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    Side Effects Chapter 2 – THE SAD AND UGLY TRUTH

    Worcester, Ma, Friday 7:30 pm


    Tina hasn’t seen Bette for five months, they only see each other in public events where big crowds are present, because the blonde can’t risk exposing her beloved brunette to any danger; unconsciously and under the soft pressure of James who is walking behind her trying to enter the living room, the blonde advances and is now standing, one or two feet from Bette, who look at her stunned, many eyes are on both women and behind the brunette are Jane, Maura and Alice; it is Jane, who, pretending she is slipping in her way pushed Bette the distance needed to reach her ex-girlfriend.

    Jane: (pushing Bette) “… sorry”

    Tina, fearing that Bette could fall, catch her by the shoulders in what looks like a hug, and the brunette, shyly, wraps her arms around Tina’s waist, both face to face, the blonde’s face is pink and the only thing Bette manages to do is to kiss her on her cheek and Tina responds in the same way and closing her eyes, whispering, without even thinking, in the brunette’s ear.

    Tina: “want to tell you something”

    Bette: “anytime, anything you want, baby”

    Behind Bette, Alice is cringing trying to stop laughing and Maura is nudging on Jane’s side while covering her mouth with her hand to avoid laughing out loud and most of their friends are smiling, alongside Tina is James smiling too. When Tina and James entered the house, a car was arriving and parking around, from that, three men and a woman got off, it was Kit and her musicians, one of whom is her now long-time boyfriend, she saw Tina and James entering the house and she walked faster to greet them, but when she reaches the door, what she saw warmed her heart, her young friend and her sister were hugging each other, she couldn’t resist and pushes softly on James, she passed inside and now she is standing very close to them.

    Kit: “my girls…, I’m happy to see you both”

    Bette and Tina immediately broke the physical contact and turn to Kit, who first hugs Tina.

    Kit: “baby girl, I haven’t seen you in several months, I called your house and you didn’t answer, I left many messages and you didn’t reply, how can I know about you?”

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    1. Wow, what a incredible chapter proteonomics!

      You gave us a lot of background and yes it was sad and hard to read. But it was necessary to understand the why and the reasons for Tina’s and Bette’s break up.

      I hope that they can stop those evil assholes. And that is Tina’s family and Howard Faibanks. I hope Dana escape him, and get the help she needs from her friends.

      I will wait patiently for the next update! Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Yes, the chapter is sad, originally it was sadder, but I decided to “mild” that part of Tina’s past, well, by now you may know who is who in the story, the next chapters will also show some memories from the past, I hope it won’t be confused, just let me know if you think something is not right or no understandable. Thanks so much Bibi, you really are the most loyal of my readers and commenter, I really value very high your opinion. Thanks again


    2. Wow!
      A true family saga, all that happened
      with bette and tina’s family. And Don Kennard, is a man without no scruple.
      I hope Tina and Bette can stand firm, protecting each other.
      All universe

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