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    Side Effects – Chapter 1 – THE PARTY

    Boston, Ma, Friday 5:00 am


    It is a cold dawning; the sky is still dark in Boston downtown, a shadow is emerging from the elevator of the basement of the Ritz Carlton hotel to the parking lot, he hurries up toward a parked car and gets inside with desperate rush, starts the car and leaves the place; he takes Charles street until reaching Interstate 90, entering to the Massachusetts Turnpike heading west until the North Beacon exit from where he turns in direction to the open MacDonald; inside he asks for a two-sausage breakfast burrito with a large coffee, he sits in a corner and makes a phone call.


    Framingham, Ma, same time


    She was looking into the brown eyes of the beautiful brunette on whose lap she has straddled her legs, feeling the heat of the naked body invade her own, the red lips of the other girl touching hers, the soft kiss becoming intense, deep and possessive, the tongues were wildly exploring their insides now becoming just one, her body was shivering…, yes…, she needs that, she always needs that from her; while enjoying the extended contact of her skin with hers, she felt the fingers, the ones she always kissed the ones she always held, those fingers were now touching her wetness stroking her inner parts, she whimpered and the brunette removes her lips letting her breath, the brunette always knew her very well, she hears her voice ‘I love you baby…, relax’ the other girl starts pushing and removing her fingers rhythmically, gaining speed, pressure, and deepness…, suddenly a noise, a terrible noise broke on her head… ‘What’s that?’ her brain begins to make consciousness of reality, the brunette vanishes leaving a bitter sensation between her thighs, finally, she opens her eyes, the dream is gone as well as her hopes; she sits on her bed, it is her cell phone, she checks the number and answers the call.

    Tina: “James…?”

    On the other side of the line drinking a dark coffee in a fast food restaurant, there is a voice.

    James: “Tina, dear…, it is as we suspected (sobbing) they did it, and they are going away not only with murder, they will come after us”

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    1. Hey proteonomics 👐,

      Welcome back with a new story, i must say you had my interest immediatley.

      For sure this is a story i will follow till the end and you know it, i expect a happy Tibette!

      Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks for your very nice greeting, but the truth is that I was always here, reading other writers’ stories, but you’re right I’m starting posting again I had a hard summer (job), I will finish this story, whatever it takes, and I will soon finish my other story, (almost done). I am ready to receive all your comments (positive or negative, every thing is welcome). Thanks again.


    2. First of all, I have to thank you for giving me the honor of putting my photographic art in your story.
      And I confess that I read and reread this story, and it’s very nice!
      I loved the dialogue mainly with James, Bette and Alice, which was very funny.
      It seems to me that this separation was for a very strong reason, and that we will know
      Throughout history.
      I look forward to a new chapter
      Whole universe
      Bear hug

      • Hi my friend:

        The honor was mine, and thanks for commenting; yes, indeed, in the next two chapters we will go backward in this story, to find the background of both of them and their friends; and of course the rest of the entanglement. Thanks so much again.



    3. I enjoyed this story very much and thank you for putting it here. I am looking forward for more to it as you delve into the characters as the story develops. Perhaps Bette and Tina will get back together but if not my interest in your writing will continue. You have a new fan and thanks again.

      • Hi Jane,
        Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m not a real writer, but I like to write here.
        I’m a TIBETTER, so, hardly, I will keep them apart, my writings are usually about sci-fi (maybe more sci than fi), I like crossovers (mix two or more fandoms in the same story) and sometimes I’m getting a little nerdish, I would like readers to let me know when I make those mistakes.
        I hope you’ll give me a chance and read and comment my stories, I will be very grateful for the feedback.

        Thank you so much again.


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