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    Remember Who YOU Are 5

    Bette, barefoot in the kitchen? Happily cutting up carrots and making a salad? Unheard of. Yet there she was, there they were, every night now – together cooking, baking, prepping.

    She had appeared one night, dressed casually in yoga pants and her Yale tank top. It was a little big on her and her bra was clearly visible from the side if you were looking. And Tina was looking.

    Her hair was back in a ponytail, beautiful. Sexy. She had leaned against the counter and fidgeted, watching as Tina boiled water and marinated the salmon. When Tina asked her to move so she could get something from the drawer behind her, she had asked to help. Tina had been surprised at first, but Bette had stuck with it, even coming up with recipes or ideas she wanted to try.

    Bette found ways to touch and tease Tina while they prepared dinner, kissing her on the ear when she reached by her to get the plates out. Putting her chin on her shoulder to watch as she added to the dish on the stove, her arms around Tina’s waist and her questions whispered quietly in her ear. She would rub her foot on Tina’s leg or brush against her when she reached for something. Her hands lingered, running across Tina’s behind slowly or down her arms when Tina showed her how to cut something. Once she leaned over to try a couple bites of the stir fry, popping zucchini and carrots in her mouth and moaning her appreciation, her mouth…Tina watched that mouth as it savored the dinner, watched as Bette closed her eyes and moaned happily, licking her fingers….”That tastes good, Tee…”she said with a wink.

    It was all so…distracting…so…lovely.

    It made cooking dinner enticing, fun. Sexy. She would tuck her hand in the back of Tina’s jeans or reach over to tuck her hair behind her ear, all while carrying on a conversation about her day or Tina’s and doing little jobs to help. She was attentive, quick to turn on the cold water if Tina burnt her hand or mixing the marinate without being asked. Tina had found that Bette had a really good sense of taste, and she was starting to trust her when she said that something was missing from a recipe. She was so surprising in so many ways…


    1. Hi BK,

      I am so in love with your story!!!

      You are so good in describing Bette’s and Tina’s love for each other, in the way they care, nurture, support and make love to each other. Awesome!!!

      Jodi is a bitch first class! Stealing Elena’s work and now trying to get in her pants! And how dare she coming to the club and mingle with B&T’s friends like nothing happened? And why didn’t tell Alice and Shane to Jodi to get lost and leave?

      Great idea of Bette to hang camera’s to watch Jodi, she will do something and be caught!

      Thanks for the long chapter, i look forward to the next one!

      • Thank you BiBi! I agree that Alice and Shane could have done more when Jodie came to sit at their table. Something for me to think about especially since they were both heartbroken over the video art Jodie pulled on Bette. I appreciate your kind words and your taking the time to read….

        • BK

          Remember they also have a stake in Elena as she is residing at Shane’s place. Alice and Shane will feel that they need to protect her for Tina as well as her own well being. If she is having major alcohol problems, why would they ever bring her to a bar??? She has not been sober that long. Surely she didn’t come with Jodi?


          • True. But where did you read that Shane and Alice brought her to the bar? She is young and impetuous….and a player in her own right on the scene. Love that you are detail oriented, it will keep me on target. Please keep reading, thanks!

            • My bad….you are right I don’t know whether Elena came to the bar with Shane and Alice. I also got the impression that Elena is a player not because of her drive to have lots of sex but because she had no money and needed others to buy her drinks and provide her with a place to sleep and perhaps some food from day to day. She is drinking to kill the pain of being deceived and having her art work stolen and losing everything that is meaningful to her life. After all she was relatively new to the bar scene according to Shane and Alice. But now that she has a job and a place to live at least temporarily, that she would take this opportunity to get back to the life she desires. The only reason I could see for her flirting and associating with Jodi is to trap her into some situation for revenge or to recoup some assets to replace that which was stolen from her. Otherwise, I would see Elena would avoid Jodi like the plague. Yes, she is young, but being offered this opportunity by Tina, Alice and Shane to get on her feet again would mean something. Of course addiction is a hard demon to fight. Maybe its just me; I see being a player as an expression of some underlying problem in the ability to establish and maintain intimate relationships. As in the case of Shane, she has decided that its better to reject others inorder not to experience potential rejection herself. This stems from her childhood experiences of being rejected by both her parents and a multitude of foster parents. Broken people do unusual things. There is nothing more complex than human behavior.

              Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me three times, I am a complete idiot or a gluten for punishment or an addiction to pain.

              • So true! Hurt people….hurt people. Like passing around a hot potato they pass their hurt on to someone else. I will add more to the story of Elena and her time with Shane, thank you for reminding to flesh out all the characters in the story…. :)

    2. This is a lovely chapter. The description of the improved communication and connection between Bette and Tina now that they have reunited after Jody is outstanding. This is was will be key to them remaining a happy couple for years to come. To me, what broke them up was their lack of communication which caused them to drift apart. Bette’s cheating and Tina’s venture back into the world of hetrosexual relationships were mere symptoms of their relationship problems. Their biggest problem was to not address the little things by avoiding each other and allowing their relationship to founder rather than facing their difficulties together. Both ran rather than make time to talk things through. Your story shows a maturing couple who are finally seeing the keys to making a happy relationship – communication on every subject, every fear, every hurt, every joy. The ability to listen and really hear what the other is saying and understand the other’s state of mind allow each to support and assist the other with a resolution to their problems. This chapter reflects the relationship which I would have projected their future to be if The L Word had continued the series.

      Keep this going. This is a great story…look forward to the next chapter and chapters. Thank you for writing this. Bette and Tina forever.

      • Thank you so much. I could not agree more. One of the worst moments on the series, the moment that had the most potential for them was when they were laying on the bed after Tina moved the birthing tank in. She was telling Bette had wonderful it felt when she could tell Bette was proud to be with her, and how she didn’t feel that way anymore. I think she ended with something along the lines of that she tried not to be scared about it. You can tell Bette is drawn to Tina at first, she puts her hand on Tina’s stomach and smiles softly, and I felt like she was feeling connected…until Tina tells her how things feel different now. Bette’s hand pulls away and the moment just…dangles there….
        What a missed opportunity for the show to portray something deeper between them – even if it was an unraveling – they were on the cusp of a mature conversation about a wedge in their relationship and it just..fizzles randomly out. So disappointing.

        Anyway, I am glad you like this story and this version of Bette and Tina. Thank you for commenting!

    3. BK,
      Thank you for reminding me of this episode. Yes, I remember this well and wondered why Bette didn’t respond with something. And when Bette withdrew and made no response, I would think that would have increased Tina’s fears that Bette was withdrawing from the relationship. And it seemed the entire first season was somewhat like that except for when they were discussing making a baby.

      I think they did have a reasonable discussion surrounding having an Afro-American donor for the baby. I really like the way they handled Tina coming to grips with having an Afro-American baby. I really liked that Kit came to Bette’s aid by reminding her that “When Tina looks at you (Bette), she doesn’t see Afro-American. She sees the woman she loves.” I think this is the reasoning that Tina used to be okay with the Afro-American donor. When she looks at her child, she will see her and Bette’s child no matter what it looks like. I understand Tina’s trepidation. She was raised in North Carolina in an era where inter-racial marriages and children were not common place. And even today in the south, there are many who have problems with interracial relationships only to have a change of heart when their grandchild is biracial. Suddenly, their prejudiced evaporates. It doesn’t always happen for LGBTQ children, which is tragic.

      Thanks for responding…

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