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    The Beginning 2

    Tina took a long hot shower Monday morning. It was early and she was a little sore after the two runs over the weekend. She chuckled to herself remembering Bette gamely showing up at the trail Sunday morning for their run.

    Tina was admittedly an avid runner, Bette more a novice. It was a beautiful day, the air crisp but not too cool and the skies blue. Tina picked a trail near both homes, a loop where she could go faster or longer and overlap Bette if needed in order to get the distance in.

    Bette enjoyed running 3-5 miles once or twice a week, she was more a swimmer than a runner, but she was in fantastic shape. She looked great in her tank and running shorts, her long legs a light chocolate color that went nicely with the black shorts and top.

    They started out together, Bette’s longer legs making up for Tina’s quicker pace. At the four-mile mark Tina let Bette know she was going to pick up the tempo but would find her when she circled back. As she came around the bend thirty minutes later, she was surprised to find how happy she was to see Bette walking along the trail ahead of her.

    She enjoyed their companionable talk while they ran earlier and spotting the long lean figure ahead made her speed up until she stopped next to her.

    They found a grassy spot to stretch and drink water as they chatted about the art show Bette attended the night before. Bette removed her shoes and leaned back on her hands, her head tilting up to enjoy the sun, her eyes closing.

    Tina’s eyes wandered down the long neck to the hint of a black sports bra under her running tank, Bette’s chest sweaty. She looked so at ease, so content there in the sunshine with her long hair pulled back and her body relaxed after their stretch. So beautiful.

    “I don’t think we should be seen together like this anymore” Tina said seriously, Bette’s head snapping up to look at her.

    “What? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable; I know you just want to be friends and I really respect that…”

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    1. I like this story very much. I like that Bette and Tina are easing into a friendship and a relationship. I like that Bette is being affectionate without being sexual. That is important in a budding relationship. I like that Tina is trusting Bette by tell her about her intimate details of her evening with Eric.

      I like that Tina has broken up with Eric. I am sorry that she is so upset about it. He hardly worth the tears. I would be damn angry, but I would not regret a word that was said to him. Tina pegged Eric correctly – he was simply checking the box. That simply does not bode well for any relationship.

      Thank you for this wonderful story. Look forward to more.

      • WKM,
        Did you like on page8 how BK said Bette was like a “whirlwind” from the moment she hit the threshold of Billie’s restaurant, and how “apologies rushed from her mouth” . . . I immediately stopped ad re-read that scene.

        What a marvelous visual portrait!! This adventure is gon be hilarious and delicious.

    2. Interesting chapter & I like how you are having their relationship unfold.

      Eric is definitely not worth Tina’s tears. What an ass!!!!!!! Single minded jerk. Would certainly like to check some of his boxes – jerk (check), arrogant(check), self centered(check), etc!!!!!!!

      Bette’s falling for Tina big time. Tina just doesn’t know it yet that she’s falling for Bette too.

      Thanks for your great story.

      • Collins
        Checking Eric’s boxes, hahah! I’m dead. Thanks for that. I would add egotistical pig (check). Why can’t I write a NICE Eric? Just doesn’t seem to fit.


    3. Gosh I’m lovin the fresh cool vibe of this sweet story! Holly &Alice are gr8 for our girls. Wonder how much grief ol Hol gonna give Tina when Tina tells her that Eric is out of the picture? Does E work with Tina in this story?? Because if he does . . .

      Anywho, bless you BK for making sure to have more than 4 or 5 pages in the post. It was nice to settle in a see how Bette & Tina’s friendship is developing. I chuckle to myself bc I think Tina (to her own surprise) is going t be the one making the 1st move toward more intimacy with Bette. HeHeHe!

    4. It is a really great story!

      Nice to see the how their relationship develop, for now it is only friendship, but that is a very good step to grow to something more.

      Eric, glad Tina broke it off, he is a self centered asshole and arrogant.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. BK, thanks for the second chapter. I already like the story.
      The scene with buying running shoes is hilarious. I can totally see Tina hovering around Bette, adjusting the shoes, fitting the laces, asking her to walk around. The sales person either being stunned to silence or conversing animatedly with Tina over the best qualitiy and fit for running shoes for Bette. Oh and Bette’s expression when she tried on the socks! Great detail.

      Lovely how they not so slowly grow closer and more fond of each other. Classic behaviour for a new friends who are on very tuned-in to each other. First call in the morning, last call at night, having to act out the immediate and intense connection.

      Thanks for ditching Eric early on. But I guess we might hear from him again.


      stay safe and healthy

      • Thank you KP, the shoe shopping part changed over the course of writing. I kept going back to it, fixing it because it didn’t feel right. Glad you liked it, I did too once I stopped tinkering with it. :))

        • yes, the running shoe buy was fab!!! Oh alpha Tina wants to make sure Bette keeps showing up to run and stretch her sweaty bod afterwards! HeHeHe!!!

          She tried to gloss over words that rushed out how she wouldn’t mind having to nurse Bette back to health should she injure herself running in those crappy shoes.

          Who is she tryna kid??? Tina woud have Bette out of shoes, socks, and sweaty running clothes in world-record time!!!

        • BK

          Loved the running shoe scene. I am an avid runner and it reminded me of the first time my friend took me to be fitted. It was just as funny and the socks too.

          Love your approach, it is refreshing and new to an old story.


    6. Really really like your story, well written, so easy to read, BRAVO !

      There is just one little thing that made me gnashing when Bette said :”You shouldn’t have to disappear to be in a relationship” and that’s what she did with Tina years later … but, let’s just enjoy your story which is amazing !

      Post soon please.

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