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    Valentines Day, A Letter, A Realization

    Tina never really bought into the idea of Valentines Day.

    Too sappy, too forced, too commercialized. A made-up holiday. A marketing scheme that sold millions of dollars of cards and flowers and chocolate.

    Being told to schedule a day for showing your beloved that you love them was silly in her mind, unnecessary. But this year, this Valentines, she was definitely caught up in the moment, swept away in the tide of romance, so in love with Bette that she didn’t care if it was foolish.

    She even found herself doodling hearts on her legal pad during a staff meeting for fucks sake. Writing her name out in the margins. Christina Kennard Porter.

    God, it was heavenly.

    She promised to woo the heck out of Bette Porter when she came back at Thanksgiving and she would keep that promise for the rest of their lives. Even if it meant candy hearts and mushy cards and forced flower purchases.

    Being back with Bette brought such sweet joy, such unbridled happiness that half the time she felt like she was wandering around with her head in the clouds and the other half with a permanent smile on her face.

    Normally organized, she was having a hard time finding things, keeping track of her place in scripts and often smiling at nothing in particular. But she had laser focus when it came to Bette, the brunette always on her mind. She felt like she was sixteen again, and it was glorious.

    They were different together this time, this she knew. They talked about everything, Bette opening up in ways she never had before. It was more of an intentional love, thoughtful and considerate, neither overpowering the other, equals in the relationship.

    James noticed a change in Bette too, she was softer, laughed more and took longer lunches, much longer. Sometimes not coming back at all. It impacted her work, but in a good way, donors and artists lining up to donate and show for the Gallery, her happiness spreading to all those around her. This morning he had actually caught her dancing in the kitchen area while she waited for her expresso.

    “Are you… dancing… Bette?” He had asked before he could stop himself, winching a little as he waited for her retort.

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    1. I love these check in’s. What an outstanding idea. This one is so perfect. Tina really has it down: the restaurant, the hotel. She thought of everything. And in a timely manner. Ahem Bette! Yes. Then there is our dear Bette. So in love. So totally in love. So utterly clueless. I love how you take us through Bette’s search for the perfect Valentine’s Day because this is Bette and it has to be perfect. Because that’s just Bette. Tina’s Bette. Our Bette. Nothing less will do. Bribes may be involved. Calling in favors. Nothing. Nothing is working. “Fucking people, she thought, fucking people taking all the fucking things.” So accurate. Poor Bette.

      What can she do? She loves Tina so very much. One of my absolute favorite parts is the trip idea. I kept thinking of a trip. Good plan, Bette. “Paris, it was. Thailand. Or Australia for fucks sake. At this moment she would give Tina the sun itself if she asked. Instead, she bent Tina over the dining room table and fucked her then and there, twice.” Okay. Okay. Take a breath. That idea works really well too. The sex is off the charts in this entry. So hot. So sexy.

      How appropriate that the solution came from James. And…Given what we know about this story, how appropriate that Bette wrote Tina a beautiful letter. Why? “Material things never really mattered to Tina. Anyone could buy flowers, and chocolate always came in a big red heart box. The one thing that made her heart flutter was Bette. To have Bette’s thoughts, written out for her so beautifully, where she could always pull them out when things were hard or years later when memories faded… there were no words.” Exactly, Bette. A timeless gift. From Bette’s heart and soul for her Tina. One can picture Tina as she gets older reading and rereading her beloveds letters. And one can imagine there will be so many more love letters. This chapter is pure joy. And hotness. But I think I already said that. The realization? You need more than a week dear lovely Bette. And Tina loves you. YOU. And she totally loves your writing. You got this!

      The passage that did me in? “Years and years later, Angie would find this letter in her mother’s things as she sorted their belongings. It was faded and worn and clearly held and read many many times, the tear stains dried and the writing blotched by their passing. And she would tuck it in her purse for safe keeping, a memento of her mothers love for each other, a love that was for the ages.” Angie, is us, the reader, because we can keep these stories BK, your stories, with us. And we can pull them out when GQ fucks with us and know that we will always have these stories and in these stories your Bette and Tina, our Bette and Tina, are happy and in love and just fine. And isn’t that the best Valentine’s Day present ever! What’s next? Green beer? Or an Easter egg hunt?

      • Billy,

        You always capture the essence of a story in your comments. And what you said about GQ? Spot on – no matter what we will always have these stories where Bette & Tina are happy and in love.

      • Gosh your letters are God-sent dearest BK. So much healing comes from the sweet aroma of your writing style.

        In America right now, the deplorables are embedded so deep in our nations’ soul that we can barely breath. Corruption of the liers, trolls, and psychopath murders are a never-ending under current. I repent in sack cloth and ashes at the shame we heap on the world . . . Lost for appropriate words.

        I’ve noticed that the Authors on this site seem to be pure GOLD as a healing balm. Thank You.

      • Billy. I took a break from checking in and as always am delighted by your thoughtful and kind comments. This was fun, light hearted to write and so natural to have James walk Bette off the edge by reminding her of what was in front of her all along. Just be You. Having Angie find the letters years and years later seemed a logical conclusion to this check in chapter, who doesn’t like to see and hear about the love their parents had for each other and the family? GQ is fucking with us. I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch the next season. BUT you are 100% right in that we always have this site, and these writers – and, in my opinion – the best readers around. I want a happy and in love TiBette. Not too much to ask for, Showtime are you listening?
        Green beer? Interesting. Easter Egg Hunt? Not sure they are ready for that without kids. Maybe fireworks in July. Will shall have to see. With all the ice and snow around these days, I should be writing. LOL

    2. I was happy to see a new story posted, then I screamed it’s from BK and rushed to read it.

      This chapter had it all. I started out laughing as Bette spent the afternoon furiously clicking on every possible Valentines adventure she could find within an hour’s drive of LA. And how she was secretly glad the balloon ride was full. I pictured her biting off the top of the granola bar with a vengeance and pouting and moping at home. Again I laughed as she decided she didn’t need to start eating at Waffle House or didn’t think there was anything dreamy about sleeping on the ground in a thin tent while bears prowled around outside.

      The meeting with James – loved it, as he nailed it – Tina likes the simple things, not the grand gestures. She wants you. (Tina wouldn’t be impressed by a 17 Reasons Why sign, but I digress).

      Then I started crying as Tina blinked, suddenly very still, the flutter in her heart growing, and she was worried she would start crying if Bette kept talking. I pretty much cried for the next 2 pages and then when I got to where Angie found the letter, I was a complete mess. One of my all-time favorite lines – a memento of her mothers love for each other, a love that was for the ages. Because that truly describes Bette & Tina.

      I love the way you write – the humor, the way you illustrate Bette & Tina’s intimacy and love for each other. And the sex is always hot hot hot. Dance Baby we dance – another great line. I so look forward to more letters.

      • James tickled me that he actually thought Bette wanted advise on what “he” had planned for his love as a Valentine gift, only to realize that Bette was asking for ideas for “she & Tina”. Poor James!! HeHeHe!!!

        I wonder how many times through the years he tried to offer Bette a “simple” hint what Tina might appreciate, only to have Bette “wave it off” as not being grandiose enough for “her Tina”.

        You know like a drive along the coast with a picnic lunch as opposed tickets on the 50yd line of an LA Rams game.

    3. A lovely story….. so much like Tina and Bette that I know….. the prefect gifts between the two of them…. reflecting the perfect love between the two of them… this is a wonderful episode in their lives – one they will remember always….

      The letter is the perfect gift for Tina…. the perfect representation of Bette and who Bette is wrapped in a piece of her soul and presented to Tina for the ages…

      This is a truly romantic story….. this is a story which will be lost on many of the generation X, Y, and Z. The hand written note or letter is something of history. A method of communication which belongs to those who practiced it and is a true art form. I love the fact that people who wrote these letter had to have the right paper, a good pen with the right ink color and the right cologne or perfume and the complimentary kiss marks on the letter and sometimes on the envelope. And they were so precious, they were kept a life time.

      Thank you for this story….. look forward to more….

      • Nicely put, Martha. I 100% agree with the art of form of a good letter – the right pen, the right paper, the right amount of perfume and the kiss. Gotta have the kiss. I have a fondness for a certain kind of pen when I take notes and the right notepad. Makes all the difference in the world. Nothing better than opening your mailbox and pulling out a colorful envelope with a hand written letter. Pure heaven.
        More to come –

    4. BK

      Things have been so busy for me and I squeezed a peek and what do I find but a Valentine story from you my friend. Lovely, just lovely. I am truly loving this story arch you began at Thanksgiving. I love the stories that have our girls reuniting. Your prose are so heartwarming. Just a sigh my friend, just a sigh.


    5. It’s becoming a ritual!
      Read a superb story from you and experience a whole gambit of emotions accompanied by the obligatory box of tissues then relive it through the eyes of Billy and Martha !
      Cannot think of a better way of starting my day in these challenging times.
      Thank you BK for not only this story but for all the other stories you delight us with.
      Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
      Thank you

    6. Hi BK,

      Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️

      What a beautiful story!

      I love to read all the comments and can only agree with them! It’s so hard to add to them!

      It was sweet, loving and a beautiful Valentine chapter and also so funny! I love your Bette! Dancing in the kitchen, muttering about her mis Fortune for the perfect Valentine’s present for her Tina, if she could name a star after Tina she would name it after Tina’s pussy . And so many more hilarious moments, Bette is really funny! And there was James, giving Bette the best advice, he knows Tina almost better than Bette. And here she came with a beautiful written present, one that Angie found and i quote “And she would tuck it in her purse for safe keeping, a memento of her mothers love for each other, a love that was for the ages”. That really melted my friend ♥️

      This is another i want to point out:

      “They would never forget this day or this moment, dancing in just their underwear, their bodies warm against each other. There was something incredibly intimate about moving so slowly, dancing half naked, barefoot, with no music but the beating of their hearts, the song in their blood.”

      You are killing me, so beautiful!!!!

      Thank you so much for this incredible story!!!!

    7. BK, I remember when you first posted this series I was swamped in finalizing my projects for the last semester so I didn’t have a chance to go through it. With this post, I got to read it all as a whole package and boy what a read!
      Have I told you before how much I love your writings? You have a majestic way with words that can easily manipulate on my heartstrings.
      I think Angy represents us all, your avid readers. We live through the love you composed so beautifully in those letters.
      I’m just gonna leave this here with a sigh;
      “They would never forget this day or this moment, dancing in just their underwear, their bodies warm against each other. There was something incredibly intimate about moving so slowly, dancing half naked, barefoot, with no music but the beating of their hearts, the song in their blood.” – I think I died reading it.
      Thank you for blessing us with another masterpiece of yours.

      • Thank you so much Blue! Glad you had time to enjoy this story. Your comment is beautiful and so appreciated! If you finished your last semester then bravo! Hope you are done for awhile, if not then keep working, you got this. One day at a time lol
        Thanks again

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