to say about it.”
      I couldn’t have imagined a better first contact between Tina and Boo. So beautifully written. I can literally see Boo getting up, running around her house and starting to put a travelling bag together, then interrupting the packing to get on the phone with an airline, stopping to laugh and cry a little and talking excitedly to Honey, a habit she probably has ever since her lover died.

      I’m with Billy on some of the best quotes of this chapter. As I said before, BK, you just have away with words!
      Looooove it, love it, l o v e i t. Thanks for this fantastic opener to the weekend. Now I’m going to fininsh cleaning, washing and shopping while having an ear and eye on CNN.

      Feel hugged and thanked for giving us some love, enjoy your weekend, stay safe and calm

      • Excellent KP! So agree about the family breakfast and Fisher Rabbit and French Fries. Very well said. I will so miss the river and suspect I will reread this story again and again. I had a thought – I suspect Young Bobby will know the name Kit Porter. Maybe Kit can sing a song at the reception and Young Bobby can accompany her on his saxophone. Maybe too over the top but one more connection. Now you have a great day!

      • I miss the La Ola! Thank you!
        Thank you for your comments. They make me smile and I read them a couple times so that I can see the story through your eyes. YES – Bette pulling Yaya into the group hug probably did make her blush. Her house and her clinic will never be the same when it all quietens down and the ladies head back to LA. She probably never imagined what would happen when she got the radio call that a pregnant woman had been rescued on the river!
        I told Billy that the conversation Bette had with Jerry was my favorite, and it is. I also loved the breakfast with little Rosie. I tried to imagine what that talk would look like – a bright child for sure but she is still four and has a singular focus on french fries and fishing and rabbits. LOL
        Hang tight and buckle your seatbelt dear KP because Boo is coming to town…. bells whistles and a parade. It will be worth the wait.

    8. Hey BK – our very own River Soothsayer !!!

      Billy said it all & very well. This was a fantastic chapter – joining all your other fabulous ones.

      Bette really stood out here being Tina’s rock, protector and love. The bond they have is unbreakable.

      Rosie is so loved by both of her soon to be parents & is such a lucky little girl. I can’t wait to see her grow & discover the wonder of life that Bette & Tina will provide her with. And the end of the scene at the social workers office when she told Bette the 3 women in the house she left there were ‘Family” – well the tears just started & didn’t stop for a few minutes!!!

      And Boo – WOOEEEE!!! Yes – finally we meet her & she sounds just like Tina has described – AWESOME!!!! Definitely hope she has a role in the family back in LA & in both Rosie & the new baby’s life.

      And the chat between Bette & Jerry was great – he gave his blessings for Rosie to be with Bette & Tina. That’s all that counts in the end. The little girl’s happiness & well being. B & T will provide her a wonderful life & she deserves every opportunity for that.

      Thanks so much for this superb update & can’t wait for the River wedding. Please bring James back too for it!!!!

      Take care my pal.


      • Well said. Love Jerry!! Bette gets her strength from Tina. And vice versa. What a beautifully written couple. So well matched. I want to talk about this story all the time. It deserves a separate chat room.

      • Great comments my friend!
        Love that you picked out all your favorite moments. Seems like Jerry and Bette stole the show this chapter, that was a big hit for everyone! Such a unique friendship between the two, one that neither has probably ever experienced the likes of before. Or will since!
        Looking forward to your next chapter, don’t make us wait too long!

    9. Hi BK,

      I can’t believe I only started reading this fantastic chapter after two days, but for me this is the ultimate reward after the nerve-racking elections and waiting for the final results. I am so happy for you that Biden and Harris won!

      What can I add to what all the others have said before me, they have written such good comments with which I agree wholeheartedly.

      What I would like to add is that I think it is so great that Bette and Tina want and are going to adopt Rosie and give her a warm home where they let her know that she is loved. The love that she did not have in her life so young.

      I always get a little emotional when I see how Bette and Rosie had an immediate click. And how Rosie feels so safe in Bette’s arms, how she sits with her fingers on Bette’s ear just before falling asleep, how Bette immediately sat down next to the dollhouse so that Rosie felt safe. A love and unbreakable bond at first sight. The reason this piece touches me so much is because I myself was adopted.

      I’m looking forward to the reunion between Tina and Boo, no doubt a lot of tears will flow and I’m sure Boo will be so happy with Bette as Tina’s girlfriend and soon to be wife.

      A river wedding is exactly what Tina needs, the circle is complete then.

      And I may be repeating myself but just like Billy I am in love with your Bette, she is amazing and so different from the way others portray her. This is a Bette that I would have liked to see in the OG, although you did occasionally catch a glimpse of this Bette.

      As far as I am concerned, this story will never end, I just can’t get enough!

      I hope you had a good weekend and at least had a glass of champagne to celebrate the win

      • BiBi
        I think you have mentioned that you were adopted before so I am glad that you are able to relate to the bonding between Bette and Rosie. It was instant and seems to just get stronger as the story continues. I am looking forward to the long awaited reunion between Boo and Tina. It will be like everyone coming full circle but with so much more to unfold.

        I agree with you – I think we see glimpses of this Bette in the OG, it is there beneath the surface and in the facial expression JB does so well. I wish we could see that in season 2 but if not then she is here in this story.

        I did have a good weekend – funny you mention champagne because it was hard to find! I had some wine and just took a deep breath. Historic. Please have a good week, and I will see you on the high seas soon –

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