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    Sharing the good news

    Bette and Tina schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilson. She confirms the positive results. She gives Tina a complete physical and takes blood and urine samples for lab work. She checks her blood pressure, and weight. They get through the first appointment quickly.

    “Well congratulations you two. Tina it looks like you’re just about three weeks pregnant. Your due date should be sometime in late September. Preliminary tests all look good. I want to see you again in 5 weeks. We’ll do the first ultrasound at 8 weeks, and the next one at 12 weeks. I will want to see you once a month until your 6th month. After that we’ll increase frequency to twice a month and in your final weeks, we’ll do weekly appointments. During the visits we’ll continue to check your blood pressure, and weight gain. I noticed you lost some weight since the last visit. That’s good because I’m probably going recommend you gain between 25 and 35 pounds during the pregnancy. Do you have any questions?”

    “I didn’t have morning sickness with Angie, but I already started feeling a little nausea with this one. What can I expect and is there anything that will help with the vomiting?”

    “You may start having the nausea and vomiting in your 4th week and keep in mind that ‘morning sickness’ isn’t limited to morning. It can happen any time of the day and it might last up five or six weeks. It varies with every pregnancy. It’s important that you eat regularly. Don’t let your stomach get completely empty or overly full. Ginger or lemon can help but use the real thing not artificial. You can have ginger ale, ginger tea, lemonade, or suck on a lemon.

    “Doc I want to be able to help Tina through this. What can I do?” Bette asked

    “Well you might find that certain smells even something like coffee can cause the queasiness so just be mindful of that and keep them away from her until the morning sickness passes. When you are preparing meals try to make them high in protein and carbohydrates and encourage her to drink lots of fluids, especially water. You’ll want to keep saltine crackers or pretzels handy (even by the bedside so she can eat them before she gets out of bed). You may need to take on a few more of the household chores, cooking and cleaning as she’ll need to be resting more. Just be there for her. Know her body is going to be experiencing a lot of changes that might cause some irritability or mood swings. She’s going to feel crummy if the morning sickness gets bad. Be patient and love her through it all.”

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    1. Thanks for posting BAT.
      Always pleased to read a continuation of one of your stories.
      I think you are not necessarily over ‘anti’ about anyone as always ‘pro’ Bette and I can handle that although in the Show I did like Helena coming back as a ‘goodie’!

      Look forward to more posts to take our minds off the stark reality of the real word.
      Things escalating here in UK and I am in Isolation due to having a cough and being 76 years of age. Half way through my ‘time’ then into 12 weeks of no ‘social’ interaction and had all my ‘social groups’ cancelled by e-mail yesterday.


      • Hi SG

        This virus has certainly turned our world upside down. Sorry you are isolated but it’s probably best that you minimize exposure. Be safe, and take care of yourself. I’ll be thinking of you.

        Thanks for helping me understand Tina in this chapter. I wasn’t a fan of Helena and especially when she went from the enemy to everyone’s best friend after what she did to Bette. She deliberately ruined someone’s life.

        I didn’t get far enough in this story to decide her fate so we’ll see how it goes.

    2. I did not remember that Bette had not talked to Tina about her suicide attempt. That was another story in which they had discussed it. I am having a hard time with Tina perception of Peggy’s disowning Helena. Peggy has disowned her daughter financially not as her daughter. Peggy has not and still acknowledges Helena as her daughter. She has just drawn the line in the sand by denying Helena access to any resources to carry on her pathological life style. It would appear that Peggy would be fine on visiting Helena if invited, talking to Helena and communicating for the purposes of carrying on a relationship. But in any incident by design or accident in which Helena was deceiving or harming another individual, Peggy would not go to her aid. As she is currently in prison, all Helena would need to do is phone or write..

      To me cutting someone off financially is does not mean a totally disowning of your child. If you cut them off financially, announced to the world that they were no longer her child, denied they ever existed , refused every and all communication ever, then that would be disowning a child. This is not what Peggy has done. Tina needs to understand this. Peggy has not removed her love, she has simply removed her tools of destructive behavior.

      Bette needs to have a counseling session with Emma and then talk to Tina. If she needs Emma present for her to tell Tina the devastation that Helena brought on Bette and her well being, then she need to do so. Tina is just trying to be the supporter of the underdog and is refusing to see just how devastating and devious Helena has been. Tina just needs to understand that Helena has harmed Tina as well and she would not stand behind her if the roles were reversed. Alice came really close to this in her conversation.

      Good chapter…. let’s get Tina on a more reasonable opinion of Helena and of Peggy.

    3. Thanks for posting BAT, it’s always a pleasure to read your stories !

      I also agree with Martha, Bette MUST explain to Tina through Emma all the devastation she felt and especially the suicide attempt !

      I’ve always wondered why no stories were ever written about that scene in the pool ??

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