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    The Beginning 9

    Chap 8
    “I’m nervous” Tina said softly, Bette moving closer at her words. “I don’t know what to do with my hands. I want to drink you in with my eyes at the same time I want to discover every part of you with my my mouth, my tongue. When you stand this close to me… I can’t breathe and yet it isn’t close enough, and it terrifies me.”

    Bette smiled, reaching behind Tina’s head to undo her hair, gently taking out each pin, one at time and watching as Tina’s hair slowly fell around her shoulders, soft… silky… sexy.
    Very fucking sexy

    Bette cupped Tina’s cheek, her hand moving under the hair to caress her neck. “It’s just me, Tee. Just me.”

    Tina let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. “Saying it’s just you is like saying Niagara Falls is just a waterfall, that the Amazon is just a river. You… are… everything.”

    Bette blinked back tears, taking the glass from Tina to gently to pull her closer, their bodies pressed together. Her voice in Tina’s ear was soft, kind. “Dance with me, Tee. Under the moonlight like you said you wanted. Dance with me and just be in that moment. That’s all. Don’t think beyond that. Nothing else but you… and me… and us… dancing.”

    One hand went to the small of Tina’s back, their torsos close, while the other held Tina’s free hand in her own.

    They danced to the music of the waves, the beating of their hearts. Bette, ever patient, ever steady… breathing Tina in as their cheeks pressed against one other and Tina, ever hesitant, ever trusting… until her body overruled her mind and her mouth found Bette’s at last.

    Chap 9

    Was there anything better than a new lover? Someone new to discover, unveil, learn about? How to touch, where to touch, the meeting of one body to another? To breathe in a new scent, to taste skin that had been covered up before, to listen to the sounds of delight as bodies moved in sync?

    Yes, Tina decided. There was something infinitely better…. a new lover who is also your best friend, someone you already love and trust. She was melting in Bette’s arms, this she knew. Enveloped in the strength, the softness of Bette’s skin making the connection feel so comforting. Tina was home.

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    1. Ah, Bk, what a beautiful chapter. I agree with Billy on the cold shower……definitely, but what I loved most was how patient Tina was with Bette, declaring her love over and over until Bette could finally absorb it. Hands down my favorite lines –

      ‘Each time she said it Bette held on to it, held the words like they were the most precious thing she owned. Gathered them like fireflies in the night, to be peeked at later and marveled over.’

      Just so beautiful written. And at the end, when Bette finally says the words. It was so touching.

      Swoon. Swoon. Swoon over these two. Can’t believe they finally did it.

      Thank you!

    2. This was very nice first time together. Cannot believe that they were so patient with each other… .They have been building up to this moment for weeks and months…and I am sure that they have had plenty of DIY and cold showers themselves to keep from moving too fast or making the wrong move. Their expressions of adoration and love in both words and deeds were sincere and heart felt. What a magnificent start to a life time romance and love affair. Very intimate and lovely start for the Tibette relationship.

      Thank you for this… Terrific story….

      • Hey Martha
        Yeah, you mentioned the level of restraint in the last chapter too. I was seeing it differently, mainly because I felt like Bette really wants a different, more considerate relationship with Tina and is hoping for it to last. She is looking for more, better, meaning. And has found it but is taking Tina’s need into account. Thank you for reading and commenting

        • Hey BK,

          I totally believe that Bette wants a different type of life and relationship with Tina than what she has experienced with any other woman. And I know that she is being considerate of Tina’s desires and needs. However, most people are creatures of habit. Those who are accustom to having a sexual release periodically regardless of the circumstances in which that release is obtained has trained that body to expect a sexual release on a periodic basis even if the the mind says that it is inappropriate. So if Bette has been going out every week or so and getting a little release and then suddenly stops that behavior and goes for months without sex, it is natural that her body is going to give her signals that there’s a problem which needs to be resolved even though her mind and emotions says otherwise. Therefore, it would seem that Bette would have to exercise some level of restraint during this period in order to overcome her body’s desire. The fact that she is greatly attracted to Tina in a physical way is not a flaw in her character. And the fact that she has used a great deal of restraint to nurture this relationship is in fact admirable and even necessary to have a long term relationship. But please remember, Bette did not believe that a sexual or romantic relationship was even possible for a long time into their friendship. Maybe I am wrong, but I have always thought that Bette’s “player” days were simply for sexual release. Some people need more than others. She knew that she was never going to find the love of her life from the women she was picking up.

          Bette is and has always been a woman with manners and integrity. And some of that comes from her ability not to give in to her natural desires.

          • Maybe. But I see it differently. I see it as growth. Growth away from being a “creature of habit” into someone she actually likes and respects. And Tina gives her that motivation.

            What drives growth, why do people change? They usually get sick of their own shit so to speak. When doing the same thing over and over yields the same result, some people decide that maybe it’s time to do something differently. That is where I see Bette now in this – my story. I am not a professional writer, just someone who is going a little crazy with the shelter in place and wanted to see if I could bring something to this site that has so many wonderful stories on it.

            Also I think Tina filled another very important void for Bette – loneliness. The need to be seen, understood. Emotional intimacy as much as physical. So it goes deeper than just release.

            Thanks for the dialogue.

            • My dear BK,

              Since we have not had a story from anyone in a couple of days, I thought I might try one more comment….

              I do not think we are that far apart from each other in what we see… I think its a matter of semantics in our word choices rather than point of view of what is happening here with Bette. These word choices are not in the story per se, but are in our comments. I feel from your comments that I have offended you. If that is the case, I truly apologize. It was never my purpose or intent to insult you in any way. I certainly was not aware that you would be hurt by my comments.

              Let me say that you are a superior, high quality writer and story teller. Your contribution to this site with your stories have brought joy and light to many who visit this website. Never think otherwise no matter what I say or anyone else for that matter.

              You are right in that your story shows Bette as becoming someone she is not happy with to someone more like the person she wants to be – growth in character. It is my observation that this growth comes in many aspects of her character. She exhibits changes by being patient with Tina. Patience to me is the resistance to a desire or to take actions to move things along to achieve a goal but to allow things to develop under the control of others or circumstances as they exist. Or patience can be the resistance to walk away from a situation because its not your liking. In your story exhibits much patience; not just in her sexual desires but in allowing Tina to tell her story about Eric and to be used as a sounding board and allowing her to develop the friendship trust which they develop over the first months of their relationship. This is the evidence of her growth as a person. It shows that she is willing to give of her time and space to be a friend to Tina. It shows that she was willing to accept Tina as a friend with no expectation of a romance ever. This shows the growth in her character in that she is interested in Tina as a person and not as a possible conquest.

              And this chapter shows Bette’s growth in that she is on brand new ground with Tina too. She is putting another woman’s needs and desires before her own, but she is willing to for the first time to surrender her own physical and emotional well being to this woman. She has never allowed another woman to affect her emotionally so deeply and so completely. It has been a long journey for Bette just as it has been a long journey for Tina to figure out who she is and what she wants. Their patience with each other, their resistance to doing something which would screw up their path to getting here is a tribute to the growth they are both experiencing.

              This is truly a lovely story. The resistance to respond to Tina in a way which is different than how she responded to any other woman except her, shows self control and patience and her willingness to grow into the person she wants to be and the relationship she wants with Tina.

              Thank you for giving this to us….sorry if we got a little cross ways in our comments…

              • Martha
                I think we did get cross ways a little bit in the comments, as can happen with written exchanges from time to time. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment further. I had a really tough week professionally that week so I think that showed in my response. I took a break from all social media and news so that helped :) Such a crazy depressing world right now!
                I love hearing from readers because you all challenge me to tie up loose ends, hold the characters accountable and have the story make sense. So much goes in to each story and writing is new to me so I really love to hear what readers think. Please keep responding, your insight is so good and you obviously care about B&T very much. Thank you for sticking with both stories!!

    3. Indeed, very beautiful. Overwhelming intimacy. It’s incredible how you transform their silent dance on the balcony, which is all about enjoying closeness, hightening desire and foreplay, to a dance of love between the sheets. They touch each other not only with their hands and mouths but let their souls speak through every touch.
      I love how Tina caresses Bette’s body with her cheek. A woman’s cheek is so soft and sensitive. Tina’s caress seems like she wants to absorb more of Bette, of her essence when it’s not enough to kiss her skin or to touch with her lips.

      It’s great how Bette still observes her own feelings. Wondering what’s happening to her and at the same time so sure that she never wants to feel anything less. It shows the depth of trust when she admits to Tina that their lovemaking signifies a new level of intimacy to her as well. And her admission that she loves the talking during sex? Love it!

      Despite all the passion there’s still some teasing and fun. Isn’t that just the best?
      “She did a sexy impromptu dance, her hips moving sexily, gracefully. “Keep your day job…” Tina smirked” LOL

      Favourite dialogue: ““Are you always in charge in bed?” Tina teased …“Yes” Bette teased back, “I’m always in charge…” “I’ll allow it today…” Tina said….
      So feisty. She holds her ground and shows that she’s Bette’s equal.

      And finally Bette’s L-Word. Sigh. Sweet.

      This is one of the best versions of T + B’s first time I’ve read so far. Thank you, BK, for sharing.

      Enjoy your weekend, I’m waiting (nearly patiently) for the morning after.


      • I agree ???? with you!!!

        This was a mind blowing! You have outdone yourself with this chapter BK!!!!

        This was also a favourite line:

        “Each time she said it Bette held on to it, held the words like they were the most precious thing she owned. Gathered them like fireflies in the night, to be peeked at later and marveled over.’

        And then at the end, Bette finally telling Tina she loves her, and not only because the amazing sex, but the whole package, the cuddling afterwards, but also the talking and teasing in bed. They are a match made in heaven!

        Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter!!!

        Stay save and healthy ????

      • Thank you KP
        I love the cheek caressing too, so sensual and slows down the whole process with an intimacy that speaks to the relationship. HAD to inject some fun into the moment. At the end of the day, these love each other’s company and are young and carefree (mostly) and single, why not some fun!
        As always you captured the essence of what I was trying to describe and I am grateful for your comments and support. Enjoy your weekend too!

      • KP – Also I got a big chuckle out of you responding that you saw I posted and that you would be reading later. I stole that idea I loved it so much and made sure Largo knew I was happy to see her newest chapter, which I am reading soon.

    4. Super WOW – where do I start????

      You have so beautifully captured the essence of their eternal love. The manner in which you have so eloquently written the words & feelings of these two extraordinary women is just spectacular.

      The poetry of your words on how they embrace the other not just with their hands but with their very souls.

      This chapter is exceptionally well written and your descriptions are so sensual and romantic. Who wouldn’t fall in love with either one of these ladies? The back and forth between the two is must awesome & as KP mentioned the teasing with each other is so endearing & adds the extra touch of connection.

      Outstanding that you have placed them side by side as equals in every respect. Tina’s strength and Bette’s vulnerability is so charming. How Tina demonstrates to Bette not just in words but by touches, caresses and soul reaching measures her deep love for her. And then at the very end when Bethe has the courage to utter those words of love as well. Thank you for that – that’s one of the many extra touches you have bestowed on us in this remarkable chapter.

      My hat is definitely off to you – your writing ability is just off the rails super!!!!!

      Congrats my friend on a truly brilliant chapter!!!!!



      • Collins
        Thank you Thank you Thank you, I think they are equals too. At some point in their relationship they lose sight of that but I did want to show that they started out on equal footing. I think Tina stopping her work to prepare her body for pregnancy really was a step back for them and for her. I rewatched season one last night and she seemed so anxious, timid and the little cruel jabs at Bette were there even then, I hadn’t really noticed it before. Bette was all but screaming to be noticed and appreciated. Oh Well, we can change all that here on this site.
        Looking forward to your next chapter too my friend, get writing!

    5. ive been absorbing this wonderful chapter since you dropped it last Friday and made my weekend! it was worth the wait. I think bette would agree. I feel like bette is the audience (‘touch me before I scream…’ LOL!). the words you chose to describe their first time…and it is THEIR first time because bette has never had a relationship like the one she has with tina…and has not fully given herself to someone so completely…the words are all perfect and beautiful and full of meaning. they hint at their future. I love that tina was the one to initiate and bette allowed herself to just be swept away by tina. so patient until she can’t stand it any longer (yay). and then bette was holding back until tina reached out to her and reassured her to let go…and it all came (so to speak) out. bette’s ‘I love you’ followed and…BIG SWOON CHAPTER. I loved it. and now im gonna need more…because that was just the first night. what else could possibly happen? :) thanks for this fantastic bette and tina origin story, BK! looking forward to where you take them next.

    6. HoSF – I loved how you linked Bette’s comment (touch me before I scream) to the audience. Too funny!! Glad you appreciated the way it played out. It was a big swoon chapter, and there is more coming dont worry! I so love these comments because they keep me motivated to keep writing. I have some time later this week to see where they go from here. I don’t always know what will happen in each chapter so this will be a fun ride. Thanks for being a part of it

    7. BK

      Wow… you wrote how I would have imagined their first time making love.

      So sweet how Tina had already made up her mind about loving Bette. How Bette “sidestepping the Love conversation like a true master of avoidance.” So telling of their future.

      Bette’s difficulties with release and how Tina gently coaxed Bette allowing her to feel safe to let go.

      Master of description, expert use of words.


    8. My dear so talented author,

      You just achieved what I love in a NC-17 chapter : to make it a true love making, beyond the obvious sexual material. For it never matters to me when there’s only lust if there’s not true feelings – must be my deep good old romantic heart… A kiss full of love will always makes my delight, much more than the most torrid physical act – as our beloved Bette said once, ‘there’s nothing to compare’…

      And here, following the wonderfully slow journey of our dearest two towards one another, savouring each step, I’m sharing with them this milestone : a final journey toward ultimate trust and love, an emotional journey beyond the physical consummation – one following the other until the magical achievement.

      I love the way your Tina makes literally love to her Bette with words, as if they were, for our so insecure and full of inward scars beauty, the ultimate intimacy : ‘I love you’, ‘let go’…
      Metaphorically, it wasn’t innocent for Bette to be unable to go down on someone for so long : to practice oral was such a hard test when one is unable to verbalize emotions and feelings…
      Yes, in this very beautiful chapter, this is ultimately a journey through words as ultimate penetration to reach the ultimate trust and fully express love.

      It just made my day – and it’s just morning, here…
      Thank you, my friend, for everything.
      You are such a beautiful person…

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