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    Running on sunshine

    Running on sunshine
    Chapter 6

    Tina parked her car in the garage and went out of the rear door, through the garden and into the house. She had ended up staying at her mother’s house for lunch so she could talk to them about Bette. She didn’t want there to be questions they had to fill their own blanks in about. So when Bette had texted her to say that she was going to meet her sister it had been easy to offer to stay and talk to them in more detail about Bette and why she had married her.
    When she walked into the house Bette was in the kitchen chopping red bell peppers
    “Hello beautiful “Bette said with a smile
    “Hey beautiful “Tina dropped her keys on the table and walked across to the brunette
    “Can I have a cuddle?”
    “Of course “
    Bette put the knife down and pulled Tina close into an embrace. Tina held onto her tightly – Bette stroked her wife’s back and kissed her hair
    “How did it go?”
    “Not brilliant but not awful– I think at first they thought I had some seizure brought on by the exhaustion. Emma’s first reaction was that they could get me out of the marriage if I wanted to “
    “You said they would say that “
    “I knew that would be Emma’s reaction so I wasn’t upset – you have to know my mother to know that her solution to everything is always that money, influence and the law can undo most situations “
    Bette kissed Tina on the lips “Well she isn’t going to undo this “
    “No – no she isn’t – I told her that – I told her that in fairly graphic terms. She got the message that I am very certain about what we have done “
    “Did they understand?”
    “God no – Emma was born a lawyer I think – her parents were lawyers and my grandfather is a judge in North Carolina. It is in her blood – and it comes with a deeply suspicious nature. I am sure when my mom proposed to my other mom she weighed it all up and drew up a position paper for all I know. Spontaneity is not big in my family “
    “Seems it is with you “
    Tina kissed Bette “They MIGHT understand a little more when they meet you “
    “My sister suggested I should not meet them looking – – quote – like a beach bum “
    Tina laughed “You look fantastic to me – so which sister did you tell?”
    “Sarah – Rebecca doesn’t do lunch with friends and family. As I told you – she is welded to the hospital – at lunch time she will be eating salad in her office if she is not in the middle of some 700 hour surgery “
    “Sarah does sound more fun “
    “Oh she is – do you fancy a drink – I have had a couple of scotches and a beer but I was hoping you might fancy opening a bottle of white “
    “Not a problem – what are you cooking ?”
    “We went to Harvey’s – do you know it?”
    “Yes – I like it there “
    “Well Sarah is dating the assistant manager so getting a table isn’t a problem. So when I came out of Harvey’s I thought it would be nice if I cooked for us and there is that nice market a few buildings down from there so I picked up some vegetable and some turkey steaks “
    “Thank you”
    “It’s what you do for your wife “
    Tina just loved hearing Bette say that – she kissed her again and wandered off to her wine rack. She looked at a couple of bottles before picking a bottle and busying herself getting two glasses and an opener. Bette finished cutting the pepper before adding it to a bowl of salad vegetables and putting the bowl in the fridge. By the time she joined Tina the blonde had opened the wine and poured some out.
    “What are we drinking to?” Bette asked
    “Me surviving telling my mother’s – and them not having me sectioned. I know they do not approve but I am 32 – they cannot stop me – what about Sarah?”
    Bette smiled “She is cool and yes she was shocked but she really does seem to be thrilled for me. Sarah just thinks you should do what you want as long as you do not hurt anyone. She is really looking forward to meeting you – she has heard of you “
    “There is a buzz about your show “
    Tina smiled “ That is good to know – a buzz will help the audience in the first few weeks and that will help it get picked up again “
    “She was anxious to hear all about Hannah Eden “
    Tina could already read a lot into Bette’s voice and mannerisms. She knew Hannah would be an issue – if only because she didn’t take no for an answer and finding out Tina was off the market wouldn’t please her. Bette didn’t like Hannah for how she had hurt and used Tina and Tina had told Bette a lot of the bad stuff between them. It was inevitable Bette reacted badly to Hannah’s name.
    “What did you tell her?”
    “Well I didn’t tell her that she was your lover “
    “You cannot tell her Bette “Tina said with feeling
    “Babe – I love my sister – she is kind and funny and she is smart – but she is not someone I would tell a secret to. I said that you and I had not discussed Hannah Eden “
    “This is what being in the closet does – it leads to lies and more lies – I couldn’t cope with it Bette”
    Bette took Tina’s hand and kissed it. She remembered Tina telling her about Hannah – the lies, the deceptions – the time she had stood her up and left Tina in tears. It had been the first time Tina had cried in front of Bette and it had been a defining moment in their relationship.
    Bette knew that Tina had been badly hurt Tina wanted them to come out as a couple – something that Hannah said she would never agree to.
    “Who does know about you and her?”
    “My parents don’t know. Emma and Kate have always been very open about their sexuality. And when she started the firm it was not as acceptable or cool as it is now – you know that Bette”
    Bette nodded
    “So for me to be involved with a woman who is so living a lie about who is she – regardless of her career – well they would be hurt and angry and want to know what the hell I was playing at”
    “Rather like they are at the moment “
    Tina laughed “ My mothers are very liberal and don’t see that it can be hard to come out – Hannah has made her call and that is how she expects it to be played”
    “What happens when she expects to pick up where the two of you left off ?”
    Tina knocked back her wine “Then she has a problem – it’s over “
    Bette topped Tina’s wine up.
    “I get the feeling it was over before you were ill”
    Tina nodded “The stress of working with her and being so afraid of even looking at her in the wrong way in case anyone got a clue about us – it didn’t help”
    “Do your friends know ?”
    Tina laughed an ironic laugh “Telling Alice a secret is the human equivalent of super-fast broadband – every dyke in North America would know before their morning coffee had got cold. Telling Alice has never been a possibility – they would think the same thing as my mother’s – come out and shame anyone who has an issue with it “
    “I am not worried about them –I am worried about you and I am really touched that you told me “
    “Well we were crazy in love – I wanted to tell you. I wanted to talk about her out loud”
    “So does NO ONE know?”
    “Just Shane “
    Bette raised an eyebrow.
    “You will like Shane but it’s hard to explain what she is like. She is so calm and non-judgemental. I told Shane because I knew she wouldn’t spill the beans and it was starting to destroy me that I couldn’t talk about this woman I was so crazy about”
    “Can’t have been easy or something that you found easy to accept because of how you have been raised. I assume you coming out was never an issue “
    Tina laughed “I don’t think they would have known what to do if I had come home with a boy – as it was I came home with a girl called Joanna “
    “I know this is going to be tough – can she make things tough at work for you?
    “I am not sure how – any attempt to undermine me at work would rather defeat her ultimate objective which is to stay in the closet. Plus my boss knows – she warned me against getting involved with her but she has covered for me when I did start seeing Hannah. I would end up not directing as many episodes as I have so far. We did 6 episodes and the network chiefs liked it so much they asked for another 6 more. If we get picked up for season 2 we might have to do more than 12 – that’s a lot of work – and a lot of money and exposure for her”
    “It’s not a world I know anything about – but you know that I love you very much and I will support you in any way that I can. I am not afraid of anyone – least of all anyone who hurts my babe “
    Tina grinned and lent over the table and kissed Bette “Thank you “
    “Anytime – will you getting married scare her off?”
    “She might have got bored while I have been away and found someone else to play with”
    “What did she say when you said you were going away?”
    “She tried to stop me of course. Then when I collapsed at work she backed off – she doesn’t deal with sickness. “Tina stopped. She had so many stories she could tell Bette but she knew it would upset her to tell her new wife the full extent of hurt and pain in her last relationship. And she knew it would hurt Bette to hear the stories – Tina shook her head
    “No point in opening old wounds “
    Bette nodded “I understand – but if you want to tell me – I am here to listen. We are married and that means we are the number one support for the other. I want to be there for you when you need me and when you don’t. I know we raced into this marriage but I know that for me it doesn’t change how serious this relationship is “
    Tina smiled and kissed Bette’s hand “I feel the same – you are my rock Bette. I trust you and I know you trust me. We both know there are going to be obstacles – people are not going to understand – in Hannah’s case we might even face hostility but I love you enough to know that there is nothing I would not endure to be with you”
    Bette smiled “I feel the same about you. I would hate it if you thought that I had any doubts about you. I know what we did was crazy but we both went into it with our eyes open – I didn’t con you and you didn’t con me “
    Tina nodded “I know that – I guess it is just reality is here in full 3D Technicolor “

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      • Happy New Year AllyE and Lord Rockingham,!!!
        Thanks for the new chapter AllyE. Loving this new story and hungry for a new chapter. I know never satisfied but, also knowing as much as we might beg you will get it out when you can. Now, having said that, if not mistaken you told us earlier that “Some ..Wonderful and the other Some” are complete but I can’t find them. What gives? Thanks again for posting. And we do care even if we dont say it.

    1. Thank you for the update!

      They seem to have a very healthy relationship, they match in almost everything and most important they talk.

      I suspect that that Hanna person don’t give up easily and could cause some trouble.

    2. Nice update and I was hoping one would come soon.. Also great conversation and time between them.. Now it’s time hopefully to start talking to people together.. Let’s see how they navigate these choppy waters… Just not to choppy please!! Lol

    3. I don’t like the choppy waters part ! But I would like anything else you have sitting on your shelf – waiting/wanting to be read!!!! Rocky – push a book off the shelf – be a good pussy cat !

    4. Thanks! Everyone needs to stay in their lane and let them live their lives. Not to much drama! I just pray that they change their minds about having Boo and a little son. I wish one of you great writers would write a story where they use the female sperm from one or the other and have their kids. It would be a secret and only them, Dr Wilson and Shane knows. Someone started a story along those lines but I forgot the author and the story wasn’t finished. I love this story! PPS. When can we get another update of NYM? You know I love that story! PPS

    5. Ally,

      I love this new story. Well.. You don’t have any story that I didn’t like so you are just really consistent :)

      Hoping for a longer update though ;)

      Thanks for this wonderful story.


    6. I have been waiting for a new update! I’m glad that they are so happy and healthy relationship. It seems to be able to easily talk to each other about everything that is good and there is no secret between them. I hope the parents will be able to accept and not to undermine their relationship. that would be really bad, because they need to see just how happy they are.
      I hope not a lot of drama coming!

    7. So, Bette is Tina’s rebound? Not good. Tina’s “crazy in love” thing with Hahhah sounds so much more intense than whatever she has with Bette. And what Tina’s parents think about that “no kids” business – must be awful with your only child.

    8. Great post! They are so in love. I don’t think Bette is a rebound. They knew instantly it was love at first sight. Hope the meeting with the parents goes well, but with Emma you never know. can’t wait for next post.

    9. I’ve just come across your writing as I’m new to the site. Your character development is spot on. Love how you tell new stories and not just rehashes of show plots. Hope you finish this…nothing as long as the L-wing mind you, but would love to see where it leads.

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