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    Side Effects Chapter 17 – TINA’S CHOICE – PART 1

    Manhattan, NY, Thursday, 6:30 am

    Kennard’s Building


    The cleaning ladies have finally found the key to the storage room. The woman inside is not stopping crying, begging to be freed and asking for the police. None of the workers has dared to call law enforcement, but they looked for the master key to open the small room and release the person inside.

    Worker 1: “we better tell the supervisor about this.”

    Worker 2: “… to receive the reprimands of that bloody fat man? You must be crazy…”

    Worker 1: “fine…, but if there is something broken, remember, I wasn’t here, it was you all alone.”

    Worker 2: (turning the key in the lock) “okay…, here we go…”

    After the door opened, a beautiful brunette, blue eyes, wearing expensive clothes jumped outside crying.

    Worker 2: “calm down ma’am, you are out now.”

    The crying woman looked everywhere around and on the floor.”

    Crying woman: “my cell phone…, where is my cell phone…”

    Worker 1: “you lost your cell phone? May you describe it?”

    Crying woman: “is a Samsung Galaxy S14 Plus it has my initials in the back.

    Worker 2: “I found one like that…, what are your initials?”

    Crying woman: “HP…”

    Worker 2 took the device from her pocket and gave it to its owner.

    The brunette took the phone ensuring it was still charged and made a phone call.

    Crying woman: “mom, I’m in the Kennard’s building in Manhattan, I was locked in a little room…, they took Louise”

    Peggy: (in the other end of the line) “we’ll be there in a few minutes I’ll call the police.”

    Crying woman: “I don’t want to stay here, they could come back…, I’ll wait downstairs in the entrance.”

    Minutes later a disguised police car parked in front of the building, followed by a limousine with Peggy Peabody and her wife Toni. Peggy and Toni left the car to embrace Helena. Olivia Benson and Fin Tutuola followed by Alexandra Cabot, who knew the Brunette, came from the police car to talk to her too.

    Alex: “Helena, what happened?”

    Helena: “they took her…”

    Olivia: “we better go somewhere else…, do you have a car over here?”

    Helena: “yes… in the garage.”

    Fin: “give me the key, I’ll drive it, you go with Olive and Alex.”

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    1. Readers this is a disclaimer:

      I want to tell you that Yellowstone National Park is not only a wonderful place to go on vacations (, but is also a preserve, even though is a wild and has a fearsome landscape, I believe is a safe place to go and blend with nature and natural adventures, of course it can be dangerous threats but if you follow the tourist guide and obey the visitors’ rules, you can have the time of your life there.
      The events described in this chapter are not currently happening; though there is a super volcano underneath of the park, the odds of eruption are low, there have been only three enormous eruptions, “One occurred 2.1 million years ago, one 1.3 million years ago, and one 664,000 years ago”, and, as you can calculate, the gaps are of around 800,000 – 636,000 years (; don’t freak out if our time is in that gap and a new eruption seems to happen soon, because that ‘soon’ could be tomorrow or in 100,000 years (😂🤣🤣🤣🤣). But earthquakes are frequently all the times in Yellowstone, which is not to be afraid of, as earthquakes are in California even with more frequency and people still happily living there.
      So remember this story is fiction, but what I describe here could happen or not in any place with geologic faults or volcanic underground. So if you plan to visit Yellowstone go ahead and have a nice trip.


    2. Hi Proteonomics,

      So happy to see a new chapter!!!

      Thanks for the information about Yellowstone Park.

      I hope that the person who send you that message is banned from this site.

      I will read it this weekend, but first working through my last night shift and catch some sleep.

      Happy Pride month and good weekend!

    3. Hi! I always liked Yellowstone National Park and wanted to visit this place – but it’s a bit difficult because i’m not living in US.

      So, it’s only one chapter left – it’s a bit sad. But let’s keep it for the next update!

      Thank you and waiting for the last part!

      • Hi Zhenya:

        Yes, Yellowstone is a beautiful place and I’m sure one day you would be able to visit the place.

        Don’t be sad because this story is ending, I was hoping to finish it sooner, but life and health have been in the way. And the reason why I wanted to finish it asap is that I have another story in the oven and I want to edit to post here, but I have a commitment, to no start a new story if I didn’t finish the previous one

        Anyway, I’m trying to write a nice ending but it looks like I miscalculated the length of the last chapter, so I’m still working on it.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    4. Well at least you warned of the cliffhanger :-)

      Great post enjoyed it and sorry that the pond between the UK and Yellowstone is so wide!

      Looking forward to the next post but sorry it is to be the last

      Please post soon,

      • Hi SG:

        Yeah, I know the pond between your place and Yellowstone is very wide, but maybe, if Laurel Holloman makes an exhibition in the USA again, you may come to visit this country and also to stay some days in Yellowstone.

        Don’t be sorry that the story is ending, a new one is in the way, and I wanna finish it before posting so you could have weekly updates.

        Anyway, I hope I’ll post this weekend, but I’m not very sure because I am not only working and physically recovering but there is the women soccer world cup and my favorite team goes to the quarter-final with the possibility of winning the cup again. However, I’ll do my best.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


        • Hi,

          I hope I may make it across the Pond sometime.

          I am also taken up with the World Cup and my English Lionesses!

          Preparing for Paris but I am also having appointments in connection with an Operation I have on the 17th July! You will not be surprised that this Surgery was arranged specifically to be after Laurel’s Exhibition finished!

          After Surgery I will be 2 months unable to drive so I’m hoping for some regular posts from my favourite Writers?

          Looking forward to your last Post on this story and your new one soon !


    5. What a way to start my day!

      I loved to read about Yellowstone National Park, like the others already mentioned, it is a shame there is a very large pound between me and Yellowstone. But who knows, maybe i can visit it in the future.

      It is sad that this story is almost finished, but i am looking forward to how you will finish it. I for sure hope you will punish that creep Don Kennard and his followers.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Hey Bibi:

        Yes, I think you will visit Yellowstone in the future.

        My friend, you know that I want to finish this story soon, because I wanna post another, but I’m struggling writing the last chapter, I don’t want t to be too long, but don’t want loose ends either, so I’m working on it.

        I hope I’ll post this weekend, but the FIFA WWC takes part of my time, BTW, congratulations to your team they won today.

        Thanks, Bibi for all your support to me and my stories.😊


    6. Proteonomics:

      It was an amazing chapter, the plot was good, rather intense but still lovely. I was happy to see that the three characters could remember those memories when they were in those conditions. They were really brave, calm and smart, although I craved to know that what will happen to them next, I was really grateful to read how they’ve faced the obstacles before and even till now.

      It was sad to hear that this was the last chapter, I’ve read the story many times so as to build up the timeline. What Bette and Tina have been through was no easier than ‘The Most Distant Course.’ They were so connected and so strong, the way you present it truely make others to have more faith and feel hopeful for them.

      As for those messages some readers have sent to you…As a writer, I knew what you feel and I believe that only those who wrote understand how hard to write a new chapter, to build emotion, even to create a successful character even if we were borrowing it from TLW. It was very difficult to write a good story and to finish chapter one by one while getting nothing paying back. Writing is a passion and maybe for fun, and due to your circumstances, you have to be through a harder time to give us such an amazing story.

      Maybe because I read it as the identity of a writer, I felt there’s nothing to be critical about for your story and it was really good. I hope you can post the final chapter soon and give Tina and Bette a great ending. Thank you for the great chapter my friend.


      • Hi CJ:

        Very nice comment, yes, the plot is intense because they are captives in Don’s farm.

        It may sound unbelievable when you read that women could free themselves from abusers and ruffians, but I think that we, women, can; in this case, Bette and Tina have skills and knowledge that allow them to come with brilliant ideas of how to escape, Louise on her side has also skills, and she has used those when spying in Don’s office, all the microphones, and other devices to steal vital information that led to Don’s incarceration and other economic difficulties, and she is using them here to escape.

        The story has to end, and it has to end soon because I have another coming, so don’t be sad, we writers struggle with time to write, usually, life, job, health, and many other things are in the way, but we have to keep going until the end, at least that is for me.

        Thanks, CJ for following this story, and for your comments and support. I hope I could read soon an update of ‘The Most Distant Course’.


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