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    The Beginning 1

    Tina hung up the phone and raised one well-manicured eyebrow at her best friend Holly.

    “She found my earring. She asked me to come by this afternoon to pick it up…”

    “What is that face?”

    “What are you talking about? There’s no face, it’s an earring for fucks sake.”

    “All I heard all morning was Bette Bette Bette, her dress, her hair, her eyes, her walk… I’ve never heard you talk about anyone like that before…”

    “You’re daft. She’s glamorous, ok? It was new, unexpected. That’s all! I talked about the show in general, it was my first big Gallery dinner.”

    “You are around glamour all the time. Hello? You work in a fucking movie studio, Tina!”

    “This was different”

    “Do tell”

    “She’s like… this regular person, you know? These movie stars, they’re pampered and have makeup artists, and designers and all that shit… they aren’t… I don’t know. Real. She was just… so natural… so professional and classy…”

    “See… there you go. Classy? Who uses words like classy when describing another woman? You have this look in your eyes when you talk about her…”

    “Fuck off, Holly. You’re delusional. You said just last week that I should ask out that new writer and now you think I’m interested in Bette? Delusional. Did you forget your meds this morning?”

    “No. I am well medicated, thanks. And he is cute, but you waited too long… Beth in accounting has moved in for the kill”

    They both laughed. “Stop. God. Beth in accounting, bless…”

    “You drag your feet, Tina. All the time. You took forever to date Eric and now you won’t move in with him, poor guy. He’s like a little puppy dog begging for scraps at your table.”

    “Please. Eric never begs. Don’t you have work to do?”

    “No. Would you like him to, beg?”

    “You know that room down the hall? The one with no windows? That would be your office, go on then…”

    “Fine. Do you want to borrow that pink lipstick you like?”

    “I’m good, thanks. She probably won’t even be there, I mean… it’s just an earring”

    “I wonder if she will ask you out?”

    “I’m not gay! Goodbye Holly…”

    “Goodbye, Tina. I’ll just leave you this lipstick, you know… just in case…”

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    1. Awesome start!!!

      So the answer to your question about any interest in a Tibette beginning is a definite YES!

      Like the immediate attraction they have for one another & Tina will realize soon what that’s all about.

      Very sweet – thanks for the ride down memory lane.

      Fast forward 24 years & have Tina & Bette read this & remember how they feel in love. Or better yet, let’s send it to the Gen Q writers for inspiration!!!!

      Thanks so much & looking forward to more.

      • Thank you Collins. Wouldnt the show be so much better if the writers listened to the story tellers on this site? I mean, no comparison. The ratings would go through the roof!

    2. I love this story of the beginning of Tina and Bette. How could we resist? Please continue on…and no, I could never get tired of reading another story no matter what time line or story arc anyone chooses. Since this part of TLW was very brief and left us only with a couple of scenes, there is much left that are left to our imaginations. And who doesn’t like the beginning of a true romance.

      Thanks for this.. hope its the beginning of more….

      • I love the beginning of romances. The how did you meet stories. And you are right, the show did leave alot up to our imagination. What happened after the kiss? How did Tina end things with Eric? Glad you are along for the ride.

    3. Great start!

      Ye, please a new starter story for TiBette is always welcome. No show start to blur the Story and the chance to take us to the start go The L Word before the relationship was messed up! Also we can forget about Gen. Q!

      So, to answer your question, yes please, loved these two, more please but don’t forget your other story :-)

      Stay safe

    4. Please please continue with this story!!!

      It is a great beginning and i love Tibette stories, as long as they have a happy ending of course 😄

      Thank you for a new story in BK style!

    5. Love to read any happy TiBette story. Any time. Would love to read about them starting out and maybe avoiding the drama that befell them in the series. You can right that wrong.

    6. BK, “interested in” would be the understatement of the month! I always like a good T + B beginnigs story. And this one has a lot of potential to be very entertaining.

      I like the direction you seem to go with it. Very interesting to see where Bette is at this stage of her life. Her distaste of the club scene, not wanting to keep up with her image as a player. I’m curious to see whether you work with Bette wanting change in life and starting a new phase in life. More responsible and adult maybe.

      I also like that you didn’t use the very common picture of T + B falling in love at once, head over heels, right at the opening at the gallery. At least you didn’t in the first chapter ;-) They like each other and subconsciously there might be a lot of attraction already. But it’s great to see both of them react to meeting someone new and interesting. Someone who you like to get to know, spend time with, have fun and maybe develop a new and lasting friendship with.

      Though it seems it could be more for Tina already. But also you put her in a stage where she obviously only needs the right moment to end it with Eric. Not because she falls in love with someone else but because she’s annoyed with him and no longer feels the desire to be with him.
      Her attraction to a woman makes her situation complex but with potential for some soul searching, spontaneity and maybe some backpedaling.

      Thanks for introducing Holly to us. I love her already. Seems like she is a friend that Tina will need.

      So, yes, yes please continue with “The Beginging”. I’m getting comfortable in my seat and wait for the next part :-)
      Thanks for sharing!


      • Thanks KP
        I didn’t want to rewrite the scene where Tina goes and picks up the earring… we all know how that played out. I was more drawn to what happened after. I do think Bette wants to be more responsible, to own her decisions and change her path. You are exactly correct, there will be no lightening hits when their hands meet kind of moments, Tina will notice the differences of course as they get closer but I am not a big believer in love at first sight. I am too jaded for that, I guess. Glad you are along for the ride!

    7. This is just a great story. I was never a player but I stopped the club scene at 24 so I can relate to Bette. For Bette, it’ll be hard to shed the reputation. I identify with Tina and so annoyed by boyfriends who were needy and whiny.

      It appears Bette has matured emotionally perhaps later than her chronological age. Tina appears to leap at opportunity. The way it goes always bumping into something when you least expected or look for.

      More. More. More. Dare I ask longer chapters, please.

      • Deanna so glad you are reading. I was never a player either, I would totally fall in the shy Tina camp. As well as the annoying needy and whiny boyfriends. Can not. Thank you for commenting.!

    8. BK,
      Start of a new month agrees with launch of a fresh Tibette tale! Love the intro of Holly. Gosh she has Tina’s number . . . all I’ve heard this morning is Bette, Bette, Bette . . . Holly playfully accusing Tina of having certain “looks” on her face and Tina tryna wave off Holly’s words.

      Iike the purity of relationships wth foundation built in friendship. Really looking 4ward to how you’ll sculpt a masterpiece!!

      • DT, I always enjoy your comments and your love of the characters and their dialogue. Holly is a force to be reckoned with, don’t we all need a friend that can tell us like it is!! Thanks

    9. Ah, I love Tibette origin stories! Can never decide if attraction is more interesting than consummation with those two? We need both, for sure. “A cage of her own making” is beautiful phrasing, BK. Thank you for this lovely beginning x

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