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    The Garden

    Chapter Text

    Tina called Alice as soon as the shoot wrapped in the lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel.

    “Hey, T…”

    “What the fuck, Alice!” Tina interrupted screaming into the phone.

    “What the fuck, what?” Alice asked confused.

    “I can’t believe you would do something like that.”

    This was like déjà vu. Alice wondered what she was being accused of this time. She was tired of lesbians, especially lesbians named Bette and Tina and all of their lesbian drama.


    “Fuck you.” Tina yelled.

    “Fuck me?”

    “Yes. Fuck you!”

    “Tee, I have no fucking idea what the fuck you’re talking about. And you and Bette need to stop saying ‘fuck you’ to me. I’m sensitive and you’re giving me a complex. Geez,” Alice said rolling her eyes.

    “I’m talking about you meat tagging Bette.”


    “Ohhhh, thaaaat. Bette told you about that, huh? That’s…surprising. I didn’t realize y’all were…err… talking. But that’s soo not the point. Shit. Anyways…yes, I kinda did that. But it wasn’t actually me. It was like kinda me buuut me by proxy.”


    “It wasn’t me. But I may have mentioned…something…possibly to Gabby…”

    “Gabby?? Big Mouthed Gabby?! What the fuck did you tell Gabby that made her think Bette was back on the market?”

    “Oh, see. That’s a tricky question, Tee. Ummm…how do I answer that without pissing you off? Ummm…yeah…I don’t think I can. So, here it goes. But in all fairness, Tee, you did move to Vancouver.”


    “I’m just saying. Ok. Well…Tee-na…” Alice exaggerated her name. “Gabby asked why she hadn’t seen you or Bette around and I sorta told her that you thought Bette cheated on you and you left her and moved to Vancouver.”

    Alice held her breath.

    “YOU WHAT!!!”

    “I, mean, in my defense, Tee…all of what I said is…true.”

    Tina was livid. It was true. Tina didn’t have anyone to blame but herself but Alice didn’t have to go blabbing it. Everyone had been waiting for Bette to break up with Tina. And Tina knew this. That was part of her insecurity when it came to their relationship.

    “Who the fuck is this Claire who was hitting on Bette at The Planet…because of you and your big fucking mouth?”

    “Oh wow. Bette told you that too? She was awfully chatty on this trip, huh? I see. Well, Bette showed up to The Planet looking super hot…like hot hot…hotter than I’ve seen her in a very long time.”

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