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    Shaky Ground

    The Planet……

    Tina clutches Angie’s jacket as she walks away from Kit’s office. She takes a few deep breaths, willing herself to act normal as she enters the dining area. She sees the gang standing near the entrance, seemingly still arguing about what to do next.

    Alice shakes her head and sighs. “All I’m sayin—”

    Dana rolls her eyes. “Yeah, we know what you’re saying, Alice. We’re saying it’s ridiculous….”

    Alice narrows her eyes and puts her hands on her hips. “It is not…. I’m the only one being rational right now….”

    “Alice, you haven’t said one rational thing all day long….” Kit says.

    Tina smiles sheepishly as she slowly steps forward.

    Kit smiles at Tina and nods toward the jacket in her hand. “Oh, good, you found it….”

    Tina nods. “I did….” She then clears her throat and points behind her. “Uh, I saw you had a package waiting for you in your office. It looks pretty important….”

    Kit waves off Tina’s comment. “Oh, I’ll get to it later….”

    Tina discreetly turns her back to the rest of the gang. “Uh, I think it may be time sensitive…”

    Kit creases her brows. “Well, what—” Her voice trails off, finally catching on to Tina’s silent cues. “Oh…oh, you know what? That’s probably the delivery I’ve been waiting for….”

    Tina gently smiles and nods.

    Kit turns and smiles at the gang. “Listen, I think we all need a little break. Obviously, my baby girl needs some time, so that’s what we’re gonna give her…if I hear anything, I’ll let you know….”

    Alice gasps. “What? But…but we can’t just leave….”

    Shane wipes away crumbs from Angie’s face as they approach the group.

    Tina smirks at Shane and shakes her head. “Cake? Seriously?”

    Shane smiles and shrugs. “What? We split it…. right Ang?”

    Angie giggles and nods. “Right….”

    “I say we stay until we find her….” Alice says as she raises her hand and looks around the group.

    “What’s happening?” Shane asks.

    “Kit thinks we should just go home and wait for Bette to come out of hiding….” Dana says.

    Shane slides her arm around Carmen’s waist. “I think that’s a great idea…. we should just take a breather for a bit….”

    Alice drops her shoulders. “Fine, I guess I’ve been outvoted, but just so you know, I’m telling Porter I was the only one willing to wait it out for her….”

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    1. Bette is actually being considerate of Michelle by allowing her to get a few things and her car. And of course, they agree that Mickey should remain in his home while his parents sort things out. Why is it that people who cheat believe they will never get caught? And once they do get caught, they have no plan on how they are going to provide the necessities of life like food, shelter and transportation? At least Michelle now has her car… next problem to solve is shelter.

      Thanks for the chapter…. post as soon as you can.

    2. Thanks for posting! Not so sure Michelle really loves Bette so much. Why did she cheat then instead of opening up to her wife about her frustrations and her fears? Can’t wait to see how the talk went when Bette is ready to see Michelle.

    3. Bette is still too raw and hurt to deal with Michelle and her foolishness. She is full of regret because her azz got CAUGHT CHEATING!!! She’s not doing all that skinn’ and grinning now with her lil cute phone calls and text!!! I see she tried to worm her butt back into the house…Mickey is used to see us BOTH together. DON’T GIVE IN BETTE!!! Where the hell is AVA now… (hahahahaha) Glad Kit offered to be a go between for them with Mickey. Bette letting her get the car back was a blessing, I know it was done with Mickey in mind.
      I got NO PATIENCE for insecure azz Michelle!!!

      Tina and Kit are her biggest SUPPORT right now it seems. She is very vulnerable with them both. I’m glad Tina told her about seeing Michelle with another woman on her date night. Bette didn’t hold it against her, WHEW. Tina was in a sticky situation with that one…seeing your EX wife NEW WIFE on a date with someone else!!!

      I’m glad Tina and Bette are communicating better and are actually becoming FRIENDS.

      Thanks for the update.

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