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    The Beginning 6

    Sunday morning, Bette woke first, her eyes opening slowly to the light as she took in the lovely shape of the blonde lying next to her. Tina was on her stomach, the sheets and blanket kicked off to reveal shapely, toned legs and more than a nice view of firm ass cheeks in lavender panties.

    She was not using her pillow, her head turned away from Bette, but one hand rested on Bette’s arm. The Yale t-shirt rose up to her waist, and her breathing was slow and regular. Bette realized this was a view she could get used to. Easily.

    She slipped her arm out from under Tina’s hand carefully and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and use the toilet. She looked at herself in the mirror, feeling completely at peace with how and who she woke up with. It was not a feeling she recognized but it was definitely one she wanted to feel again and again. She felt amazingly well rested, having Tina next to her felt so… perfect, right.

    She walked quietly through the bedroom and glanced at Tina, who had not moved. Bette paused. She liked seeing Tina in her bed. Spread out and probably hung over but it was right where Bette wanted her to be, in her bed, in her life. She made her way to the kitchen knowing Tina would need coffee.

    She got the coffee started, loving how she had exactly what she needed… a new morning blend of ground coffee that Tina told her she needed to try and creamers in the fridge.

    Ever since Tina was a frequent presence in the house, Bette found that she liked having food and drinks readily available in her kitchen. She went to get two coffee mugs and noticed a fresh cut rose from the garden in a tiny vase by the sink.


    While the coffee brewed, she returned to sit next to the blonde, who stirred. Tina’s head lifted, then turned… her eyes completely obscured by her hair. Bette chuckled and reached over to move the hair away so she could finally see Tina’s eyes, her hand staying to run through the tousled strands. Tina’s hair felt like silk, her eyes bright.

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    1. Beautiful story!

      I love the inner thoughts of Bette, they are cute.

      Tina is right, Bette can teach her the physical side of a relationship and she can teach Bette about the emotional side of a relationship.

      The fun, the teasing and love they have together is awesome!

      Thank you for the update!

    2. These two are so wonderful together….just the right amount of being adventurous without going beyond the boundaries. Bette had better make reservations at a nearby hotel. Driving home for an hour or so is going to be dangerous, as their thoughts will not be on the road or traffic. And the possibility of sweet Alice interrupting is eliminated.if they are not at home.

      This is going to be a long week for Tina and for Bette. But I’m sure they will get through it. Really a sweet story. And I think they are ready for the main event of their courtship.

      Thanks for this chapter and for this story….. really a good one.

    3. At first I felt like it was taking a long time for these two to come to the point of consummating their relationship, but realistically, the unsteady steps that Tina is taking are quite realistic. She really has a grasp on how much being all in with Bette (a “woman”) is going to have in her total life. She doesnt want to backslide when people/family start to challenge her.

      The only thing she needs to learn quickly is to quit listening to Alice!! Especially when it come to relationships. As far as we know in this story, Bette has NOT been with Alice, and if true, Alice doesn’t know what Bette wants and needs from a partner.

      Alice believes her own imagined press of what the “playa” Bette is “like” is in bed. Alice’s imagination runs wild on all the stuff (true or otherwise) that all the one-night-stands have said about Bette.

      Lordy! Lordy! I hope Alice does NOT have access to keys to Bette’s place, she doesn’t need to be busting in on our lovebirds and Fng up their business 😬😬.

      Lastly, I think Tina is gonna shock Bette with her passion in spite of inexperience with a “woman”! I suspect that Bette will yield to Tina and allow herself to be explored and loved by Tina in her own way.

      I think it’s cute how Bette is going all out to doll herself up for their dinner date. Tina doesn’t know it but she will be drooling over Bette . . . In public! HeHeHe! 😊☺️😜

    4. Sweet BK,
      One more thing, the humor in your stories make me quickly defend into 🤣🤣🤣

      Tina: You made breakfast?
      Bette: “I did. Six unfortunate eggs died to bring you this meal. All burnt beyond recognition, alas. . . .” 🤣🤣🤣

      Bette: “I thought you might want soe food in your stomach”
      Tina: “where’s yours?
      Bette: “I . . . ran out of eggs. It’s ok, I don’t usually eat breakfast so . . . “

    5. Beautiful chapter, BK. You made my day with it!

      I love Bette’s observations about the little changes in her day-to-day life, the mini invation of things all Tina in her house and heart. The coffee, having food in the fridge, the little flower, let alone the wonder how amazing it felt to have Tina next to her when waking up.

      And Tina? The toothbrush-moment? Priceless. Wonderful how honest and open she is talking about her feelings. Best quote: “Changing the way my heart beats, the very way I breath. I wake up a different person, even the world feels different around me.”
      Wow, I’m sure these words wrote themselves around B + T’s hearts the very second they were spoken.
      Wedding vows couldn’t be more heartfelt.

      Thanks for all the comic moments! Hilarious and proof of their bonding as well.
      You made me laugh with Bette’s statement that there’s no lesbian bush acceptability test.

      Your story simply makes me happy, thanks for that, BK.
      Enjoy your day and the weekend, stay safe


    6. Well, I had to reread a few parts of this fantastic chapter twice because they were so good!!!!!!!!

      Okay, Bette’s not the only one bursting at the seams here with anticipation – we are too!!!!!!!!
      Can’t wait for that dinner & the nightcap!!!!!!

      Thank you so much for giving us this precious insight into what the very start of their relationship was like. Bette’s evolving into a more balanced person with Tina guiding her through some of the emotions of a budding relationship & she’s realizing its not all about her anymore. At this point, she’ll do anything for Tina – just anything. Just awesome!!!!!!!!

      Tina’s getting her courage up & quickly realizing the time for complete intimacy is fast approaching.

      Like kiwipit I though the toothbrush moment was so sweet – side by side!! Like they belong!!

      Can’t wait for chapter 7.

      Thanks so much.

    7. love how bette already feels like tina is…home. when she wakes up and just notices how much she loves having tina in her space, how tina is already filling that space and making it a home (the coffee, the rose, the full fridge). it’s the little things like that, the details in this love story that make this story so lovely to read. so sweet, so passionate…and they are just getting started. and so playful! damn it, somehow Alice makes it into the bedroom conversation! and tina is being a bit more bold…just going with what she is feeling. little steps. but that last part on the couch was soooo sweet. I love it. I love that tina is showing bette what it means to be intimate and how it just makes things even better. tina is not afraid to say how much she is falling for bette to bette…and I love that.

      still loving Bette Porter thoughts lol….so very bette to want everything to be perfect. and I feel like when they spend that long weekend at the beach together, starting with the Friday night date? it will be perfect and right. at least I hope so! ah what a great story. I cannot wait for the next chapter and hope it’s soon! thanks BK.

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