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    She will be loved

    Yale – 1996 


    Bette woke up with a throbbing headache. She found herself naked in her bed, and in the company of the pretty blonde she had met the previous night at the  club. 


    Although her first usual reaction would be to curse and promise herself not to drink ever again in her life and then jump out of bed -purposely loud so her companion of the night would wake up, take the hint and leave- that was not the case in that specific morning.


    Instead she turned on her side and rested her elbow on the pillow, supporting  her head with her hand, simply observing that lovely creature that was lying down next to her. Something was definitely different about this blonde and also appealing. 


    The flashbacks from the night before started as soon as she laid her eyes on  the woman who was deeply asleep. Bette found herself smiling at those fresh  memories and also smiling at how peaceful and beautiful Alice looked in her  sleep. 


    Bette remained still for a while, simply trying to figure out where all of those things were coming from, until her elbow started aching. So she decided that the best thing to clear her head a bit would be to get up and go buy some  breakfast. She was starving after all and she was pretty sure the occupant of her bed would be as well as soon as she would wake up. 


    Bette left a note on the pillow indicating her whereabouts in case Alice woke up  before she came back with their food, and then headed out for the cafeteria.

    Once she had reached her destination she couldn’t help but to notice the  presence of another certain blonde there. And she was not alone. 


    Tina was having breakfast with a bunch of people Bette only knew by name and  the brunette couldn’t help but to immediately notice the arm resting around Tina’s shoulder. It belonged to a very good looking guy who seemed deep in conversation with another couple sitting across from them. 


    Both Bette and Tina made eye contact immediately. And Bette instantly understood the blonde´s pledge in her eyes, so she decided not to approach her table. 

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    1. Alright, alright! Following the Yale trend Tina is not with Eric, yet? And Bette bedded Alice, a Tina replacement? I am having a hard time with Julia….can’t get a good read on her…is she an instigator, a troublemaker, doesn’t seem like she is a “real” friend to Tina. Now…the 2002 trend…if Bette is marrying Julia she isn’t doing it for love…who plays those thoughts through their head so close to the wedding day? And Kit plus Alice see th writing on the wall….
      I know your story,style is Past/present mix…..And I am a Tibette through and through….patience is not one of my virtues….I need more understanding of what/who Julia is? I guess I just need more framework of past relationships to be totally sucked into your story. It is good..I am interested and waiting for the next chapter…don’t play too much cat and mouse please,

    2. So in the present this is the first time Tina and Bette have even kissed. And in the past Bette is sleeping with Alice. Wow. In the present Tina is asking Bette to leave Julia – to not marry her – and Bette is reminding Tina that she had asked a similar thing of her years ago. We can guess how that went. And Tina and Julia went from being friends to Tina hating her. Seems as if Tina rejected Bette back then but not wants her or at a minimum does not want her with Julia. Either way Tina has her mind made up and has come to claim Bette. Very Benjamin Braddock of her storming the church as in the Graduate. And now Tina is taking Bette away. So interested to see how this time gap finally comes together.

    3. Thanks Billy…I did not put together Bette asked Tina to not marry Eric. Now, that makes this interesting….I did put together they had not kissed. If they had that emotion/physical chemistry would explode. Still waiting for the Julia puzzle piece to fall in place….thanks Billy

    4. Whoa…. what a chapter. So Bette and Tina have never kiss until Bette’s bachelorette party, and yet they are both in love with each other! They really do have a problem communicating!

      Meeting Alice and ending up in bed with her is not a surprise. Deciding that she might be interested in Alice as more than a one night stand is a surprise. I get the feeling that Bette is moving into a stage of her life that she wants more of a relationship with someone than just to get laid and move on. And Alice is going to be her first attempt. It is obvious that Alice does not expect any more than a good romp and move on.

      In the meantime, Tina is so confused. She is attracted to Bette. Bette is her friend and yet she is a straight girl. Tina is a straight girl who hangs with a group of obnoxious friends.

      This is a good story… love to see more….

    5. Julia is very suspicious. She speaks so harshly about Bette in college but now, 6 years later marrying Bette. This seems like a set up starting in college and possibly destroying a life long friendship in the process.

      This is a very intriguing and addictive story. Easy to follow and that’s saying something. I had 3 simultaneous strokes in 2016 and my comprehension is less than what it used to be. Reading this is like my reading rehab. Thanks.

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