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    She will be loved

    LA – Summer 2002 

    At a karaoke bar 

    “Of all the people I would be expecting to see here… I have to tell you… you are at the bottom of that list T…” Bette was not trying to be unkind but she wasn’t willing to be used again. 

    Tina exhaled a big breath she was quite aware she was holding. Truth be told she was expecting some level of hostility coming her way, but then again she didn’t expect it so soon. Maybe, in her head, Bette would have forgotten all about the last time they were together. The blonde herself was still fuzzy about some parts of the conversation they shared the last time they were in the same room. 

    Tina took another big breath as she realized that the situation was going to take all of her strength, and then some more. 

    “I… I… I know that… the last time we met… wasn’t…”

    “T… really, you don’t need to go there… I’m just surprised to see you here… that´s all” Bette interrupted who was probably the love of her life, with a tired expression on her face.

    And then complete silence again, as Bette turned around to fully face the blonde that always had the ability to turn her world upside down. The brunette understood that no matter where or how they left things off, she still couldn´t be rude to that particular person.

    “I don’t know if you know… or if the girls told you… you see… they are out there” Bette broke the silence, trying to calmly explain her situacion to the angelical blonde. 

    “But this is not… any party… this is my… my…” It was Bette´s turn to stumble with her words, something about the presence of that marvellous creature had always had that effect on her. Besides the alcohol wasn’t helping either.

    “I know which party this is Bette…” Tina was certain that appearing at  that exact moment had not been her best idea, but at the time she didn’t feel like she had many options. 

    “Oh… ok… so… you know… great then… how have you been? How’s Eric?” Bette asked, trying really hard to divert the conversation. 

    Yale – 1996 

    Tina answered the door, slightly opening it. 

    “Hi” She shyly greeted her friend. 

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    1. Okay, things are moving along in 1996…. Tina has introduced Julia and is upset with Bette because some woman threw herself at her. Tina is smitten with Bette but does not want to admit it….

      In the current day, Bette is drunk at her own bachelorette party and Tina shows up out of the blue and they can hardly have a conversation…

      Seems that no matter what they do, they have trouble talking to each other…..

      Hope to see more soon..

    2. I like this story and I agree with Martha. They have a huge communications breakdown but I think it’s more so with Tina. She keeps too much to herself and when she does let it go she becomes highly irrational. She was the one that avoided Bette and would not speak or see her. She needs to grow up, get real with her actions and non actions and accept huge responsibility for the demise of the relationship. Why did Shane have to be the one to wake her up?

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