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    The Beginning 11

    Bette lost sight of Tina among the colorful fruit stands and hanging scarves. They were at the local morning farmer’s market, which doubled as a bazaar of sorts, where different stands sold everything from fresh fruit to hats, skirts and sarongs to potted plants and herbs. There were even stalls with homemade jewelry, candles, pottery and canned goods.

    There was a festive feel to the air, everyone in a good mood after the stormy day yesterday. Somewhere someone was playing the acoustic guitar and the day was bright but not too hot.

    Earlier, they enjoyed a light breakfast at a small café on the way into town, freshly roasted coffee and a piece of quiche, the conversation between them easy, their friendship deepening the longer they spent time together. They woke up cuddly and in love, the night spent making love, the exploration of each other’s bodies not dampening the need they still both felt.

    They sat close to each other at the cafe, a part of their body always touching, and each found reasons to hold the other’s hand, tuck errant hair behind an ear or lean in closer for a kiss. Had Shane been with them she would have commented on how fucking cute they were, but they were so absorbed in each other it is doubtful if they would have heard.

    They started out at the market together, holding hands as they made their way through the first set of stands, Bette leading as they took in the scene around them. Bette was quickly absorbed in a small collection of art history books, engaging the seller in a heated debate on controversial art pieces and whether they should be considered vile or visionary.

    As soon as Tina heard him utter the infamous words, “clearly madam, you do not understand art…” she knew Bette was prepped for battle.

    A fencing master hearing the words “en garde” would not be more prepared to defend their honor then Bette at this moment. Tina could practically feel the energy coming off her girlfriend as Bette all but rolled up her sleeves to the task of enlightening the little man.

    Tina rubbed Bette’s back, then smirked, watching as Bette’s hands started gesturing, knowing she would be occupied for some time.

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    1. I love that we have entered the ‘can’t keep their desires in check and hands off each other’ phase! I love how you describe their physical and emotional connection. how that connection makes them so much stronger in every way. bette’s insecurity doesnt just disappear with their love…and it’s something that she and they will have to deal with but it’s so good to see that it…doesn’t disappear, it’s very real. but little by little, bette is reassured by tina’s love…to the point where she doesn’t spiral as much in the insecurity. that’s growth! and tina coming out…it’s a whole new world for her and im sure not everyone will be as lovely about it as Grannie Ellie. I love your Bette and Tina. cannot wait to see them grow together. thanks BK!

      • HAHA. I love your comments. A starving bnt_hosf indeed.
        I thought ignoring Bette’s insecurities would hinder the story later, these are life long struggles she has had and will not doubt continue to crop up as they navigate their early years. Thank you for loving this story and for jumping to read each new chapter. Much appreciated!

    2. Sitting in 95 degree temperatures with no air conditioning and your story just increased the heat even more. I absolutely loved them at the market with all of the distance flirting. The ping ponging point of view and escalating sexual longing was incredibly sensual. Bette is very sweet. This is new territory for her. Coming to Tina’s because the bed doesn’t feel right without her. Her total honesty and respect for Grannie Ellie. Holding nothing back. Making a mental note to ask Tina more about her work. Bette is in love and willing to put in the work. Tina is so incredibly lovely and sexy. She may be a fledgling lesbian but she in so in love with Bette and is committed to making their relationship work. The gala may be a bit tricky for her but she clearly wants to go with Bette. A major step. Adore this couple so much. Extremely well written. Excellent flow. Like the longer chapters. You can really get into their story. A real pleasure to read.

      • Billy
        The temps here are brutal. Heat advisories everywhere. I guess I should put a temperature gauge in the authors notes LOL. The gala will be tricky, imagine coming out in that way all at once. Tina has balls so to speak. Glad you liked the market flirting – I had pictured the scene in Braveheart with Mel Gibson’s character following his girlfriend through a market. It didn’t end well for her, but I loved the way it played out with the long glances, the communication from afar. Not two women, I know… but it provided the basis for the scene in my mind so that is all that matters! Thanks for commenting –

    3. This was a very sweet enchanting chapter. I love how Bette sees Tina as having confidence in their relationship and how that makes her even more attractive to her. I love the teasing aspects of their market visit. I can visualize Bette just being beside herself as she watches Tina eat the melon. I was surprised that she was able to maintain enough self control to remain at the market. It was an incredibly hot scene.

      I love Grannie Ellie. I knew that she would accept Bette with open arms and that she would be pleased that Tina had found someone who would truly be good to her. Deep down Bette knew it too as from the reception she had received in their first meeting. And with the conversation Tina and Ellie had on her was to take Ellie home, Tina should see that Grannie Ellie is just elated with Tina’s relationship with Bette.

      Now…let’s see how the double date goes and then the studio dinner. I believe that Tina’s assistant is going to be speechless. I know she thinks that Bette is an attractive woman, but she still has not put Tina with Bette yet in her mind and therefore, this will be a huge surprise. I just hope she’s not homophobic. As to the dinner? Well, this is Hollywood. And for the most part, it will be pretty much a non-event the their minds. It will be huge in Tina’s world, as this is the first time she will appear in public with her girlfriend on her arm. And Bette knows that this is a big step for Tina and she will be supportive of her. I’m sure that Tina has concerns as to how this will affect her professional career. And that is a bridge you have to cross when you are ready and stand ready to meet whatever comes your way. Hopefully, everything will be accepted and live will go on.

      Thank you for this chapter…. truly delightful…

      • Martha
        Thank you so much! You highlighted some of my favorite moments from the chapter as well. The market was in my head before I started writing but the rest just appears as it goes. Lots of writing and rewriting, I am sure as an author yourself you understand the process. I think the dinner in Hollywood will be the easiest part, usually it is the people who are closest to you that do the most damage right?
        Glad you along for the ride! Thanks

    4. Hi BK,

      Wow what a chapter!!!!!!!!

      Just loved the farmer market scene. Bette is so out of her comfort zone, but Tina is gently working her plan to indoctrinate Bette into how a relationship works & those fantastic feelings & desires. They play with each other joyfully & it was sweet.

      Our gal Bette just wanted to F Tina & then 2X on Sunday – that was funny!!!!

      Then Tina having to sit on her hands to refrain from touching Bette – cute!!!

      Then the beach scene & Bette just can’t stand the waiting any more to withstand teh teasing from Tina & she just tells Tina – ‘Let’s go – Now’!!!! That made me laugh. So impatient she is!!!!!

      And let’s not overlook that fabulous scene with the ‘wall sex’ – Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!

      And who wouldn’t love t have a grandmother like Ellie??? That dinner scene was sweet. Ellie wanted to get down to business with what was going on between Tina & Bette & she was over the moon with Bette & how she treated Tina. That was lovely.

      And you KNOW they’re hooked when they can’t sleep without each other.


      Great job my friend with another super chapter. Really love their progression.

      Thanks ever so much for you efforts & bringing us this wonderful chapter!!!!

      Best regards.


      • This made me hollah!!

        As soon as Tina heard him utter the infamous words, “clearly madam, you do not understand art…” she knew Bette was prepped for battle.

        A fencing master hearing the words “en garde” would not be more prepared to defend their honor then Bette at this moment. Tina could practically feel the energy coming off her girlfriend as Bette all but rolled up her sleeves to the task of enlightening the little man.

        And this:

        Tina took a couple bites of melon, the juices coating her chin and mouth, running down her throat, surprising her.

        She laughed, embarrassed and her pink tongue came out to lick around her lips, slowing as her eyes flicked up to meet Bette’s as she did so. All around her traveled that pink tongue, and she moved her lips together slowly.

        For a long second Bette could not breathe, the flowers in her hand forgotten as she tried to regain lung functioning. It was suddenly very hot at the market.

        She has no idea. No idea how fucking sexy she is, Jesus.

        Tibette is THE couple in fandom because writers understand: sexual stalking

        If glances could be considered incendiary, then these glances were smoldering.

        • Dumplin and Collins –
          I love how you both comment on the phrases that make you laugh. Writing humor is so hard and I have a dry direct approach that is not always well received so there is that!! Thank you for making me laugh with your comments and for noticing the parts in the story that you like!


    5. Hi BK,

      What a fantastic chapter!!!

      The scene on the market, now named sexual stalking was so good! You have a real talent to takes us through this story, to tell the thoughts of what both Bette and Tina are thinking, the scenery that they are in, just amazing! And then when they were at the beach and finally they couldn’t hold back their desire for each other and the hot passionate love they made back in the hotelroom, so hot!!! I needed a cold shower after reading it!

      Bette is sometimes so insecure but Tina’s strenght and confidence and love will help her grow and feel secure in their relationship. Tina is so different than the clingy and needy woman she”dated” in the past. And it was really sweet how they couldn’t sleep apart after their weekend away.

      Grannie Ellie, what a delight to meet her, she is so fantastic and a big and loving support for Tina. How she asked Bette about her intentions towards Tina, priceless!!! Bette did a excellent job to tell her about her feelings for Tina And she was very honest about her former behavior to the woman she dated. Grannie Ellie is delighted with Bette.

      You made me curious about Tina’s past, what did Grannie Ellie meant?

      Tina took the first step to come out and will take the next step with the double date. I hope Holly will accept the news just like Ellie, if she is a true friend she will be supportive ????

      This was a super good chapter!!! Thank you so much for this incredible story!!!

      • Bib,
        Don’t worry about Holly accepting Bette, she had been teasing Tina from day one about “Bette Bette Bette, her dress, her hair, her eyes, her walk… I’ve never heard you talk about anyone like that before…” and then Holly even suggested in chapt3/8 that Tina may as well go consider Bette As a capable lover since Tina no longer was with Eric (see also chap4/15). And finally, Holly had already met her when Bette showed up at Tina’s work place (chap7/10 remember?).

        Holl will be DROOLING when Tina introduces Bette as her “girlfriend” knowing how romantic Bette is (with the 2 weeks of flowers and cards labled as “secret admirer) and how stunningly beautiful and sensual Bette is.

        Can’t wait for Tina to come strutting into the next work gala hand-n-hand with “Porter” 😜☺️

      • BiBi
        Thank you for your comments – you are spot on about the scene with Ellie, she was not going to let anymore time past before she got the information she needed! You have been so supportive for both stories and I appreciate the kind words! Thanks

    6. Man BK,
      What can I say that hasn’t been said. All these lovely ladies have said it all. The market scene was so…well, I could feel it down to my toes. And honestly, I think we all need a Granny Ellie in our lives. One who drinks gin in the afternoon and anticipates coming out celebrations with champagne in the evening. The best. And come on, Bette showing up in her pajamas at your front door, lord help me, I wanted to be Tina so bad in that moment. Can’t wait for the double date and the coming out at the gala. Bette is going to knock their socks off. This was such a beautifully written chapter. Can’t wait to read it again tomorrow when I’ve managed to forget some of it.


      • Risky
        I would LOVE a Grannie Ellie in my life! I agree! How nice would that be and think of all the color and excitement she would add to your day. I agree too about Bette showing up in her pjs, I can not handle. But please don’t spend too much time reading my stuff – you have a follow up chapter to post. SAVE Tina from Tina. LOL.

    7. Bk

      Poetic, just poetic. I love the way you are describing their desires and insecurities.

      Harmonic in the flirting back and forth. Sometime, at least in my experience, words get in the way, subtle looks and simple touching conveys far more.

      Nicely done.

    8. BK, thanks for this sweet chapter. It was a busy week for me so I’m behind on my reading.
      What can I say that the others did not already write? So many great comments.

      It’s so good to see Tina and Bette so much in love, everything between them so new, so intense. Like the others I love their time at the market. I remember the scene in Braveheart that you were referring to. Needles to say that your T + B scene is head and shoulders better.

      Feels like they are connected by an unvisible force field that is humming with energy whenever they get closer to each other. At the same time the post coital bliss keeps the lovers’ minds occupied with thoughts of each other and memories of their night full of passion which causes a small short circuit in the force field.
      That’s when Bette forgot what she was doing. “For a long second Bette could not breathe, the flowers in her hand forgotten as she tried to regain lung functioning.” See? Short circuit. ;-)

      It’s amazing though that Tina and Bette were able to leave the hotel room at all and have a day full of activities. But it was important for their bonding as a new couple. Not spending a weekend as best friends but as girlfriends. Tina’s try to spend the night alone back at home? Very adult thing to do. Cute that Bette gave in first, fought her fears and went to Tina.

      Great that you included Granny Ellie once again. She’s such a delight to read. Now I’m looking forward to the double date and Tina’s coming out. I’d say it will go more smooth than she might anticipate.

      Have a great week, stay safe

      • “Small short circuit in the force field” love it Kiwi!
        You would think they would spend all day in the hotel room, right? You zeroed in what I was trying to convey – that they are moving more into a girlfriend relationship where the friendship is the foundation rather than the driving force. So glad you are enjoying the story and love Grannie Ellie as much as I do.
        Take care KP!

    9. Not so sure about Holly, closest friends are often the ones who disappoint the most I’m afraid …

      Can’t wait to hear about Tina’s past, I guess it won’t be easy.

      • You are so right Izzie. I read once that the people who are closest to you have the most power to hurt. Given Holly’s proximity to Tina this will be interesting to see how it plays out. Thanks for commenting!

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