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    Talk to Me of Mendocino ~ Chapter 9

    Raph and Meka walked down the lodge’s hallway to their rooms.  They unconsciously moved slowly, enjoying their conversation.  The young man’s right hand reached up to his right shoulder to hold the overstuffed garment bag slung over his back and a backpack was slung over his left shoulder.. The young woman carried a small satchel in her right hand and had a backpack slung over her right shoulder.


    Raph had noted that his sister’s satchel was both small and, from the ease with which she carried it, he could tell that its contents were light.  He almost questioned her, but decided that he needed to have faith that his sister had packed the appropriate clothes as they had agreed in their call just the day before.


    “Ready to have a five year old jumping on your bed in the morning?”


    “Five year olds don’t do that anymore.”


    “Said by the baby of the family,” Raph laughed.  “You were still jumping on the mommies’ bed when you were eight.”




    “You were only able to do it because you’re undersized and shrimpy.  Still are.”


    “Hey,” Meka bumped her brother with her hip, “you took all the food and I was malnourished.”


    “The son is always the favorite.”


    “The youngest is the favorite.  Except when it comes to food.”


    They had reached the sisters’ room and stood for a second.


    ‘So, you’ll be by at 6:30?”


    “Yeah, but you plan to be ready at 6:15,” Raph replied as he backed away and turned to walk to his room.


    “I’m not always late,” Meka called.


    “Uh huh.”





    Meka tossed her small bag of clothes on the floor as she rushed into the room she would now be sharing not just with Angie, but also with Serafina.  The lodge had already set up the foldaway bed for the little girl.  Meka looked at the locations of the remaining beds and sat on each to test its comfort.  She chose the one furthest to the door, and pulled back its covers to stake her claim.


    She was annoyed at Angelica, an emotion that seemed to often be an undercurrent in their sisterly relationship.  The older sister was often critical and always quick to provide unwelcome guidance.  Meka had enough self-knowledge to know that a part of the reason she wanted Serafina to stay with them that weekend was so that Angelica would focus her attention on the younger of her sisters.

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    1. Hi, dear sweet Spumoni! This chapter was AWSOME. It was interesting to learn that Marcus Allenwood was the donnor of 3 children, who happen to have different but strong characters. We truly enjoyed all the details with which you picture us Meka. In a way, she resembles a lot of Jodi’s rebellious personality. Wow! You did an AMAZING job here, sweetie. Thanks for sharing this magnificent story with us. PPS Hugs & kisses on both your cheeks.- Lu & Marsh (Proud Salsa Aunties to the ever loving JC and Eunichick and Tias Adoradas to Patpez)

    2. This is such a good story… I love the flashbacks. Let’s see if Meka can work on the relationship between Angie and Serafina. Great chapter, Spumoni. Thanks

    3. Yep, another great chapter to this multilayered story. Thank you! Oh, and when I said “yikes” to Tina having a five year old at the age of 62, it was because I thought she would be exhusted at that age trying to keep up with a five year old…and I would think that of a man as well as a woman. :-)

    4. Great great great update – just when you think can this story get any better you show us tht it can. Thank you for this and I can’t wait to see how you bring it all together with Tina of course :)

    5. That was great. Meka can’t deny who she is. Her temper is so Judi. I never thought that any child of Bette could be offended by the choice of a donor. PPS it will be interesting when all come together, including Tina.

    6. you made me cry a little at the end…great chapter (are you secretly a Jodi fan? LOL) It was great to find out that all 3 older kinds share Marcus…what about Tina’s little girl? i hope she related to…why is this story making me sad? i need some wolf humor LOL

    7. That was an interesting and insightful sketch of Meka and her families. Would you be so kind as to continue giving the cast of characters at the beginning? I do so enjoy reading “Jodi Lerner (deceased)” each time.

    8. I wish you might come back and finish this one day, Spu. I love stories where Bette had more children, especially if she was the biological mother. I can picture Raph so easily! Tina a mother again in her mid 50s made me smile. You write the siblings so well, they are completely authentic, the detail in the way they talk and think of each other in a complex but deeply bonded family.

      You’re a wonderful writer. Thank you for all your stories x

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