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    Tina went for a long run earlier that morning. She hadn’t had time for a long run in over a week with Bette being in town and the demanding production schedule. It had been grueling but Tina didn’t mind because now more than ever, she was on a mission to wrap in two months. She had to get back to LA as soon as possible. No shoot was scheduled for today or tomorrow. The whole cast and crew needed a break. This was perfect timing for Tina to think about the last few days, what Julia said and how she planned on moving forward with Bette.

    Tina ran the loop around the Seawall three times. Not too fast but fast enough to make her lungs burn. She needed to feel the wind on her face and to clear her head. It was perfect. She slowed to a walk and allowed herself to cool down.

    Julia was right. She had been selfish while Bette was in town. She didn’t consider Bette’s feelings. All she cared about was touching her and being touched by her even though she knew it was a lot for them both to handle. Tina had broken Bette’s trust and it was going to take more than mind-blowing sex to rebuild it. It was going to take time and intention. She hoped it could be rebuilt and she hoped she hadn’t pushed Bette too far.

    Tina decided she was going to do everything in her power to prove to Bette that she was in it for the long run and could give her all the time she needed. Tina would wait for her. She wasn’t going anywhere no matter how long it took as long as there was hope for them. Tina believed there was hope.

    She thought back to the night before. She recalled seeing jealousy in Bette’s eyes. Not hurt. Not anger. But jealousy. Bette was jealous Sam had been flirting with her. She was jealous Sam made her laugh. She was jealous Tina flirted back with Sam. And although Tina wasn’t proud of how it all unfolded, she was happy to know Bette still cared.

    Of course she still cared. Bette was not the one who messed it all up. She was not the one who was hiding. Bette was very clear about her feelings. She was very clear about what happened with Candace. She got down on her knees and begged Tina to stay. Bette had taken ownership of the situation even though it was Tina who pushed her away. Bette still wanted to fight for them. Tina was the one who fled to another country.

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    1. Ohhh TB4Evah!!!
      I love the spirit of this story!! Kiki is gonna be a delight. And don’t get me started on James!! Love him!!!! He tickled me talking about how he was gonna have to grow a pair bc Bette was gonna snatch them off he messed up! The dude knows himself and knows the BetteSter!!!

      And Alice, true to form she always has a plan B, C, D and she knows people, who know people, so nothing will stop her. God only knows how she is gonna get Bette to show up at KiKi’s instead of Bette’s place.

      And faithful, “Cool Breeze” Shane . . .

      And Tina, she was really having to delete countless (possible) tweets tryna come up with the “appropriate” one, only to end up calling Bette, “Baby” like was her custom.

      THIS story will surely have us hiccuping with laughter along the way!!! I’m all in . . . .

    2. Hi TiBette – I just spotted your story last night and realising it was Ep13 had to go back to Ep1. I was up until 2.30am ! Loving it. Great take on the rocky road these two are on. I am looking forward to Ep14 and beyond! Thank you.

    3. ¡Hola, Bienvenida al sitio!
      Me encantaron todas tus historias me las terminé de leer hoy estoy esperando que subas los siguientes capítulos me dejaste con ganas de leer más sobre mi pareja favorita y ver cuánto camino van a recorrer para estar juntas.

      • ¡Muchas gracias! Disfruté escribiendo esta historia. Este es el viaje que había querido que hicieran durante tanto tiempo. Les llevará un tiempo volver a estar juntos, pero tengo la esperanza de que lo hagan. El próximo capítulo llegará pronto.

    4. Welcome welcome to the site.
      Not had the pleasure of reading you on another site but having now devoured these posts will be tuning in regularly to your posts.
      So, I am all caught up and ready for more please
      Love KiKi !!!


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