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    Chosen Family

    A few days after Peggy, Wilson and Jang Yin arrived in Los Angeles for Spring Break Bette invited them to dinner at the beach-house. The informal gathering gave the kids a chance to meet and get to know each other.

    “Bette, Tina this meal is absolutely delicious. I think you rival my personal chef Douglas, and he’s always impressed me.”

    “Thank you, Peggy. We’re glad you’re enjoying it. We took cooking classes together and found that we enjoy cooking as one of our favorite pastimes now. We’re always trying out new recipes on our friends and family and we usually get a thumbs’ up. Bette could barely boil water a year ago, and now she’s like Chef Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen.”

    “Hey, I wasn’t that bad. I had almost perfected Saturday morning breakfast right Angie?”

    “That’s right. Momma makes the best heart shaped pancakes. You make them with love right Momma?”

    “That’s right baby. It’s all the love that I put into them that makes them come out heart-shaped.” Bette quips making everyone laugh.

    “Grandma. I’m going to take cooking lessons too when I turn 8.” Angie interjected.

    “Really? They have cooking lessons for children?”

    “They have a full children’s program for 8 years and older. We promised Angie we would take her once she was old enough.” Tina answered.

    “I want to take cooking classes Grandma. I’m already 10. I’m old enough.” Peggy was pleased to see that Jang Yin was engaging so easily. She was painfully shy and usually didn’t speak unless spoken to.

    “We can definitely look into that for the summer. Maybe you and Angie can go together.”

    “That would be fun. Peggy we’ll pull up some information from the website for you. Angie turns 8 in August, but we might be able to get a least a couple of classes in for Jang Yin before she goes back to New York for school.” Bette suggested.

    “Can boys take cooking classes too?” Wilson asked, not wanting to be left out.

    “Absolutely. How do you think all those men became great chefs? Peggy if you like Bette and I can schedule some of the children’s classes with ours and we’ll alternate between us so we can attend with them.”

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    1. Wow….what a surprise. Peggy moving to LA and putting Bette into position that Helena once occupied? I think I would want to know more about what is going on with Helena. She has a strong vengeful streak and she will take action, How is she living at the moment? Her father’s inheritance? Can she cause Bette and Tina future trouble?
      How is Tina going to respond to this new offer Peggy is making? How is this going to impact the family really in time and being away from the family. Of course it will mean an extra paycheck….

      This is most intriguing. Have they now moved into the beach house? Or is this spring break or something?

      Love Peggy….she is one of a kind. I love that she is so close to Bette. It looks like Helena deepest fear has become a reality. Bette has become the daughter and Helena is the outcast.

      Love this story……can’t wait for more.

    2. Great! As you know I love Peggy and am happy to read of her plans.
      Need to now know of Helena’s current status and am a little concerned as I also had great affection for her when she was not being destructive to TiBette.
      I will, however, leave it to your storytelling talent and look forward to the ride.

      Thanks for bringing this story back

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