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    Summer Days

    Angie fell asleep in the car on the way home, so Tina carried her into bed and unpacked the car then checked on Bette in Lottie’s room. She was rocking their baby in the dim light, Lottie sound asleep on her shoulder, her face buried in her Mama’s neck, Bette’s shirt open from nursing.

    “I love these moments, Tee. She’s so sweet, you know?” Bette held the back of her daughter’s head, her hand gentle.

    “I know, Baby. I know.” Tina kissed the top of her wife’s head, resting her cheek where her kiss lay, the curls smelling of sunshine and lilac.

    “She is sweet. And you are sweet. Let’s put her to bed, Honey…” She nuzzled Bette’s ear, sucked her earlobe just the way she knew Bette liked it… ”I want you… yes ma’am I do… I want you badly… I got her, there… good night Charlotte…” she kissed their daughter, breathing in the scent of infant sweetness before gently laying her down in her crib, Bette coming up to circle the blonde’s waist from behind.

    “She sleeps like you, you know. Surrenders to her dreams with the same determination you drink your first cup of coffee…” Tina said, and Bette snorted, her hands quickly finding their way under Tina’s shirt, one going up the flat stomach to cup a breast and the other inching towards the waist of Tina’s shorts.

    “I do not sleep like that, Tee… she’s drooling…”

    “You surely do… and if she’s drooling it’s because she’s thinking about your nipples…” She squirmed when Bette’s hand went under the top of her suit, squeezing hard, her fingers busy.

    “Your nipples are center stage right now…” Bette breathed into Tina’s ear, her hand dipping lower, her fingers grazing over Tina’s clit slowly, then moving deeper. “And your pussy, Tee…”

    “You talk in your daughter’s room with that mouth?” Tina teased, grinding her ass into Bette’s groin, her head back on the brunette’s shoulder, Bette’s fingers so talented, so knowing.

    “I save my mouth for my daughter’s mother. She likes what I do with my mouth…”
    Bette walked Tee backwards out of the room, pausing long enough for Tina to close the door quietly all while peeling off her shirt and disposing of the black bikini bottom and shorts as they made their way slowly down the hall to their room.

    “How are you managing to undress me and finger me at the same time?” Tina asked, one hand going over Bette’s in between her legs, wanting it to never stop, never ever. “There… Jesus…”

    “So sexy, Tee… parading around the beach in your skimpy bikini all day… I couldn’t keep my eyes off you…”

    “There was no parading… maybe some sauntering back and forth, possibly a mosey or two… your fingers, Babe. Fu-ck…”

    “Yeah? That feel good?” But Bette knew it did, she could feel how good it felt, feel the heat pooling to coat her fingers.

    “Fuck yes. I’m wet for you…” Tee chuckled when Bette all but tossed her on the bed, clearing off Angie’s books and Lottie’s pile of clothes before quickly stripping off her own clothes, positioning herself in between Tina’s legs. With her hair covering one eye, Bette kissed Tina on her inner thigh, her hands gentle on the lower part of the blonde’s abdomen.

    “So soft, Tee.”

    Tina opened her legs, wide, her smile saucy. “It’s softer somewhere else, there… I think you found… oh shit, Babe…”

    Bette’s fingers opened Tina gently, spreading her outer lips for a wide tongue, and Tina lost all composure, the heat of it, the wetness, the powerful intimacy. She reached for one of Bette’s hands, chocolate eyes lifting to meet her own, the silkiness of Bette’s curls moving against her inner thighs.

    And it was this… all of it. The morning with Lottie, the afternoon with Angie and their friends who were family, the stolen moments in between. It was grocery shopping when they were so tired they couldn’t see straight and making noodles for a picky toddler who stopped eating anything else. It was late night feedings and early morning alarms, and it was them, making it all work. Together. It was beautiful. And there was no one else in the entire world either would rather do it with.


    1. This is a lovely story. Having a baby at any age is a big deal. And with Bette in her forties, it has to be an even bigger deal. So welcome Lottie to the family. Tina was great with her encouragement in going through labor. Getting the priviledge of going through this as the other parent has to be the thrill of a life time.

      I love how supportive Tina is of her family. Remembering when she had a nursing infant and a job and a spouse who is still recovering and in this lack of sleep schedule with newborns. Their devotion to each other and their baby girls are truly heart warming.

      I feel the close connection that Bette and Tina feel for each other and how they understand that sometimes things can bring on emotional responses. The sudden announcement that Angie was not happy with Lottie just broke Bette’s heart. Fortunately it is a phase thing and Tina knew just how to handle it – distraction and attention diversion.

      Thank you for the lovely story – where these two have spilt apart, reunited and are more in love and devoted than at anytime during their relationship….. They truly know how and when to communicate with the other and their trust is well founded….

      Thanks for this series of short stories….

      • Martha. thank you as always for your comments and for following my stories. I hope you know i appreciate every comment and thought – I say that knowing I did not respond to any of the comments for Black Beauty, only because I was in the middle of a two week travel time period and did not have time to log in. Then when I came home I got sick. Just wanted you, and all readers, to know that I read every comment and take feedback and questions seriously and to heart.
        Anyway, I am back to writing and have some big plans and thoughts if I can stop coughing long enough to set them to paper.
        More to come

    2. Hi BK,

      I was so happy to see a update on this small stories and cried when i read it will be the last one!

      Welcome baby Lottie! There family is finally complete, Bette and Tina completely in love with each other and their little girls and content with their friends and Kit in it.

      You are such a gifted writer, the way you write about them, their emotions, their connecting in body and soul, their ups and downs but especially how you show all of your readers the enormous love they have for each other .♥️ There is a good mix between love, intimacy, drama and humor, i loved this one in this chapter: “Not now please God. And Moses and Buddha too for fucks sake.” Hilarious!!!

      Another great story and i hope you will continue to write!!! We need to read here about our couple because i simply wont watch what the terrible GQ did or will continue to do with them!

      • I cried when I read this. I had to think about why. I just love this couple so much. Sure I have romanticized them. We all have. But the thought of losing that is a punch to the gut isn’t it? Then I read this. And like the original series we have these stories. Written with such tenderness. So much tenderness.

      • Welcome Baby Lottie indeed! The family is complete and off to a solid start. This couple won’t let anyone or anything get between them again. Glad you see the humor and the emotion – always a good combo in my mind :)
        I have faith that we will get our endgame in GQ, as terrible as the writing has been I am hopeful to a fault. Fingers crossed. I will watch for you and email you when you can turn it on to see the reunion!
        Hope all is well my friend.

    3. Hard for me to formulate a response. I have been thinking that it would be so great if Jennifer and Laurel could read this installment. You write a Bette and Tina so tender and loving and equal and truly connected. Given the terrible week with the trailer and the speculation that our couple is ending, this comes at a time when positivity is so needed. Yes I admit this chapter made me cry. So many what if’s. You make it look so easy, even though it most certainly was not. But where there is love… and wow do you depict a whole mess of love.

      As always, I adore your writing. You articulate the couple’s sense of awe and utter joy in each other and in their ability to find their way back to one another so beautifully. So appropriate for my hopes and wishes for them: “When we were apart, I thought I would never get to see you like this again, Tee. Undressing for me, your body unveiled a little at a time. You’re stunning. I thought your body would forever be enjoyed by someone else. And I vowed to never take you or the sight of you naked for granted if I ever was lucky enough to win you back…” If wishes were horses, this would be season two. Again, I wish this could be shared with Jen and Laurel.

      I also love that Bette delivered a healthy baby girl. I always felt sorry for her that Angie was not her bloodline. And with both Melvin and Kit gone all she has is David and that relationship is estranged. Chosen family is so important but there is a true bit of Bette that now lives on just as Tina lives on through Angie. This is so important to Bette. And Tina is amazing and so supportive. You write a great Tina!! Her love so pure and gentle yet quite emphatic and absolutely clear. Her reassurance to Bette regarding Lottie and Angie and herself says it all: “Here’s the thing, Sugar Pie. Listen to me… You are enough, Honey. You are her world. You are our world. Our anchor and our foundation and our person . You know that, right? Babe?”“Tee…” “If you believe nothing else I have said in all the time we have been together, believe that. You are enough. You, Bette Porter, are right where you need to be… in bed with me…” she finished cockily, biting her lip, pushing her breasts into Bette’s.” So much faith in her Bette. And just what Bette needed to hear.Tina’s pet names for Bette are so endearing. Sugar Pie. Honey Bun. Renders Bette so undone. The words just exquisite.

      And…I also love the utter normalcy of their life. The routines. Working together as loving partners. So important to have the family aspect of lesbian relationships reflected. And you do it so well. Bette’s summation to Shane about the secret of their success is spot on. “Bette looked at her best friend then around the beach, seeing all the families, the couples, the groups making a place to enjoy the day and the upcoming fireworks. “We talk, Shaney. All the time. About everything. We never did that before. I used to forge blindly ahead, not check in with her and she… she ran. Literally on long runs but also emotionally. It was not sustainable.” Can we do a collective mind melt to Gen Q? This. You can fix them. This right here. Yes, you fixed our couple. You found the formula for a healthy, committed and loving future… and we are all the better for your writing. I am sorry to see these check ins end. I know we got more than you planned. Thank you.

      P.S. We all know how much I want Bette to have experienced childbirth. So BK, Sugar Pie, you made my day!! And wow you are amazing at writing hot lovin.’ Good Lord!!!

      • Hey Billy,
        I love your comment. You always let me know how the chapter made you feel and as a writer I love knowing that something I posted was impactful. Like I told BiBi I am endlessly optimistic that GQ will give us TiBette. It might not make any sense and they will drag it out but I think season two will deliver. I know I am in the minority here but that is ok, I still believe.
        I love the utter normalcy of this chapter too. I wish GQ would just depict that – a normal couple arguing about normal things and making each day work because they love each other. I would watch Tina scold Bette for being late to a PTO meeting or for Bette to be upset that Tina leaves her running clothes in the middle of the bedroom – easy, normal couple stuff. There is no need in this couples story to add drama for the sake of drama.
        I wanted Bette to have a baby too. And to be completely in love with her family. Thanks for commenting, Billy, your words are wonderful to read.

      • Thank you Cathy. I found myself in the weird position of having three stories where either Bette or Tina was pregnant so one had to end! Glad you liked it, more to come on the other stories… Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    4. BK,

      I so looked forward to this installment! You wrote Bette as a birth mother beautifully. I am so in love with this family, Bette & Tina and Angie and now Lottie. And their entire family, as you perfectly illustrated at the beach with Kit and Shane and Alice.

      Loved how Tina took care of her family, fussing over Bette and getting her settled when she was nursing at the beach.

      I always love how you write their lovemaking, it is hot, but it’s so clearly not just sex –
      “It was the best kind of kissing warm deliberate hands tangled in each other’s hair”
      “It was a patient tender lovemaking session more about eye contact and whispers than anything else”

      Maybe because this is the last update in this series, but I couldn’t help crying –
      “Slowly like dawn on a new day Bette opened her eyes Tina gazing into them seeing nothing but calm waters a floating peacefu home that she would forever come back to There was nothing better than the seconds just following a climax looking into these chocolate eyes… Bette was truly open beautifully vulnerable and Tina knew she was the only person who ever saw the brunette like this” OMG

      I was telling Kit how sometimes I can’t believe my life This is all I ever dreamed of Tee And you are the reason why…”
      Tina leaned closer her elbows on her knees,smiling. “It’s all I ever wanted too Babe But it wouldn’t work without you don’t ever forget that It means nothing without you.”

      I first thought I couldn’t possibly post any comments as eloquently as Billy, so why bother. But I had to express how special this story is. The last lines are absolutely perfect –

      Together. It was beautiful. And there was no one else in the entire world either would rather do it with.

      Thanks, BK

    5. BK,
      As I ponder, your writing style when it comes to Tibette, I have seen a common thread. Yes! Somehow U have managed, at some point in every story to paint word-pictures that reveal how clearly and intimately Bette & Tina have come to respect and place their “lovers world” as THE driving force that explains their love. ‍❤️‍‍

      They understand how unique & special intimacies are that they share ONLY between themselves ‍❤️‍‍. And their love has, in the long run, not been distroyed no matter how many planned or unplanned “encounters/distractions” they may have had with others along the way.

      Basically, both of them can claim to be the “only person who ever saw the Brunette/Blond like this”.

      WOW!!! What more can a Tibette fan ask for . . . . Except perhaps for Authors like you to be revealed the writers/Producers of any version of TLW?

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