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    Denial and Confusion

    ”So how do you two know each other?” Alice asked the two curiously taking a sip of her champagne.

    Stephanie was intrigued as well and looked at her girlfriend for a response

    ”I broke down on a road just outside of Chapel Hill when I flew out there to lecture at UNC  seven months ago . Tina came along and got me running again and I took her to lunch to repay her.” Bette explained not taking her eyes off of Tina

    ”Well..Small world” Stephanie responded as she heard someone calling her name ”Excuse me Babe. I need to go speak to Jeff. It was nice meeting you Tina. I’ll see you soon” Stephanie said kissing Bette on the cheek and walking off

    ”So? Porter? Is this the woman you were telling me about that made your heart skip a beat?” Alice asked slyly and smirked

    Tina turned and looked at Alice in shock then back at Bette

    ”Uhmm? No Alice! Tina was kind enough to get my rental car going again. We had lunch then I had to get back here” Bette responded quickly feeling Tina was uncomfortable with Alice’s revelation.

    Alice looked at Bette skeptically then at Tina who was looking down at her champagne and decided to grill Tina later

    ”Uh huh. Ok. Well I need a refill. How about you Tina?” Alice asked

    ”Uhmm? Yeah. Please?” Tina answered

    Alice walked back to the bar leaving Tina and Bette staring at each other

    ”You never returned my calls” Bette said sadly

    Tina sighed.

    ”I know. I’m sorry” Tina replied softly

    ”I want to talk to you. Can we meet tomorrow?” Bette asked

    ”I don’t think that is a good idea” Tina said looking around trying to avoid looking at Bette as her heart was beating out of her chest seeing the brunette again

    ”Please Tina. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in the restroom” Bette said stepping closer to Tina.

    ”It was a mistake” Tina said glancing at Bette then looked away

    ”I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let that occur especially in a public restroom but I wanted you and I felt that you wanted me. That I don’t feel was a mistake” Bette said honestly

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    1. What a calamitous mess! Bette is loves Stephanie but not in love with her. She really wants Tina. Tina is confused, she wants Bette but she doesn’t know it yet. She really does not know what she wants. And now you have Alice who in Alice tradition knows more than she should. The question is…. what will Alice do? Betcha she goes straight to Bette and tells her Tina’s response to their meeting on the park bench. None of this is good for anyone….

      Now is a good time for Bette to break up with Stephanie….with or without Tina. Unless this thing with Stephanie is just friendship with benefits, this is not a good situation. Bette is going to see Tina around a lot…she works for Alice, her best friend. They will both be at the premiere. Bette with Stephanie and Tina with Rick Lowey. That should be interesting. Let’s see who the first to get jealous is….

      This story is a little hard on me to take….I just do not want to imagine Bette with anyone other than Tina. And I do not want to imagine Tina with a man nor with another woman…. but that is what this story is…. I’ll live with it for a while…. Just keep them chapters coming… I’m hooked now…

    2. My heart broke along with Bette’s. I understand that Tina is scared, in denial about her feelings, confused but did she had to be so harsh to Bette?! Poor Bette.

      And now Bette will meet Tina on that party at the arms of a man, i feel so sorry for her. And i feel sorry for Stephanie, she is totally in love with Bette and Bette loves her but not in love. Her heart belongs to Tina and never to Stephanie although she seems to be a nice woman.

      This is heartbreaking, but i will stick around.

      • Right now I’m NOT feeling it for Bette. She knew Tina was married, to John so probably not having sex with a woman/women, but yet was so surprised that Tina “fled” after playing with her clit and finger fucking her in a public restroom???

        Her rational was she: “wanted” Tina and Bette always gets what she wants. Controls herself only when it’s convenient. She walked away from a naked, tempting, playful Stephanie so she can “control” herself.

    3. Nosey Alice. She wants the scoop of who all Bette’s fucking whether it’s once in a restroom or a “relationship”. Tina admitted to the encounter and now Alice gets to pat herself on the back that she was “right” that something had “happened” back in ‘ol NCarolina. After all, she “knows” Bette so well…..Uuugh

      Anyway, Tina’s upcoming night out with Rick will be interesting. Let’s see how long it takes him to “want” Tina and jump her bones like Bette did? Know Alice is gonna be pressing Tina to tell the scoop on the outing the first chance she gets.

    4. Feeling sorry for unsuspecting Stephanie. You know she at least heard from Alice how much a player Bette was, but now seems to have settled down. Steph, has got to be feeling like she’s captured the WeHo “illusive” lothario Bette Porter who seems to be happy to be her girlfriend.

      Stephanie doesn’t seem to be a “clingy” person in spite of her relationship with the Bette, so I figure Steph has confidence in her own attributes. Working in film means she’s also has been exposed to all kinds of “beautiful people” and well as use to the games and pettiness of some in her industry. She must know that she too is attractive to others.

    5. Conflicted here as I am not in love with my favourite couple’s characters as they are at the moment but am loving the story and will certainly continue reading.

      Thanks for the post more soon please.
      Stay safe

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