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    The Aftermath

    Bette stormed to the car, willing herself not to look back. She knew if she looked back she would turn around and sprint into Tina’s arms. She also knew in this moment her heart couldn’t handle that at all. She slammed the door and screamed. Fuuuuuuuuuuck!

    “Where to, Miss.” The driver seemed unphased.

    Bette immediately aware she wasn’t alone tried to respond with some dignity.

    “Back to the hotel as fast as you can. Please.”

    The driver nodded. Bette whipped out her phone and called the one person she thought was responsible.

    “What the fuck, Alice,” Bette screamed into the phone.

    “What the fuck, what?” Alice said confused.

    “I can’t believe you would do something like that. And get KiKi involved. So fucking unprofessional.”


    “Fuck you.” Bette yelled, not caring about the driver in the front seat.

    “Fuck me?”

    “Yes. Fuck you!”

    “Bette, I have no fucking idea what the fuck you’re talking about.”

    “I’m talking about you calling KiKi and having her send me a message to meet her at her apartment but turns out it was actually Tina’s apartment.”

    “Wait. WHAT? Nooooooooo? So, you saw Tina?”

    Bette stared at the phone distrustfully.

    “You didn’t do this?”

    “Bette, no! God no! But I’d like to meet the person who did.” Alice stifled a laugh.

    Bette sat with the phone to her ear not sure how to process what Alice was saying.

    “I wouldn’t do that to you, Bette. How…how are you feeling?”

    “So many fucking emotions, Alice.” Bette exhaled loudly.


    “I don’t want to talk about it.”


    “I can’t right now, Al. I just can’t. Sorry I yelled at you.”

    Bette hung up the phone and looked out of the window. Vancouver was even more beautiful at night, Bette thought. It sat at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and the feet of the Coast Mountains, illuminated by the lights of the sky. Bette allowed the tears to come freely as she stared at the beauty around her with Tina’s essence still lingering all over and through her. She brought her fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. Bette could still taste her. She was pissed. Pissed that she caved but she’d always been weak for Tina since the first time she kissed her. Tina was Bette’s kryponite and they both knew it. Everyone knew it.

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