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    Side Effects Chapter 16 – LAST DITCH EFFORT

    Boston Ma, Friday, 7:00 pm


    Tina has gone to her bedroom, on her way she passed James who was coming to Jane’s office and saw her, he tried to say something but Tina had her mind somewhere else; she didn’t even look at him, neither to Maura who was going to the kitchen with an empty glass.

    In her bedroom, the blonde opened her tablet to check the phone number of ‘str’ and made a phone call asking for a cab, then she went to the backyard to make another phone call. The phone was ringing, Tina was saying mentally ‘answer, come on, answer…’ suddenly the ringing stopped.

    Louise: “hello…?”

    Tina: “fuck, Louise, why are you hiding from me…?”

    There was silence in the line, Tina waited, her glassy-eyed were full of anger and sadness, and with her last hopes, she talked.

    Tina: “are you sick, tell me what’s wrong with you?”

    Louise: “I’m fine baby sis…”

    Tina: “where are you…?”

    Louise: “I’m worried for you…”

    Tina: “what the fuck Lou…! Tell me where are you?”

    Louise: “why…? You’re not thinking of coming, right?”

    Tina: “of course I’m going; I found your city area code.”

    Louise: “nooo… it is dangerous, baby sis.”

    Tina: “you are in Springfield; I’ll look for you in the whole town, house by house.”

    Louise: “no, Tina this is far and risky, is almost 90 minutes driving…, where is Bette.”

    Tina: “don’t get her into this Lou, I know you have been talking to her and she lied to me because of you.”

    Louise: “no baby, we only wanted to protect you.”

    Tina: “give me your address… NOW.”

    Louise: “okay, Ingersoll Grove, but don’t come alone.”

    Tina: “don’t tell me what I have to do…, see you later.”

    Louise: “Tina…”

    The conversation ended, and Tina left jumping through the fence of the backyard to catch the cab that was already waiting for her in the corner.

    In the meanwhile Bette was still discussing with Jane in her office when her cell phone rang; Bette saw the number.

    Bette: “wait, Jane, I have to take this…, hello Louise…, what…, are you crazy…, wait… Jane, where is Tina? She just talked to Louise and has headed to Springfield.”

    Jane: “no, that’s not possible; the police officers are guarding the house.”

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        • proteonomics says

          Hi DumplinT:

          You all are people of little faith. Rizzoli’s and Louise’s people are still prepared to intervene, but besides them, put your faith in our wonderful couple.

          Who is going to rescue them? Let the ladies do what they can.

          Remember how TIBETTE escaped in the former kidnapping? Fine, let’s see how they react now.

          Okay, I better stop, I won’t say another word, just wait until the next chapter.

          I’m just telling you, I’m a TIBETTER by heart.

          Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • proteonomics says

        Hi Zhenya:

        I’m sorry, but this kidnapping of TIBETTE is the most important part of this chapter, and it’s essential to make the last turn of this story. I promise that this will be the last one and it’s definitive.

        However, if you consider that the former one was a failed abduction, this is the only successful one.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    1. Bibi28 says

      Why oh why leave you us with this end?!!!

      You authors love it to let us readers left hangin till the next chapter 😉

      The flashback to Texas was amazing to read!

      Please hurry up and post the next chapter asap. I need to know our girls will be safe and Louise too.

      • proteonomics says

        Hi Bibi:

        Sorry for the CH again, my friend, you have to understand that I couldn’t find another point in the story to stop until next chapter.

        But I agree with you, many authors enjoy cliffhangers; I apologized for this one in the author notes (an also in FB).

        The memories from Texas, was a bonus, to compensate a little for the cliffhanger.

        As I already said, you need to give our TIBETTE more credit.

        Let’s see what happen in the two final chapters of this story.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.


    2. Crystal J.H says


      Sorry took me long enough to write this comment, I was actually waiting for other’s (you know what I’m talking about.) And looked like things going pretty smooth. haha

      Back to the story. I can understand Tina’s eagerness and anger about her sister and Bette’s lie, if I were she I’ll probably do or say something more harsh. I know Louise was trying to protect Tina, but damn she’s been hiding for too long, Tina has a great heart not to punch her right on the face. As for Bette, she shouldn’t drive that fast, didn’t want her unborn child to live with a single parent, right?

      Tahsa and Dana…I’m not sure I prefer who the most, they are both holding back their feelings for Alice, this is no good for the poor blonde. I know for sure that they love Alice very much, but in these dangerous circumstances, being along is not healthy for anyone.

      One of the reasons I love about your story is that so many flashbacks. The Tibette’s interactions are never too much, especially before the chaos. Love the tender and gentle Bette, making Tina coming out and braver, they were both learning from each other, supporting and helping to defeat the devil in their heart, the scene that I would never get bored with it.

      Although I always love to see so many pages when it comes to a wonderful story, I have to agree with Zenya, please stop kidnapping TiBette and give us a happy ending soon. It’s been a long while and I really looking forward to the climax part when she needs to choose…okay, I’ll stop there. ;)

      Anyway, wonderful story, amazing chapter, and please please please post soon. Or I will need to continue to read the same chapters again and again.


      • proteonomics says

        Hi Crystal JH:

        Tina didn’t react worse, because she has been looking for her sister all those years, and her absence was a big part of her pain and psychological problem, which she could overcome only thanks to her relation with Bette.

        Bette was speeding up because she was scared about Tina’s reaction; she already suffered the breaking of their relationship time ago because Tina’s way to face things.

        Respect To Tasha and Dana, well what can I say, Alice has a history with Dana, they had gone through many difficult things in life together and are waiting for a baby, it’s hard to compete with that.

        Now, the reason why this is a long chapter is because this story is not only TIBETTE’s story, there are many other characters here and many of them have their little stories and I don’t want to leave loose ends; I need to resolve each situation and part of that has been done in this chapter.

        I’ll try to post soon, but I see that this weekend all of us will have many updates to read, including yours, and two wonderful ends of stories from DBFF and CellaNox, so not sure if I’ll post this coming week.

        But I’ll post soon anyway.

        Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.


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