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    Bette’s Wrath

    It was still dark outside. Bette stared blankly at the ceiling after tossing and turning all night. Admonishing herself for being so weak. Thinking of Tina in only her running shorts. She was always weak when it came to Tina. She looked so good and she smelled even better, Bette thought. She could tell Tina had been running more while in Vancouver. Probably four to five times per week. She remembered the feel of Tina’s sculpted leg wrapped around her hip. Her stomach did flips.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you,” Bette rolled her eyes.

    She exhaled loudly and flung the covers off of her.

    “The show must go on,” Bette said in her best Melvin voice.

    She needed answers and by God, she was going to get them. How did she end up on Tina’s doorstep last night? Fucking KiKi.

    James knocked on her door, not sure which Bette he’d have to deal with today. He was almost certain her unexpected meeting with KiKi had something to do with Liz and Tina. He was grateful Liz didn’t share any details with him. But he was still curious about what happened.

    Bette threw the door open with fire in her eyes. James took a step back.

    “James, we need to talk.” Bette said in a steely voice. She left the door opened and headed to the kitchen.

    James took a big gulp. This demeanor had Tina written all of it. Oh no, he thought. He quickly followed her.

    “Ok, but we have to meet KiKi in…”

    Bette rolled her eyes at the mention of KiKi’s name. She’d deal with her later. But as for right now, she needed to know if James was the traitor. She didn’t want to fire James but she wouldn’t hesitate if he were the one behind last night’s debacle.

    “Sit down, James,” Bette interrupted.

    James slowly sat down, never taking his eyes off of his boss.

    “Something happened last night, James and I think you may have something to do with it.”

    “Wha…what…happened? Was something wrong with the artwork?” James asked.

    Bette stared at him unsure if he was the culprit.

    “I didn’t see any artwork, James. Because the address KiKi sent me was not her address.”

    “It wasn’t? What do you mean? I thought…”

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