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    Souls Connect- Hearts Break

    Bette stopped at an intersection on a back road just outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and pulled out her map. She saw she wasn’t too far from Hwy 16 that would get her to her hotel in Chapel Hill for the lecture she would be presenting to the graduate art students at UNC in two days. She was invited by Mrs. Frances Hillman Dean of Arts last month when she visited Bette’s Art Gallery in Los Angeles during their semester break.

    Bette flew into Raleigh to see some of her mother’s relatives that had moved there recently and rented a car to take her the rest of the way and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up going southward when she needed to go west. After circling back around she ended up a few miles from Hwy 16 that would get her to her destination.

    Bette wiped her forehead as the air conditioner wasn’t putting out cool air as it should and it was unbelievably hot as a massive heat wave was bearing down across the region in the middle of August. The temperature was 100 degrees at 1pm as the weather just reported over the radio.

    ”Shit. I can’t take this heat and this fucking air conditioner doesn’t work in a practically brand new rental car” Bette huffed as she started out north to take the road that would lead to the main highway.

    After a mile or so Bette was fiddling with the air conditioner to see if she could get more cold air to come out when the engine suddenly died  and every light on the instrument panel lit up.

    ”Fuck!” Bette yelled in frustration as the car slowed and forcefully turned the wheel which had no power steering now and came to stop by the side of the road. She put the car in park not really knowing why as the car wasn’t going anywhere and shut off the engine.

    ”This is great. Just great. Damn it!” Bette slammed the steering wheel and opened the door. Upon stepping out she kicked at the gravel on the ground and swung her fists in the air and landed them on her hips looking up at the sun bearing its relentless heat down upon her. She ran her hands through her hair that had begun to soak up the sweat that was now dripping down her neck and her blouse was soaked. She unbuttoned it and took it off leaving her with her tank top that wouldn’t be as uncomfortable in the heat to stay in.

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    1. Wow…. this story is different…. interesting meeting…. hot but unintended luncheon date…. and now Alice is Tina’s boss and they meet Bette who is dating the lead actress…. whoa… what a web that has been weaved. ..

      Love to see how this works out … post to see what you can..

      • Loving this story and finally able to log in and write a comment is nice to!
        Geez the log/security process for this sight is next level….you think it was a government web page with this process! Maybe if I were Russian it be easier to get in!
        Anyway, I have been addicted to the Tibette stories on this site for over a year now . It’s so good to read new and well written stories with my favorite characters.
        Keep going..this is good!

    2. Oh shit! Nothing like crossing paths with someone who jacked you up against the wall in the ladies room!!

      Steph, honey, this is the grieving soul that I took advantage of after she told me her marriage was ending. I was just comforting her, took only 5 minutes!!


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