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    Stronger Bonds

    After Peggy and the kids left for home, Bette and Angie took Riley for a short walk while Tina showered. When they got back Tina helped Angie get ready for bed while Bette showered and then they both tucked her in. They left her room and went downstairs to the living room to enjoy a glass of wine to unwind while they talked about the events of the evening.

    “How were the kids? Did they wear you out?” Bette asked settling into one corner of the sofa with her legs tucked under her. Tina sat similarly in the opposite corner facing Bette.

    “Not at all.” Tina responded. “They are great kids. I enjoyed the time with them.”

    “That’s good. They seem down to earth considering the wealth that they’ve grown up with. I told Peggy this evening that I love that she’s adopted our family and that she’s filled the “grandmother” gap for Angie and the maternal one for us, but I don’t want her going overboard with Angie. Our daughter has a sweet generous heart and a giving spirit. She gives love so freely, and she doesn’t judge. I don’t want that to change because she has a wealthy grandmother spoiling her.”

    “Well we certainly will do our part to keep her grounded. We’ve done a great job with Angie and Winnie has done a wonderful job with Wilson and Jang Yin. They really got along so well. I love that Angie’s going to spend more time with them this summer. You know she’s the oldest of the children in our family. It will be good for her to be around older kids that she can learn from. Did you see how she piped up wanting to be Joey’s “big sister” only after Wilson and Jang Yin said it?”

    “I noticed that. I like that she’s thinking less selfishly about being an only child. Having them around as an example of how wonderful it can be to have siblings will help us in getting her adjusted to the idea of a new baby.”

    “I agree. So how was your talk with Peggy? You were gone a long time.”

    “Well I can tell you this. Of all the scenarios that went through my mind when she said she wanted to talk; this one didn’t even occur to me. It’s going to mean another life-changing event for us.”

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    1. Okay, so Helena is in prison and may get out in two years. Peggy still has not told Bette and Tina exactly what is in the will but has intimated that they will get a significant portion of her estate. Of course Winnie will probably get a significant portion as well. So how will Helena support herself? I’m sure she has no job skills and with a criminal record, she is going to find employment difficult. The way she has treated people in the past, its going to be difficult for her to develop any kind of permanent relationship. Helena’s life is not going to be easy in the future. Of course, there is always a chance that Helena will see the error of her ways and change her life. But I do not see this with this Helena.

      This is the first time Angie has been in a situation where she was not the oldest child nor was she the center of attention. And it appears that at the center, she and Wilson and Jang Yin were all put in separate groups. So Angie did not carry the roll of leader of pack. This is a new experience for her and I wonder how she will respond to it. Hopefully she will respond positively.

      Love how Bette and Peggy interact together. I just hope that Peggy will take some time to interact with Tina on her own as well. Although Peggy has a favorable impression of Tina, she needs to know Tina and see the qualities she brings to the relationship with Bette and to forge her own relationship with Tina as an individual.

      Now, I cannot believe that Bette is going to give up on being the bumper car champion. Bette really is maturing in a responsible parent. Sometime you win more if you just let it go and acknowledge you cannot win them all.

      Love this story….. keep the chapters comming….

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