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    The Beginning 12

    Bette moved her head from one side to the other, trying to see her eye makeup in the mirror around Tina’s head. She could smell Tina’s shampoo and she angled her head to breath in more, kissing her on the side of the head before turning her face to see if her makeup was smooth.

    She leaned over Tina’s arm to get some concealer out of her bag, carefully applying it while moving to the other side as Tina reached the other way for her comb, her back brushing against Bette’s chest.

    One mirror, one sink and two electric plugs was a challenge with two women, one blow dryer, one straightener and the curler Tina had plugged in the bedroom just in case. Not to mention the assorted makeup cases, jars, lotions, and extra toiletries Bette traveled with. While Tina’s apartment was extremely charming and very inviting, it was only big enough for one person as they were coming to realize the more time Bette spent there.

    They usually spent the weekends at Bette’s, the pool and proximity to their favorite running trails and ocean side restaurants making it the better option. But most nights during the week, Tina’s apartment was closer to their offices and to their now weekly dinner with Grannie Ellie. Every Monday at 6:00 they picked up Tina’s Grandmother for what was becoming a very special time for both.

    Bette leaned in closer, one hand touching the small of Tina’s back, her thumb moving up and down the soft skin as the other hand applied mascara. Tina paused to watch.

    “You’re doing it again…”

    “What?” Bette asked, making her eyes big and blinking to make sure she had the desired effect. She looked at Tina in the mirror, smiling fondly.

    “You’re rubbing your perky breasts into my back when you lean forward and… its very… distracting…I can’t think when you do that…” Tina rubbed some lotion on her arms and elbows, considering Bette in the mirror.

    “You think they’re perky?” Bette asked playfully, kissing Tina on the shoulder and purposefully moving them across Tina’s back as she reached for some lip liner.

    “I know they are. I know exactly how perky they are and that is the problem. It’s very distracting…”

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    1. BK Dahling!

      U surprised me with having Daniel in tote with Holly to meet the mystery lover that Tina had been getting the royal treatment from. More than that I wasn’t expecting Daniel’s reaction of disdain toward Bette.
      I chuckled with Tina more-or-less pounding the “let me tell you something” knife into Eric’s smug mugg with “I came SEVEN times last night”!!!! Bet ‘ol Holly creamed her knickers hearing that. 🤣🤣🤣 Daniel is now gon have to worry about his own shit wondering how “satisfied” Holly truely is. He also knows for sure now, hearing it from Tina, that Eric is NOT the stud he claims to be.

      Anyway, you’ve left us wondering what the next drama will be. I still think something is gonna happen at the Emmys when Tina will be escorted by Bette. All kinds of jaws will be dropping and gasps will fill the room when they come sashaying into da room!! HeHeHe

      • DT Dahling
        Yes Tina hit Eric in the best way possible. calling into question his ability as a lover. Never a good look for any hot blooded male, is it? What will the next drama be, hmmm? The big dinner is next, let’s see what happens as they get ready and arrive for the biggest coming out so far. Stay tuned!

    2. Talk about a coming out dinner? Its public now…. I think that Bette and Tina handled Eric just perfectly. Daniel just backed the wrong horse. Now that he knows that Eric cheated on Tina, not once but several times, he best find a new best friend if he wants to keep Holly. I’m sure that Holly and Daniel are in love and want a long term marriage. But, neither of them will be happy if the other cheats. I think that Eric with this conversation can no longer claim Daniel and Holly as his friends.

      Unfortunately for Eric, I think his inadequacy is now public knowledge. Holly knows that Tina and Bette really care for one another. She also knows that Tina has landed the “holy grail” and the fact is that this is not something temporary for either of them. Their attraction and love was obvious from the moment Bette arrived. She saw Tina relax from her tension of waiting for her arrival. She saw the affection between the two of them and she watch as Bette and Tina make their exit. Now when she puts together all the flowers with Tina’s unknown love, she will be blown away about how special Bette sees Tina to be.

      I love the way these two have come to the decision that living together is not only a possibility but a probability. I think they are ready. I love the way these two are so comfortable together and how much they enjoy one another’s company. They are wonderful together. And their life is about to change for the better when they move in together. Their need to be together is over shadowing their need for privacy and to be alone.

      I am anxious to see what happens at the dinner. I think that they are going to turn some heads and will be the “bells of the ball”. I do not think it will affect Tina’s career…. as the fact is that women have their share of discrimination in the movie industry whether straight or gay. The fact is that Tina is now an executive because of her abilities to do the job. But that doesn’t mean her professional life will be smooth sailing. She is a strong will woman who will plot her path carefully and she will do well. And with Bette to support her, she will be very successful.

      Thank you for this chapter…. Look forward to the next one…

      • Martha
        Thank you for this sweet comment. I love how you dissect the chapter with your own thoughts and insights. You are spot on about Daniel – he has some explaining to do when he gets home with Holly! What did he possibly think would come of telling Eric about the dinner with Tina? Shaking my head at the audacity.
        I love that the idea of living together is becoming a real possibility for them, and you are spot on that this overshadows their own need for privacy. They each have reasons that they have never wanted to live with anyone else until now and it will be interesting to see how this unfolds over time.
        I have said this before but it bears repeating… I am glad you are along for the ride. Looking forward to seeing how you like the next chapter!

    3. Danm!…. ok first I was at work reading this…. you and MTS seem to plan it just right when posting NC-17’s.

      I just had gotten caught up yesterday.

      Great chapter and you were spot on most men don’t know what the hell there doing. Thank you I loved the whole thing. Bathroom scene was hot and I’m glad Bette was able to keep her cool at the table.

      Hope you got those school issues ironed out. It seems to be a state by state county by county thing. I wish you strength to get you through this coming school year.

      Just started raining here from hurricane Isaias. Any ways thank you

      • BnT
        So nice to hear from you! I have followed your writing as well so it is always nice when a fellow writer takes time to comment. We all need to encourage each other.
        The school issues seem to change by the day. We have a few more weeks until the official start date and with other schools already having problems it will be interesting to see how it all plays out! Hope you make it through the hurricane ok, at least it was fast to arrive and quick to leave. Stay safe!

    4. Hi BK,

      My god, the first few pages just blowed my mind. The intimacy, the seduction and how they were “coming” to a decision about Tina’s rent in that small bathroom!

      And when Holly told Tina she was late again, “You. You’re like… unreal. You’re floating on air or something. Do your feet even touch the ground? You were late to work again this morning…”
      and Tina said: “I know… I had a major problem with my bathroom sink…! Hilarious ????????????

      You are so good in mixing humor with hotness and of course the little drama i am sure we will get to read in future chapters.

      It was so cute how Bette broached the subject about living together three times and after her swim she knew for certain that is what she wants and surprised her self and Tina in how seriously she want it.

      They bring the best out in each other and it is so sweet to see how their relationship develop.

      The dinner wasn’t quite what they expected, Holly was shocked but so happy for Tina and Daniel, god what a prick, inviting Eric that douchebag. They both were complete assholes and Bette and Tina handled them with grace. But i think Danny will not be that impressed with Eric anymore. I wished i could have slapped that smug look of Eric’s face, but they handled him and put him in place. But i think Tina will be feeling hurt that he cheated on her with different woman when they were together, if she loved him or not that will hurt but she has a big support in Bette.

      So sweet they spend every Monday evening with grannie Ellie, i would love to read more with her and the girls, she is a great woman.

      Next is the big coming out for Tina at her work, look forward how that will go! I think they will fall in love with Bette!

      This was a super chapter BK!!! I enjoyed it very much!

      Hope the problems with college plans and school re-opening will work out!

      Take care and stay save my friend ????

      • BiBi
        I thought Tina was funny about the issues with her bathroom sink as well. Now that Holly knows who she is dating I imagine their morning conversation will be much different! Holly probably has ALOT of questions :)
        Thank you also for mentioning that you want to see more of Grannie E. I will make sure to include that in the next chapter, I enjoy writing about her too. Living in the south, I have a lot of material to pull from… seems like there is a southern grandmother at every corner. It will be interesting to see how her relationship with Bette unfolds too, they seem so curious about each other and GE will want to everything about this new relationship in Tina’s life.
        Thank you for commenting. I love hearing what you liked and you always seem to pick up on the funny moments that I love too!
        Best, BK

    5. Great chapter. Daniel is a real jerk. Not fair or respectful to Holly. The assumption on all sides was that Tina was dating a man. Why did Daniel invite Eric? Wonder what the plan was going to be? Size each other up? Not cool Daniel. Instead of a male pissing contest both men were very effectively emasculated by our dear Bette. Just love her. Not someone to mess with. So protective of Tina but Tina held her own with Eric as well. Suspect he will show up again for more abuse. Holly will most definitely have more than a word with Daniel. Not quite the night out she was hoping for.

      Love going through Bette’s thought process as she comes to realize how much she loves the life she is building with Tina and that she wants them to live together. Love this Bette. So loving and gentle and caring and soft hearted and passionate and sweet with Tina yet a true fire brand when protecting her baby. Wondering how she knew Eric had cheated and a name no less. Be careful who you mess with Eric,

      Really like that they have settled into a routine of sorts and enjoyed the one mirror one sink section. Also that they are spending time with grannie Ellie. Bette’s swim, Tina cooking,
      dinner together at home – normal life. Tina’s I came seven times last night shows she is very capable of handling Eric on her own but Bette was also able to ease her tension with just a touch. And vice versa. They fit so well. Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Billy
        Daniel IS a jerk! Why do I always write about jerky guys? Something to think about. He may have to redeem himself in the next chapter. As Martha said, he better be singing a new song pretty soon or she may need to rethink her relationship. You are right, he was def a disappointment.
        You are the second person to mention liking that they see Grannie E each week. I will make sure to add that time into the next chapter. She will be more prominent as they settle into their relationship even more over the next few weeks.
        Thanks for your comments, always fun to see the story through your eyes!

    6. BK, you posted! Thanks for a great start of the week. I just love this story.

      It feels very natural how Tina and Bette are getting closer and more comfortable with each other. They are able to read their moods and react in a way that balances and calms the other. Right from the beginning of their friendship, it seems.

      The morning in the bathroom? The scene with sharing a sink, mirror and all is very vivid. Yes, the joys of learning to share space. Were you writing from experience? ;-) I’m still grinning at the breast thing they both have going. Totally understandable that T + B make each other late for work. Still so new in love and so horny for the girlfriend. Very hot number on the sink, BK.

      Points for Tina for her fantastic return to Holly commenting on her being late for work again.
      “I had a major problem with my bathroom sink.” Delivered without blushing or laughing. I’d gone with “traffic jam” ;-)

      It’s cute how both exude so obviously how much in love they are. And all the talk about living together? Bette trying to explain and showing once again her insecurities? It is a big step after all.
      Gotta love Tina for picking up Bette’s thought of not even sharing her house with a dog. House broken, long walks and sleeping on the bed. Very sweet how she reassures B that they won’t rush things. She’s excellent at reading her girlfriend and knowing when to give her time to think over things. Resulting in Bette’s epiphany at the pool. So sweet. Alice will be surprised when Tina moves in.

      The dinner went as good and bad as it could go, didn’t it? Holly was hilarious. The holy grail? How do you come up with something like that? You had me in stitches! Well, Holly was a fan of Bette’s already and she is a very observant woman. She saw the changes in Tina caused by her new love interest for some time now. On top of that – like Martha said – she noticed the looks and the touches both women shared.

      Daniel on the other hand? Why would he tell Eric that he’ll meet Tina and her new love interest for dinner? What a jerk! How old is he? Sixteen? Were he and his pal Eric going to provoke Tina’s boyfriend to embarrass Tina? As a boost to Eric’s ego? At least there is hope for Daniel.

      It’s great how Tina + Bette reacted to the incident. They handled all of Eric’s stupid comments very masterfully. He is such an egoistic idiot.
      One of the highlights: “I’ll speak slowly and use small words so he will understand.” Bette at her best!
      And of course Tina’s parting words. Seven times! I’m impressed as well. But I’m not so sure that will keep Eric away. Wouldn’t put it past him that he’ll badmouth both Tina and Bette.
      I just hope that Tina won’t be discouraged and will still have her coming out at the Emmy’s.

      Thank you for sharing, BK. Can’t wait for the next part.
      Keep my fingers crossed for the school/college issues. Difficult times for parents, pupils and first year students. Good luck, stay safe


      • kp kp
        LOVE hearing your thoughts. I will never tell if the inspiration for the bathroom sink scene was from real life or not…. Suffice to say that tiny bathrooms often lead to interesting…. challenges. LOL
        Moving in together is a HUGE step for Bette and she does best taking one small step at at time. So cute.
        I think Daniel is going to be doing some groveling for some time after his poor performance at the dinner and I bet Holly keeps him there for some time. He better straighten up if he wants to keep seeing her, as Martha said.
        This is a difficult time for all parents regarding school. They keep changing the plan and do not seem to have used the past five months to plan for this happening. Stay safe yourself!

    7. Hey my pal,

      Well – if only we all had someone to get dressed with in the morning like Tibette!!!!!

      Awesome chapter and so moving with their expressions of love for the other & how you made it sooooo real!!!
      It felt like we were right there with a front row seat to their intimate moments. Just spectacular!!!!!!

      So honest of Bette to share her still fragile thoughts about moving in together & what that all means & how she hadn’t ever considered it before. But then, how could she if she hadn’t found her soul mate yet??? She was waiting for Tina – waiting for that special one.

      Yes and I agree with the other comments – more Granny Ellie! She’s a great character & tells it like it is.

      So once Holly recovers from her shock – she’ll have a million questions for Tina – hoping that most of them will be just what she’s missing with not having a woman make love to her!

      Eric – please finish his burial the next chapter as Tibette pounds him with his own insults & falsehoods. Daniel better get the message quick or Holly will be moving on ASAP.

      BK – lovely update & thanks ever so much for sharing your craft with us.

      Until next time – be well.


      • Collins
        I hopped on to read your fantastic new chapter and then saw that I needed to read these comments! I agree, I think Bette needed to meet the right person before even thinking seriously about cohabitation. Until Tina she just had not met the right person.
        Daniel does need to get the message quick. I think his plan – whatever that was – completely backfired on him. I suspect he was thinking Tina would show up with another guy but the surprise was on him!
        I appreciate you commenting. I know writing takes a ton of time so it is always nice when other writers also respond with their thoughts of each story. Looking forward to your next chapter –

      • Joanna
        Thank you so much! This is actually the 12th chapter of this story but you can work your way back to see how it all unfolded! If you are a TiBette fan than you should really like the story from the start. Thank you for commenting, I will be looking forward to seeing how you like the entire story as you catch up!

    8. I very much liked this chapter. Why asshat Eric thought Tina couldn’t do better than him is beyond me, and Daniel pulled a real dick move inviting him to a first meeting of Tina’ new boo. Post soon please.

    9. BK, you have done it again. you make bette and tina so sexy and fun with that bathroom love scene. nothing sexier than talk about rent, utilities and rates. ???? but what was really sexy? besides the sex was the emotion behind it…the fact that they are now so close and comfortable with each other that there are serious thoughts about officially living with each other. neither one uses the words but it’s there. and there’s bette’s insecurity where she almost says what she wants (for tina to live with her) in an indirect way but immediately second guesses herself because she doesn’t want to push tina. love that she is not all bravado but a bit insecure underneath it all even though deep down she knows she and tina have something special. what I loved maybe more than that love scene though? bette realizing tina is the one…THE ONE that she wants to live with and be with and was missing all along. after her swim, seeing tina…finally bette has someone that is for her, hers, and loves her and takes care of her. she’s not alone but has the most beautiful of loves with tina. I love that she realizes it. and that makes her strong. OK…daniel is an ass for inviting eric to see who stole tina away. im glad bette handled that. it’s like bette finally got the chance to tell eric what an inadequate man he was…it’s like that anger at eric (for making tina feel unsexy) was building up in bette and she just knocked his cheating ass down. loved this chapter! please post another soon! oh the drama!

      • AWWW Stirfry my friend. So glad you liked the chapter. It was fun to write. Bette having to share a bathroom sink is intriguing but she manages because she is so in love with Tina. She is all bravado but scared inside and Tina SEES that and knows just how to respond. It was fun to write. I will try to stir up so more drama for the next chapter too LOL. Appreciate you commenting!

    10. BK

      Love the bathroom, in a hurry not hurry LOL.

      Alpha Bette makes her appearance subtle but laser in her her responses to a petty loser like Eric. can’t satisfy a woman so you attacker instead, what a prick. I have know to many in my years.

      Nicely done.


    11. Hey BK,
      I know I say this all the time, but I just love the relationship that these two have. You paint a beautiful picture of their comfortability with each other, and oh man, when you add in the heat, it’s just so special. Absolutely swoon worthy. I love how both of them promised themselves that they couldn’t be late to work, but we know these two can’t keep their hands off each other so it was so easy for them to just throw that right out the window. And oooooh, I agree with Billy, Daniel is a real POS! How dare he invite Eric the scumbag to that dinner. Holly needs to cut him loose like ASAP. I also loved how she called Bette The Holy Grail. So appropriate. Can’t wait to see the real coming out at the gala, but I’m thinking with the way both Bette and Tina emasculated the little prick, this won’t be the last we see of Eric. Such a wonderful story!


      • Rissssssskyyyyy
        Where oh where is Risky’s story? Where oh where is Risky’s story where oh where can it be?
        hint hint
        And it won’t be the last we see of Eric. Sometimes people need to be told twice why they are a prick. LOL
        Thanks for commenting, always love hearing from you

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