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    New York Minute 101=104

    New York Minute

    Chapter 101

    Roger sipped his coffee as he listened to Tina. Tina could feel her anger rising and was trying to keep it under control
    “Because not helping Kit will not do anything to right the wrongs that you feel that the others did to Bette “
    “Are you saying that I am making this up? Are you saying that Bette wasn’t mistreated by the people she loved and regarded as her friends?”
    “No – I am just saying that by not helping Kit – surely that just keeping things negative”
    “Bette was cast aside by everyone – including her sister. She needed people – she needed someone to stop her fleeing to New York. She needed someone to be there for her”
    Roger looked at Tina without rising to her anger. Alice had told him that Tina was angry – she had said that there was no way that Tina would agree to help Kit. But Alice had also said that Bette wouldn’t turn anyone away – she would help Kit because she loved her sister – regardless of the estrangement between them.
    “Kit and I had just been friends for a long time – you know that I was working at her club doing my act. Then when we decided that we wanted to see if we could take things to the next level – that was when we started talking. The first thing she told me about was you and Bette. She talked about how Bette had thrown away her only chance of being happy because you were the only woman who would put up with how highly strung Bette was. I do feel like I know a little about your relationship “
    “My relationship with Bette isn’t under scrutiny here “Tina warned “Bette and I are a couple and we are happy and we have rebuilt something really special. What we have done we have done because we want to be a couple. What we have done has nothing to do with you or any of the LA lot because all Alice and Jenny and Kit have tried to do is sabotage us. The fact that we are a couple is because of us – no one else. Do not bring our relationship into this “
    “You are the one who is going to try and sabotage Bette helping Kit. I need her to help Kit “
    “What makes you think that Kit will listen to Bette? “
    “Because she is the only chance Kit has “
    “No “Tina was aware that she was close to losing her cool. She took a couple of deep breaths as they always taught Angie. After a couple of deep breaths she took another couple and finally spoke
    “Kit and Bette have never had the easier relationship – Melvin left Kit’s mom for Bette’s mom and then he left her for another younger model – so they were not brought up to be close. Regardless of what you have heard about their relationship you are nowhere near understanding them – you need to have seen them together and you haven’t. They both have a tendency to get on their moral high horses and lecture one another which only succeeds in causing resentment. Bette was very hurt by Kit not being thrilled when we got together and she said it would end up with Bette hurting me and Angie. So seriously – why the fuck should we help Kit when she wouldn’t support us?”
    “I can just say what I said a few minutes ago – because no one else can help Kit and I don’t want to lose her – I love her. You say you love Bette and I believe you – you must otherwise you wouldn’t have taken all the shit that yes Alice and Jenny piled on you when you came back. It took some balls for you to walk into the café with all the other so pissed off with you – and I know you got upset but you walked in and faced them out. And then you walked in there as a family when it would have been the easiest thing in the world to steer clear. So yes – yes I totally believe you when you say that you love Bette. But you have to accept that I love Kit and I am scared shitless than I cannot save her. Do you know how hard it is to watch the woman you love starting to unravel and as hard as you try – as hard as you try – you cannot reach them – you cannot pull them back from the bad place they are at”
    Tina held Roger’s gaze for several seconds “Yes I do – and I couldn’t pull Bette back and she cheated on me after I lost our son”
    It was obvious Roger had not expected that answer from Tina – he dropped his eyes and looked at his coffee cup. Tina exhaled
    “Okay Roger – I will talk to her but I mean it – I am going to protect my lover just like you are trying to protect yours “

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    1. Awesome update!

      I wouldn’t want to see Bette get hurt again.

      Kit doesn’t deserve the love Bette has for her and i really understand that Tina is very protective off her.

      Happy New Year!

    2. Just an awesome set of chapters. You can say so much in just one page of writing. I imagine that it is important for recovering addictive persons to be away from toxic or compromising situations but it is difficult when it is a close relative or friend. Quite the conundrum. I can’t wait to read what Bette will do. Happy New Year to you and Lord R. Have an awesome 2015.

    3. new update, now surely be happy to start the new year ;)
      Happy New Year to you!
      It was a wonderful chapter I’m so glad that I read this again.
      I love how Tina protective towards Bette .
      Kit was really nasty to Bette and Tina. but I understand, she is Bette sister. I wonder what Bette will do with this.

    4. Hello friend! Thank you for bringing back my favorite story. Its wonderful to be able to walk the streets of New York again and see the sights of the city thru Bette and Tina’s eyes. I love the way you have developed their characters and watching them meander thru life as a couple again is so heartfelt. As Bette said, they were growing up, as we all need to do. I like the way you’ve handled the relationships between all of them and allowed them to be upfront and honest with one another. Your writing is so refreshing! Thank you for writing again!

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