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    The Beginning 7

    “Bette, Tina’s on line 2… sounds urgent…” James was learning when to interrupt his boss and when to just take a message. Any call from Tina was to go immediately to Bette and it usually put her in a much better mood so that was one rule he was happy to enforce.

    Bette smiled into the phone, eager to hear Tina’s voice. “Hey Tee, did you get to the hotel ok?”

    “Yes, but fucking hell Bette…” Tina launched into a rant, her words coming fast and hurried, she was clearly wound up. “…my bags are headed for Munich… the airline screwed up…such a fuckup, my God Bette what am I going to do? It’s already almost five here and I meet the author at 9:30 in the morning. This is a complete fucking mess of a disaster…”

    Tina was frantic, her voice wavering as she took a deep breath. “I have nothing, absolutely nothing to wear other than what I wore on the plane and I spilled coffee on the front of my shirt…”

    “I can call my friend, she owns…”

    “It’s too late! I left a message for the author to call me so we can reschedule. The airline said the bags should arrive by Wednesday night, Wednesday Bette! That means I will have to get on another return flight… FUCK! I won’t be home in time to go to the beach Friday morning. There’s no way…”

    She sounded frustrated and more than a little angry, her voice raised, panicky. Bette thought quickly.

    This can not interfere with our trip to the beach… in any way, shape, or form.

    “No. No you can’t delay your departure. I mean, she may not be able to see you later in the week, right? I have a friend who…”

    “It won’t work…”


    “No, Bette… No…I have no other choice. Don’t you see? Oh God, I’m so pissed right now, I can’t think straight. What the fuck am I going to do?”

    “Listen to me. Take a deep breath. Good. Now take another one. Ok? One more? Ok. My friend Rachel owns Joie, it’s right there in Manhattan. They can select some outfits for you and deliver to the room early tomorrow morning….”

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    1. I love this chapter. Especially Bette being there for a frazzled Tina. And Tina is on her way!!! A promotion and headed for a hot weekend. Holly was funny. Cannot believe our ladies have held out. Really good story.

    2. Hey BK,

      Wow – Thanks for an amazing chapter & looking forward to where this fantastic couple goes in their relationship – hopefully years & years of happiness!

      Love that Bette got rattled visualizing Tina in the tub with all those bubbles! Sweet of Tina to take care of her baby with prepping meals for her while she’s away!!

      Tina has definitely picked up all of Bette’s little habits & personal routines.

      “Yes, Baby. You smell safe. When I breathe you in, I feel safe, warm…held. I feel… like I never want you to let me go.”” – Wow that was powerful from Tina.

      Holly was so amusing – can’t wait until she finds out the truth.

      Bette’s falling in love – Yay!!!!!!!

      Can’t wait for the weekend to start!!!!!!!!

      • Collins
        Holly is the gift that keeps on giving. She is fun to write because she takes everything at face value and is secure in her friendship with Tina to say whatever is on her mind. Thank you for commenting. Looking forward to your next chapter as well. :)

    3. This is a wonderful story…. Bette always knows the right people to get things straighten out. Poor Tina – panic stricken with no clothes and missing Bette and thinking life has been ruined by a missing luggage. Love the scene with Holly and Bette – some boy friend? tall, dark and handsome? When Bette tells Tina, she is going to laugh for an hour…. I know I would. I get the impression that Holly is Tina’s Alice. Thinks she knows more than she actually does. Great chapter…. I’m loving Bette’s patience.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter….. Thank you.

      • Thank you Martha. For some reason, I did not see this comment until just now even though you posted it days ago. I hope you know I always appreciate your insight and analysis. Have a great weekend!

    4. BK, thanks for giving us another insight to Tina’s and Bette’s story, why they are such a great match and became Tibette.

      I love how Tina lost her cool. She was always at ease, positive, calming Bette. But now so totally stressed out and not able to form a clear thought. And then there comes Bette and her breathing exercise, takes over and returns the favour without missing a beat. Like Tina with the flowers for the show Bette fixed the situation and gave Tina the order to relax and concentrate on her work.

      All those little things they notice about each other, how their lifes intertwine more and more, like pieces of a puzzle one after the other slip into their place to form the picture of their love.

      I’m with Collins on (one of) the best quote – Tina’s research on Bette’s smell. Isn’t it just that? How you adore the smell of the person you love? All the positive emotions one associates with the smell of one’s lover?

      And “packet for the beach… budget…” Cute.

      Have to read it again. I’m sure I missed some details when I read it this morning before work.
      This beautiful chapter left me with a big smile on my face, thank you for that!

      Looking forward to more.
      Stay safe as well


      • kp
        Thank you for always noticing the details of each chapter. It is the little things, right? The subtle things that draw you to someone and keeps you coming back for more. Glad it made you smile, stay safe and enjoy your weekend

    5. Hi BK,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      I regularly laughed and especially how Bette grumbled at the airport.

      It is so much fun to read how Bette was able to calm Tina down when her suitcase was on the wrong plane and helped her overcome this crisis by enlisting help and getting her to relax.

      And so sweet of Tina to have food ready for Bette when she came home from her gallery.

      They are so sweet together and so in love. And both love to tease each other.

      And the meeting between Bette and Holly and how Holly couldn’t stop talking about the new man in Tina’s life and not knowing she was talking about Bette, hilarious! I wonder how she reacts when Tina tells her that Bette is her girlfiend.

      The scene in bed at the end where they are in bed and Bette is scared and Tina feels it and in a few words can reassure Bette, simply fantastic.

      Thank you for this great story!

      • BiBi
        As always you picked out my favorite parts of the story. Where one falls short the other steps in and vice versa, sometimes exchanging roles depending on the situation. Like I told Collins, Holly has been a blast to write. She will be really thrown when Tina tells her who the real tall-dark-and handsome is. LOL
        Thank you for reading and commenting.

    6. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I especially love Tina’s adventure in NY, starting with her baggage which flied in different direction, Tibette talking about that, how Bette helped Tina with this crisis, Bette in airport waiting for Tina and funny dialog between Holly and Bette. By the way – when Bette attend to teasing Tina about “mysterious boyfriend?

    7. the closeness you have created/written for Bette and Tina is beautiful and riveting. bette’s inner thoughts continue to make me laugh because you can just hear her saying this stuff. and I love that bette is there for tina even from so far away. a great story. just a request…since this week, these past 2 weeks has been such a shit storm in the world…can we please have a chapter 8 sooooooon? the story honestly puts me a in a great mood.

      thank you thank you, BK!

      • BnThofSF :))) your comments made my day.
        It has been a shit storm of a week. Working on chapter eight now…. no promises of course but it is coming along really nicely. Thank YOU thank you –

    8. BK

      Awesome. Love their developing relationship and how they are finding their place with each other. It is always interesting when a relationship is new and everything is titillating.

      I loved the final piece with Bette. I swear girl have you been talking to my wife! LOL

      Can’t wait for the next chapter.


      • SuperK writing the brand new relationship between them is the best part of this process for me. A blank slate! Thanks for reading, love your story too. Peace

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