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    Peggy’s Wishes

    Leigh Ostin’s Exhibit Opening Night

    Bette walked around the gallery and greeted guests as they viewed the spring exhibit that featured Leigh Ostin’s “Angels Watching Over Me” collection. The opening reception and the Los Angeles premier of her works had taken place earlier that evening. Leigh had made quite a name for herself with three successful shows in northern California and now the Bette Porter Gallery had the west coast exclusive.

    “Leigh, I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but you’ve outdone yourself with this new collection. The pieces are exquisite. You are the new darling of the art world and I couldn’t be prouder.”

    “Bette none of this would have been possible without your help. You, James, Rosie, Kristen everyone has been so supportive. You know Peggy Peabody came up to me tonight and apologized again for the way my work was handled at the Peabody Gallery. She’s purchased a few pieces and has commissioned me to do some special pieces for her beach home. Do you think she’s taking pity on me; to make it up somehow?”

    “Once you get to know Peggy, you will realize that she doesn’t do anything out of pity. I know she feels very badly about that whole debacle, but her purchases and commissions are not a free ride. You’ve proven yourself. She loves your work, and she believes in you. She’s aware that serious collectors pay attention to the Peabody Private Art Collection so having your pieces amongst them is a credit to your talent. Her endorsement of your work will go a long way but take pride in the fact that you’ve earned this on your own.”

    “Thank you, Bette for that and for the introduction tonight. It was so touching you brought tears to my eyes.”

    “I meant every word. You are a brilliant talent Leigh. You deserve the recognition and the accolades. We are honored that you have agreed to show your work here exclusively. The appeal is so broad that we expect it will be a major attraction. If tonight is any indication, you’re going to be very busy trying to keep up with the demand.”

    “I’m already working on a few pieces.”

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    1. Wow,….So Peggy really is cutting out Helena. This is an amazing gift for Bette and Tina and for Winnie. Maybe Peggy has set up some kind of trust for Helena which will provide for her support but not the extravagant life style she is accustom to. Perhaps an 3 bedroom flat in the London England area with enough funds to pay the property taxes, the utilities, put food on the table and reasonable clothing budget but would leave nothing for travel and entertainment. Perhaps the trust provided for limited access so that she could not use it for purposes other than basic support. I could see that. And perhaps she inherited money from her father? But in any case, a lack of funds is going to restrict Helena’s ability to enjoy the life style she has been accustomed to.

      Peggy could live for another 25 years or so…who knows. In the mean time, Helena could worm her way back into the good graces of her mother and her mother could change her will to include her. I hope there is some kind of clause which says that any legatee which challenges the will and does not win in a court of law forfeits all claims to the estate and will be distributed to the remaining legatees in a share and share alike manner.

      I hope that Peggy’s will includes what I call a Joan Crawford clause: I leave my daughter Helena Peabody one dollar and nothing more for reasons she well knows. That will mean she is acknowledge that she has a daughter but she is leaving her nothing.

      Great chapter….. would love to hear more about the Catalina Island place, but maybe in the future.

      Looks like life is moving on for the Kennard-Porter household.

      Thanks for this chapter… yes you have answered my questions….

    2. I fear we have not heard the last of Helena Peabody. I understand Peggy:s disgust with her but she is her flesh blood. She has to accept her responsibility of creating the monster. It is easy to pen it all away but she has ownership too. Could we have some background on Helena”s crimes? Something tells me that this inheritance will be tainted.

    3. Hi BAT2012,

      It took me a few days but i have reread the first story and wow what a fantastic journey that was for Bette, Tina and Angie!!! I can’t believe i forgot about it, but very happy to read it again.

      About this sequel, i think most have been mentioned already. I love the bond The Kennard- Porter family has with Peggy and also Sunny and her children.

      Peggy is very generous to them, but i am afraid what Helena will do after she get to know she has been inherited by Peggy and that Bette is the daughter who Peggy “adopted”. She already hated Bette and will be set out to hurt Bette and her family. I am afraid we see Helena back in the future and will cause a lot of trouble.

      It is a pleasure to read this story!!!

    4. I’m so torn about this story! I love how well everything is going for Tibette BUT I just know that Helena’s not going to take this lying down, is she??! I love your Peggy so much. She is a wonderful mother figure. Look forward to the next bit

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