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    Where in the World is Bette?

    The Planet….

    The following morning, Shane is enjoying a nice, quiet breakfast, lazily scrolling on her phone as she digs into a fruit bowl. A few beats later, Alice and Dana interrupt her quiet time by walking over to the table.

    “It’s ridiculous, Alice, and I’m not gonna stand for it….” Dana says as she sits down.

    “It is not ridiculous….” Alice says as she sits down next to Shane. “What’s so wrong with what I said? You said you need to find someone to watch Piddles Jr. while you and Lara are out of town…all I did was suggest you board him….”

    Dana narrows her eyes and points at Alice. “You shut your mouth…. PJ doesn’t board…”

    Shane rolls her eyes and sighs, annoyed that she is privy to this conversation. “There’s nothing wrong with boarding him; there are perfectly capable establishments that will give him the best care, Dane….”

    Dana lifts her brows. “Not like family would…. I have very specific instructions….”

    “We know….” Alice and Shane say in unison.

    Dana smiles at Shane. “So, Shaney—”

    Shane shakes her head as she keeps her eyes on her phone. “Nope. My place has a no pet policy….”

    Dana scoffs. “Horrible policy. How could you just accept that?”

    Shane glances at Dana. “My unwillingness to be homeless?”

    Alice scans the menu and shrugs. “Don’t worry, I’ll watch the kid for ya, Dane…”

    Dana chuckles. “Yeah, and who’s gonna watch you while you’re watching PJ?”

    Shane watches as Dana and Alice argue back and forth.

    Alice suddenly stops when she sees a disheveled Michelle hurrying toward the table.

    “What the hell?” Alice mumbles just before Michelle walks over.

    “Hey Michelle…” Alice sheepishly says, eyeing Michelle with concern.

    Michelle adjusts the sunglasses on her face. “Um…. have you guys seen Bette at all today?”

    Alice, Dana, and Shane glance at each other.

    Dana looks back at Michelle and shakes her head. “No….” she carefully answers.

    “What’s going on?” Alice asks, becoming more and more concerned.

    Michelle sighs and shakes her head. “Nothing I uh….” She then pauses for a beat. “Um, what about Kit….is Kit here?” She asks as her eyes skip around the room.

    Alice gently shakes her head. “No, I don’t think she’ll be in until later……Michelle—”

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    1. Thanks for the chapter… I’m not sure what Michelle is expecting to happen once she finds Bette. She has to know that Bette is angry and has every right to be angry and a conversation with Michelle some 12 hours after throwing her out of the house will not make anything better. If I were Michelle, I would get a “go between” to do my communicating at least until things become a little less volatile. In the mean time, she needs to figure out where she is going to live and what about Mickey?

      What a mess…

    2. Michelle, Michelle, MICHELLE is still on the BS and in full blown panic!!!! You might want to steer clear of Bette for a minute and let someone be a go between for you as someone stated in the comments! She should have shut that shit down with Ava, but she liked ALL THE ATTENTION and flirting!!!

      Bette just needed to get away for a minute, now that Kit and the Gang all know what is going on. Tina know the pain the Bette is feeling…. that damn Karma!

      Alice about ready to call the FBI!!!! (hahaha)

      Thanks for the update!

    3. Bette seems very firm in her reaction and just like Tina at the time, with no alternative but to cut off the relationship no matter how painful it may be.
      I really can’t wait know what’s next, and what the new dynamic will be

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