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    Deep in the woods, Long Sword retreated into the bushes to “attend to nature” but the sounds coming from his belly were alarming and Beard was clearly struggling as well. Jodie’s eyes narrowed and she looked at Tina like she was trying to figure out if the blonde was responsible for the sudden, violent stomach illness that seemed to have affected everyone but Tina and the other man at the camp. Jodie tried to remember his name, realizing with dawning horror that he had never given it.

    “You did this…” she spat out, wrapping her arms around her waist. “You… how… you did this, didn’t you… bitch…”

    James made no indication he heard Jodie, rising quickly to start saddling the horses, Beard not even trying to get clear of the campfire as he unbuckled his pants to void right there and then, groaning. Long Sword half crawled, half dragged himself back to the fire and Jodie was throwing up now too.

    They wasted little time leaving the camp, Tina stepping over the prone figure of a vomiting Jodie to reach the horses, eager to put this misery behind her. Jodie attempted to grab Tina’s pants as she went by, but the pain in her stomach was too great and her hand slid down the brown boot, Tina not even pausing in her stride. There was a wonderful satisfaction in the act of stepping over the redhead, like she was an insect or a snake, unworthy of even the courtesy of going around her. Just something in the way.

    I am coming, Bette, Tina thought. Somehow, someway, I am coming. Please be ok.

    All around them the stink of poison permeated as Beard and Long Sword crawled on the ground, retching. The healer in Tina felt bad, knowing the damage that was likely being caused by the poison and almost, almost wishing for her pack of powders and medicines. But then she thought of the dirk Jodie wielded at her throat, the way her men forced Bette to crawl through her own vomit, the groping hands of Beard as she sat in front of him on the horse, and the way Long Sword laughed at her when the soup was gone. And leaving became so easy.

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      • Imagine that – in the time of this story there are no cell phones, no instagram, no snapchat tracking. Tina literally could have been lost to Bette forever. Four simple letters indeed….

    1. Where to begin? Stories. What an absolutely perfect title. Each member of Bette’s loyal band of sisters plus James having played an integral role in saving Tina and their Captain. And each willing to share their tale, their story. The way you describe the proud tapestry they ultimately weave is strikingly beautiful:

      “And so they did, slowly at first, then together as each painted their part of the larger picture on a canvas with moving scenes. A canvas highlighting a small group of women who never gave up, believed in each other and risked everything to save her. She listened to Carmen’s work behind the scenes at the castle, how she helped Kit, poisoned the guards during the wedding.”

      I absolutely love how the comrades are each thanked repeatedly by Bette and appreciated by their humbled Captain. And she is truly humbled. She feels so guilty. “I delivered myself to them on a silver platter, she thought. And Shane. And Tina.” And now she has finally learned that she must truly listen and trust and rely on others. Every member of the team is inextricably linked. Their chain so interconnected that all were needed to save the day. And now all are there to help their Captain heal. And all are there to help solve the mystery. Bette now trusts them all. Yes she is in sync with her comrades in arms and in their friendship and in their loyalty and in their love. BUT. Ultimately Bette is only truly in complete and total sync with one entity. Her love. Her life. Her Tina:

      “They just looked at each other and anyone watching would have noted that their breathing was in sync, Bette’s chest expanded just as Tina breathed in. They would have seen how the blonde bit her lip and how the brunette’s eyes widened when she did so. And they would have noticed how electric the air was between them, how they both leaned forward at the same time, their eyes staying open as their lips met, a small moan escaping.”

      I loved that you did not make the reader wait for their reunion. The battle itself anticlimactic to them seeing one another. Well…not true. The battle was not entirely without some truly memorable scenes. One of my favorite passages? “Geld him, Commander. Root and berries take it all…” she ignored Andrew’s pleas of mercy, not having the energy or interest in doing the deed herself.” So so so satisfying. And Melvin betrayed and slain in a manner befitting Shakespeare. Poetic justice to be done in by his own collaborator. All hail Lady Bette! Bend the knee.

      Tina and Bette are both physically and emotionally injured and both have a lot of healing to do and both have their own individual stories as well: “Tomorrow I want to hear all about what happened to you, my Sweet Love… and tell you my story as well. I won’t leave your side. I felt so bereft without you, so lost. Being here with you now…” her voice broke and Bette drew her head down next to hers, their bodies one.“ And finally they have the time to listen to each other’s stories. Such as excellent theme that is masterfully woven throughout the entire chapter.

      One has to believe that these two will eventually have a lifetime of stories to share. And isn’t it so very fitting that as Bette in a game of “strip statues” attempts to seduce Tina with the story behind each statue, the blonde beauty who has been listening ever so intently solves the mystery? Of course it has to be The Healer who discovers “The Hellcat of Foreli…” The woman who has restored Bette’s heart and soul is once again healing her wounds as well as her troubled mind. And searching for the clue to unlock their future. I love this Tina, who has endured her own humiliation and injury yet is determined to soothe her beloved Bette. And as for Bette, badly injured, yet once again Tina is the only balm she really needs. But Tina has some additional thoughts on the matter: “Didn’t I just put you back together? This has to end…” Tina scolded softly, one hand coming to cup the mocha cheek, gentle.“ Tina may not realize it yet, but this is in all likelihood Bette’s final battle. Captain Bette craves peace with her beloved and her loyal band of merry woman should any of them be so inclined.

      There are so many little moments in this chapter. Tina making certain that Bette knows the role James played. Alice so very gentle and determined and happy to be the one to deliver Tina safely to Bette. Tina and Carmen sharing the poison pack story. “Come here.” The sheer powerful love between Bette and Tina. Dana’s arrows. Jodi puking and pissed. Strip statues. Oh my.

      And, as per my custom, my favorite passage. Just so cool: “All around them the stink of poison permeated as Beard and Long Sword crawled on the ground, retching. The healer in Tina felt bad, knowing the damage that was likely being caused by the poison and almost, almost wishing for her pack of powders and medicines. But then she thought of the dirk Jodie wielded at her throat, the way her men forced Bette to crawl through her own vomit, the groping hands of Beard as she sat in front of him on the horse, and the way Long Sword laughed at her when the soup was gone. And leaving became so easy.” Right? Just the best. Leaving became so easy. But where is Jodi? Puking in the woods. Did the poison ultimately do her in? Just asking. After all she did cut our beauty. And James? Well deserves knighthood. And…

      My favorite line? Can there possibly be any other? “Tina.”


      • This small group, Bette’s inner circle, is such a vital part of this story (and the reason TLW is SO much that GQ – the friendship, but I digress.). I wanted to capture that by having Bette give them the room to tell her what their experience had been like. She could have easily thanked them and moved on, her own physical injuries could have allowed her to do that… but she needs them as much as they need her!
        And I like writing a different Alice, I don’t feel she earned the annoying, meddling, destructive reputation that many hang her with.
        In the previous chapter, Dana slung Jodie over a horse as they headed to the castle and here she mentions throwing her in a cell. I actually wrote another scene where Bette visits her in the cell – I won’t say why now – but it made the chapter so long I was worried the core of this would get lost in the details. I have no worries about that now because you see it Billy, you see the kinship, the group healing, the bonding that had to happen with the crew.
        Thank you for your lovely, lengthy, insightful comments. I simply adore them. They make me think, they remind me that words matter and they pull my 16,000 plus chapter into a beautiful frame. Thank you!

    2. The line from Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade – “X never marks the spot”. But in that story as in this one, it does mark the spot. At least it makes the gateway to the spot. Now, I have so many questions…. now that Melvin is dead and Bette and Kit now are the owners of this castle and in charge to this staff and guards, what happens to this place when Bette and Tina sail off into the blue? Does it become Kit’s place? Perhaps there needs to be a discussion with Kit as to what the future is for her. Since this is a rather large place, perhaps they could share the place. After all that was the plan upon arrival – to obtain the map and have Kit go with them to their Shangri-La? The purpose of the journey was to provide a place of safety and security and stability for Bette and Tina. But now that there is no Melvin, al the parameters have changed. The only thing that remains the same is that the life of a pirate captain is still a very dangerous profession with a short life expectancy. But now, Bette and Tina have choices in their final home place.

      This is a rough life for Bette and Tina, Of course its the times and circumstances in which they live in as well. The merging of families by pre-arranged marriages, the abduction and imprisonment of enemies, the wholesale war for whatever reason and the idea of revenge at all cost when things do not go as you would like. And amidst all of this, we find the love of two women who care for those around them and for each other more than they do themselves. And the result is an undying loyalty and devotion among a group of friends who are finding love for themselves. The saving grace of any society – relationships, love, and the caring for those in need.

      Bette and Tina are so in love and so connected to each other. They truly need each other to heal emotionally, physically and mentally. There is no rush to get to their destination at this point. Tina is right, they need to be physically whole before setting to sea again. These two need peace and calm. Looks like they have found an insurance policy on that.

      Can’t wait to see what is in the cabinet and where this leads. Oh and send out a crew to find Jody, Beard and Sword to be sure of their fate. If dead, they need buried. If not, they need rounded up to face justice.

      Beautiful story…. keep it coming…..

      • Thank you Martha! SO many questions! Isn’t that the mark of a good chapter? I wish the entire story was done so you could hide under your blankets and keep reading well in to the night. LOL. I used to use a flashlight growing up when my mom turned the lights off. Could not sleep without knowing what happened next. I love your quote about this group of women – “the saving grace of any society – relationships, love, and the caring for those in need” LOVE. IT. Don’t we all need that? I feel like my circle gets smaller the older I get, but so much better.
        Jodie is in a cell – Dana mentions throwing her in one (it’s real quick!) and she slit Beard and Long Sword’s throats in the previous chapter, but Bette will deal with her, and the rogue captain next chapter.
        Thank you Martha!

    3. How could i walk away from this story and not stick to this fantastic written chapter?!

      It’s such a delight to read your stories BK, evertime i recieve a notification that you have posted a chapter, i get giddy with excitement and start thinking when i have the time to read it. In this case after dinner.

      Billy already wrote a beautiful comment and i really don’t know what to add to it, she said all what catched my eye.

      I am so happy you didn’t let us wait for their reunion, my heart couldn’t take that. So thank you that this one took you away. One question, is Jodi still alive or did she die a slow death due to the poisoning? If not i hope Bette will hunt after her and give her the slow and extremely painful death she deserve for hurting Tina.

      I hope you are doing ok, take care and stay save!

      • BiBi, a chapter this size does require some planning in your time reading. LOL. Not something you can start on a quick break from work fo sho!
        No need to wait for a reunion, these two belong together :)
        Jodie is still alive and in a cell in the bowels of the castle. Bette will address her in the next chapter!

        Stay safe, my friend –

    4. BK!
      please take this as a compliment: FINALLY!! :)
      and this chapter is so worth the wait. you know just the right pace for this story…where the action is important and when the emotion takes precedence (and you always make it the focus the reason for the action, which I love). we got to see just enough of the action to fill in the blanks…and we saw all the threads come together. what happened to tina and jodi…what happened with bette’s non-marriage….all that action gave way to the reunion we were all waiting for…the reunion we are ALWAYS waiting for. their battered and bruised bodies still find enough strength to run to each other. that’s imagery that describes their whole relationship!
      bette’s crew also got the props they deserved and I loved that…that they all had a part in saving their captain and healer…bringing these 2 back together.
      bette and tina…all they need is each other. sigh.

      and the search for that map to salvation? I don’t know…the castle that bette has now seems pretty cozy and cleaned up now that bette is in charge. maybe that home is right under her nose? probably not but just wondering. the adventure continues!! because bette needs kick Jodi’s ass…although im sure you will take care of that lose end.

      I love this story. It is my favorite so far. Thank you! Cannot wait to see what happens next…

    5. BK,

      Yes, one word it is – ‘Tina’ – it says it all.

      Marvelous chapter – heart wrenching one moment & breathtakingly beautiful the next.

      Superbly written & heart warming too.

      Thanks for the wonderful update.


    6. A spectacular chapter. Action-packed, fun, emotional, sexy… I feel like I’m not just reading, but that I am actually taking part in this journey. Loved Bette telling the story of each statue, I should say “strip statues”. Also loved the line “keep the scarf on…”

      This is a great line – ‘There was a wonderful satisfaction in the act of stepping over the redhead, like she was an insect or a snake, unworthy of even the courtesy of going around her.’ Tina, you go, girl.

      Alive was awesome, knowing there was no way she could show up without Tina. And when all the crew was together, it just made me smile.

      And the sex, no it’s truly lovemaking. ‘Neither ever forgot this moment, Bette’s tears flowing unchecked as her emotional release ran it’s course and her body sought for air. Cherished. Loved. Held.’ OMG. I just love how Bette & Tina give each other just what the other needs. Bette is loved and nurtured, Tina feels safe and secure. They make a great team.

      Thanks for this chapter and this unforgettable story. Looking forward to what happens next.

    7. Don’t ever show any regret for the length of your posts or for a story getting away from you! BK it was 40 glorious pages of excitement and joy and so much more. To add to that we get your two co-conspirator’s Billy and Martha adding to the enjoyment.

      Thank you for being a light in a dark world.

      Keep writing my friend and stay safe and well.

      Needless to say I absolutely loved it!!!

    8. Why do I write longer responses to your stories? Fan-fiction is so very important and entertaining and I love reading all of it but I particularly love reading your stories and using my brain. I read this story again last night and developed a whole new post in my head about kinship. I love how everyone rallies around Bette. Gravitates to her. She is their glue. They don’t like to see her hurt. I remember the day I was 16 and I saw my father cry. I did not know what to make of it. I did not know what to do. I felt helpless. And ultimately I just held him. We had been told that my mother had cancer. And his world fell apart. I see that sense of unity and love and kinship of women in these characters. A coming together around each other. They all need one other so very much. And Bette most certainly needs them. I really hope they stay together. Kinship my friend. We have a sense of that here. I love reading the comments from Martha and Dumplin T and Bibi28 and Sassy Gran and Collins and betteandtina_houseofstirfry and Westy20 and everyone. It’s our own kinship of women and you have created it and it’s everything.

    9. That was a wonderful chapter, I can’t wait to see what retribution Jodi receives. I’m glad Tina was able to help Bette with the riddle. Please keep us posted, and try not to make us wait so long this time.

    10. Well now…I have nothing to add to these comments as they have pretty much covered everything. Love this story immensely!…Wonderful chapter!

      Thanks for gracing us with your superb story telling and writing as always BK! Your stories are truly a joy to read!

    11. Hey BK, the chapters are never too long, don’t apologize !

      Can’t wait to know more about Kit and James and of course I count on you to deliver a massive, slow and painful punishment to that she devil Jodie !

      I have to confess that your story is like a dessert, when I log in and there are several new stories, I always read yours last, the same way you eat a good cake at the end a good meal … it may be odd but that’s how it is for me !

      • IZ
        that is a perfect description. I used to not want to start a new book when it was delivered by Amazon because I didn’t want the journey to end – I remember back in the day when Harry Potter arrived on my doorstep and I waited days to open and begin. Deliciousness. Thank you for the kind words, more to come!

    12. Fantastic!
      Agree with everything everyone has said, You certainly have imagination and vision on how to write exciting original stories. Love the longer chapters, can wait to see what happens next, Thank you for taking me away from this awful pandemic, stay safe!

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