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    The Beginning 10

    Tina woke first, her eyes adjusting slowly to a cloudy day, heavy rain clouds filling the sky. In their haste to get to bed last night, they had left the door to the balcony standing open and by the sound of it, the waves on the beach were huge and angry.

    She could smell the salt air, hear a passing seagull but otherwise the only other sound was the light breathing of Bette laying next to her, so at peace, so lovely. She blinked a few times, yawned quietly. The room felt peaceful, like they were wrapped in a bubble, just the two of them in a safe cocoon away from the rest of the world.

    Just me and my girlfriend, she thought. Bette. God, how did I get so lucky?

    Tina studied the Bette’s body. She was on her side, facing Tina, the sheet just under her bellybutton and one arm laid in front of her breasts, the other stretched in front of her. The curves of her wonderful cleavage unmistakable, alluring. Tina couldn’t see the darker nipples, Bette’s arm was in the way but she appreciated the view nonetheless.

    She noticed the hitch in her heart, the spark of arousal that coursed through her blood whenever she looked at Bette’s body, setting fire to her center. This never happened when she woke up next to Eric. Ever.

    There was something hypnotic about Bette’s hourglass figure, the way her waist dipped from her rib cage to rise again with her hip, then fall again to stretch towards her long legs. It was perfection, giving meaning to the phrase “hills and valleys”, making Tina want to run her hands and mouth along the pathway, to taste Bette’s skin, feel her way along the route.

    Tina pulled gently on the sheet, bringing it lower to lay below Bette’s thighs, exposing her. She took in the beauty of this perfect female form, the lithe, toned frame, the color and strength of her, the sexiness. Bette was beautiful, stunning even.

    Her skin looked lighter in the pale morning sun than it did last night. More like honeyed butter, radiant. Against the white of the sheet, Bette’s skin was simply exquisite. She could not resist gently running the back of her hand over the taut belly, so good, so unbelievably soft.

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      • Thank you for commenting BlueFlame. I completely agree, I think her mother leaving her impacted her greatly and shaped her into her adult years. Glad you are along for this story.

    1. Hi BK,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      Both feel anxiety and are concerned, Bette that Tina is going to leave and Tina because she is afraid she isn’t enough or can’t give Bette sexually what she needs or want.

      You describe their feelings very well and i love that you tell us what is happening in their mind and share that with us.

      Tina knows how to gentle encourage Bette to talk to her about her fears and incecurities and tells Bette about hers. They talk to each other open and honestly. The part about that Bette feels that loves comes with a prize and especially this one “Love carries swords” broke my heart. Bette never got the love unconditionally and the fact her mother left her at such young age without explanation has cut deep into her heart and has made sure that she does not easily open herself to other people or women. Love should be given freely without restrictions and that is what Tina gives Bette and Bette slowly starts to believe Tina. On the other hand Tina needs Bette to be by her side when she comes out to her friends, family and at work. Tina trust Bette to be at her side and Bette needs to trust in Tina’s love.

      Together they are strong and if they will continue to be open and honest to each other, they will and can have a long lasting relationship.

      Thank you for this wonderful story!!!

      Stay save and healthy my friend ????❤️????

        • Thank you both. BiBi, I love how you worded the loving unconditionally insight into Bette and what that taught her about love as she grew up. Tina needs Bette as much as Bette needs Tina and they will have to trust each other during the next few months as they grow into their relationship. Appreciate you and @Billy for commenting. Have a great week!

    2. I agree with Bibi28 100% – I think the reason that Bette and Tina can be so open with each other at this early stage of their romance is because they have taken time to know each other as people. They have develop a level of trust which come from their friendship. They know enough to believe that the other honors their commitments no how insignificant. This commitment is a major commitment – never to leave the other no matter what! I do not think they could ever make such a commitment if they themselves did not believe they were ready to do the same. That is huge! I love this Bette and this Tina. I understand the trepidation of their fears and both are well founded in their past experiences. And even though they have both pledged never to leave the other, it does not rid either of them of the fear. It does however allows them to put aside their fear with respect to each other and go forward with their relationship. It gives the other the knowledge to see the signs of this fear creeping into their relationship and to take measures to help and assist the other deal with it. This conversation is so important on so many levels to both Tina and Bette. If they handle things in the future the way they have handle this, then they will be roommates and lovers in the old folks home having never been separated as a couple ever.

      I really like this story because they know each other well before they start their romantic relationship. As Tina says, it not that their life together will be problem free, its that they have a good basis to work things out.

      Thank you for this story… .really is a great one.

      • Thank you Martha! As usual you dove deep and have such great and thoughtful insight. Such a huge step for both of them, Bette trusting in the relationship and giving it a chance to grow and Tina trusting in the relationship to give up her prior identity as a straight woman. And to chose to come out at such a big event. Courage or pure folly? We shall find out…

    3. Hi BK,

      Wow, what a fantastic chapter – filled with love, lust, friendship such kindness.

      Agree with Bibi 100%!!!

      Yes – how did they get so lucky??? Love of course!!!!

      Your breathtaking descriptions of each other is awesome.

      Loved Tina’s line to Bette -?’Baby, I’m hopelessly addicted – obsessed, infatuated. Fixated with you.’ !!!

      This is over the top – so sweet & endearing at moments & so honest & heart felt.

      Thank you so much for this chapter & the hope they have for & with each other.

      Absolutely loved it!!!!!!

      Well done my friend. Woohoo!!!!!


      • Collins, thank you so much for your unwavering support of both of my stories. I am looking forward to seeing what you are creating with your own story so I hope you are writing a long chapter since I have five days of rain coming my way. Nothing like snuggling up under a blanket while it rains and reading good stories. THanks for commenting, glad you are along.

    4. Thank you so much for this lovely Chapter in an already great story! Your power of description of both situations and emotional feelings are wonderful!

      Agree, as usual, with Bibi’s comments and look forward to more posts soon.

      Stay well and safe

    5. Ahhh, Bk, what a beautiful chapter. I loved both of their vulnerabilities being exposed after their lovemaking. And yes, I agree with everyone else, their bond of friendship first is what makes their romance so rich. Loved the description of their own personal thoughts. This story is so beautifully written. Can’t wait to see them come out as a couple at Tina’s gala. If I know Bette Porter, she will be unbelievably attractive and very impressive on Tina’s work peeps. Leave it to these two to turn all the heads in the room. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Thank you Risky! I love the fast pace of your story and how your characters fit that pace while mine are taking it much slower. Both work and I love the way this site allows for such different adaptations to come to life. You fulfilled my wish to have Tina on the bike, and I am eagerly waiting to see where you take the crew in your next chapter. There is a murder to solve after all! Thank you for commenting and reading. Happy Wednesday….!

    6. BK, every time when I think your story can’t get better, you write something so beautiful that I fall in love with The Beginning all over again. Thank you for making my day so much better. You’ve lightened my mood which has been quite dark since the weekend.

      Where to start? The first scene with Tina watching her sleeping girlfriend in the early hours of the day speaks loudly of her love for Bette. Her eyes seemed to caress Bette while wandering over her naked body with tenderness and wonder. The way she takes all of Bette’s body in, silently contemplating. How she doesn’t want to wake her girlfriend but finally gives in to the desire to touch Bette. As if she needs to make sure that she isn’t dreaming. So amazing, it felt like being there with Tina, sharing her thoughts and little insecurities, feeling her anticipation seconds before she gives in to the need to touch.

      I like how you show us Bette’s doubts and fears. And how she opens up to Tina. The more she trusts Tina the more she is ready to admit them. She doesn’t hold back as much and takes the approach of “take a deep breath and get to it!”. Knowing that she can be bold, voice her fears and Tina will handle every issue with care. She can be weak and vulnarable with Tina. It was a big step for Bette to be able to show emotions, her tears to Tina.

      One of my favourite quotes: “Her smile so sweet it made Bette’s heart want to hit her over her head…” Great. Heart talking to head – “see? told you so…she loves you! now shut it!”

      It’s amazing how Tina already is so very in tune with Bette. She read her well from the beginning (I think of the flower issue before the show) and she’s getting more sensitive to Bette’s reactions, her bodily reactions, her mood. I guess their close friendship is one reason why Tina knows when to press Bette for an answer, to get Bette to open up. I like her whispered “You can’t hide from me Bette Porter. I know you felt it too.”

      All the same she instinctively knows when to simply be there for her, show her love and care to Bette. I love how they complement each other.

      There a so many more beautiful, sweet moments but if I don’t stop now, I’ll be close to dissecting this chapter.

      Thank you, BK, for sharing this with us, I’m so looking forward to the next one.
      Stay safe, have a peaceful, happy week.
      cheers kp

      • KP
        Thank you for your lovely comments. I have had quite a dark spell myself and so appreciate hearing that you enjoy this story. Writing it has made me happy too and provided a really great distraction to everything that is tugging at my heart these days. I think your description of Bette taking a deep breath and taking the plunge is very accurate. I don’t mind you dissecting the chapter at all, I love to hear how readers see the story through their eyes and which parts jump out at them. More to come, don’t worry!
        Stay safe, chin up, have a great week

    7. ‘fucking hot, fucking sexy’

      yup, that’s these last 2 chapters! and yet it’s also the beautiful description of the true love between bette and tina. it’s not just the sex, and you show that…it’s a very intimate connection between them that makes the sex even better. different from any other for them. I love how you start with them waking up separately and each doing the same thing…marveling at each other’s sleeping form. I love that tina senses bette’s insecurities and picks the right time to bring it up. love your showing the communication between them…not letting anything fester. and bette. her insecurities have always been so fascinating to me. ‘who hurt you?’ that is question that should have been delved into deeper on the show. im glad you are doing what the show couldn’t. hope that part of bette continues. I love that tina allows bette to open up and bette just shares the parts of herself that hurt…slowly but surely. looking forward to more of their vacation (4 days! this is only the 2nd day! teehee). but also love tina’s surprise of coming out at the gala! yay. looking forward to that…to holly’s reaction at the identity of tina’s tall dark and…beautiful suitor. we’re just at the beginning…and I love this story and look forward to where you take our favorite duo. thanks BK!

      • Who hurt You? EXACTLY BnThofSF! That is the heart of everything Bette Porter. Her insecurities are always so fascinating to me too, she is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle inside a maze. A true onion. Yes, day three of vacation to come, the sun will be out… the birds chirping… the beach warm … and the bikinis. Yes, the bikinis. And more moments that pull them together and start to unpack the women they are. Glad you are along for the ride. Stay safe,

    8. BK

      Beautiful and tender are the best words that come to me. The descriptions of their feelings and responses are so vivid that I the reader can feel the emotional intensity in the moment.

      I love your writing, so fluid and clear.

      Stay safe and keep writing. I know how you feel. My writing has kept the light in sight as I have been recently experiencing troubling and dark times myself.


      • Thank you SuperK
        Hang in there – one day at a time.
        Appreciate you reading and commenting and GETTING my story. Looking forward to your next chapter as well.

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