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    The Beginning 8

    Morning came quickly, Tina stirring slowly then getting up quietly to use the bathroom before starting the coffee. She knew Bette had a hard time falling and staying asleep, so she wanted to let her sleep in this morning.

    Tina was excited about the beach trip, looking forward to four days alone with her girlfriend, moving the relationship to the next step. She was ready. More than ready.

    Being away from Bette while in New York was like an ice bucket of cold reality had been thrown in her face. Finally, she had a partner who looked after her in the same way she wanted to take care of them. A partner who listened to a problem and came up with ways to solve it.

    Lovingly. Happily. With no strings attached.

    Bette’s patience in not pushing Tina into a sexual relationship had an interesting effect on Tina. She was now desperate for Bette. To touch her. To make love to her. To lose herself in the curls, the scent, the softness and the warmth of her body.

    There was no hurry to leave since they couldn’t check in until 4:00. It was a three-hour drive so they planned to set out after lunch. Their bags were packed so it was just a matter of a slow morning, picking up Bette’s things at her house and setting out for their vacation. She was beyond excited.

    After getting the coffee started, Tina cut some green peppers and other veggies to make an omelet for them to share. She was just adding a bowl of fruit to the tray when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist from behind. She leaned back into Bette, putting the bowl down so that she could reach up and lay her palm on Bette’s warm cheek. Bette rested her chin on Tina’s shoulder, turning her face to kiss Tina on the neck, sighing.

    “Morning, Tee” she said softly.

    “Morning. I wanted to let you sleep in.”

    “I can’t sleep when you’re not with me.” Bette’s voice was deep, she could not have been up for long.

    “You were restless last night”

    “Only at first. When you tell me everything’s ok, I believe you.”

    “I sleep better with you too. I was exhausted yesterday.”

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    1. Hey my friend,

      So Bette gets a little somethin’ somethin’ uh???????

      Took a quick glance a few paragraphs, but don’t have TIME at the moment to devour!!

      I will be back tonight & savour this installment & give my thoughts.

      Thanks so much for posting!!!

    2. Wow….I can’t believe you stopped the chapter here… I need a shower now…

      Love Granny Ellie. She knows that Tina and Bette are together. And she is indicated that she approves. What a wonderful lady to be in Tina’s life and how fortunate it is for Bette to receive her blessing. Something tells me that she has never approved of anyone else Tina has dated. Anyway – the gin in the early afternoon is a hoot.

      Bette and Tina’s Friday night date sounds enchanting. Love the dip of the toes into the water before the fun is to start. Of course after the morning appetizer for Tina and Bette, I am a little surprised they are being so clam about the night to come. It would not have surprised me that they would have made a full sprint back to the room instead of a leisurely walk. I am sure things will progress naturally and at the pace which will pleased both of them. Looking forward to this next chapter.

      Thank you for this chapter. Great writing and a wonderful story..

      • I love Granny Ellie too. Such a force to be reckoned with. I hope to add more about her and her relationship with Tina in the upcoming chapters. I agree with you, I don’t think she has approved of anyone Tina has dated in the past, for the ones she got to meet that is.
        Thank you for always commenting, appreciate it!

    3. BK, I am totally stunned at how overwhelmingly beautiful every page, every paragraph, every sentence and word is.

      I love Tina’s self-observation at the beginning. Her realisation that being miles away from Bette in NYC brought her closer to her girlfriend was a big step forward for Tina to feel completely at ease with being with Bette.
      The impromptu wake-up call in the kitchen was unexpected but hot, BK. So many deep but also confusing emotions for Bette. It’s amazing how T + B grow together emotionally.

      This chapter is full of wonderful moments. The snuggling with Tina on Bette’s lap, Bette opening up (which was a good equivalent of a declaration of love), Tina’s reflection on their intimate morning while driving, Bette being totally riveted by Tina during dinner.

      Finally Granny Ellie. The comic timing of Granny’s call in the morning can’t get better. That little lady is a sly dog! And very perceptive. Just adore her character. I guess Bette didn’t expect to be welcomed with the word “You smell better than a warm summer breeze…”. Her insights to T + B show how well she knows Tina and how the two of them excude their mutual attraction for others to see already. I wonder when Bette will tell Tina about her promise to Granny Ellie.

      I hope you plan to give us some more of Granny. But first, the morning after please ;-)

      Thank you for sharing, enjoy the rest of your week

      • I had not thought about Bette’s words and opening up to be her own form of declaring love but you are exactly right! I love that insight, KP. I will give you more Granny E, she is a little ball of fire when she needs to be. Should be fun to write and read about. THANK YOU!

    4. How is every moment between them so beautiful, meaningful and perfectly “in character” in your hands, BK. What a beautiful story. I love hearing the thoughts of both bette and tina. the uncertainty they may be feeling conflicting with what they actually want (each other). Love how you establish that tina is able to express herself to bette in a more emotional way, and that bette is able to express her feelings in a more physical way. And how they can teach each other their strengths. Bette’s response to Tina telling Bette she loves her…is Bette, the voracious kiss…almost desperate to hold on to Tina and at the same time express her love in her own way. And it goes without saying (but I will!) that the sexy times in the kitchen was amazing. It’s like they are inching towards the inevitable…which is their beach getaway. Which is starting off in a very magical way…so damn romantic, you can feel them falling in love with each other in such a perfect setting where it’s just the two of them. And love grandma Ellie for seeing right through and already supporting bette and tina. They need that. I love this story…it’s like im waiting for the chapters like im waiting for the next episode of a Bette and Tina centric ‘The L Word.’ :) it is kind of cruel that you left us hanging like that!! Really? Im gonna have to wait a week for another episode…I mean…chapter?? Can we have a two hour special? ;) I cannot wait for the next chapter. We have been Bette-level patient! I have no doubt it will be amazing and worth the wait.

      Did I mention I can’t wait for the next chapter? Thank you, BK!

      • This comment cracked me up and – you will be happy to hear this – motivated me to start on the next chapter. I write and rewrite and delete and then write again so it is quite a process, mainly because I am particular about wording. It is so important to me to get the characters and to keep them true to themselves, or how they were portrayed on the show. Glad you think I have been able to achieve that. You have been Bette-level patient and she is not known for her patience, lol.
        Thank you for commenting, it is very energizing to hear what you all think of my stories. Helps me continue. Peace

        • what it takes to motivate you and keep you in the zone, im here for it! :) thank you for caring about these 2 characters and giving them a voice that rings true. seriously, take your time and go through your process because the words you are choosing are really lovely.

          just know im ready to stop my remote work day to read the chapters of this story… :-D
          there are so many talented writers on this site! why can’t you write for the show! ahhh. sorry, that was an inner thought that escaped. looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. WOW just WOW !! I love that story.

      I have a question though, is this story “related” to “Remember who you are”, I mean can we assume that Tinas past is the same in both stories ?

      • Thank you Izzie
        No, this is a separate story from Remember Who You Are. I want to stay away from the drug kingpin that is Donna in this story, although Tina will probably have some conflict with her family as well, just not to that degree. I feel like the show did not give us much – if anything – about her background (the sister thing notwithstanding and not something I want to indulge in) so it is a blank slate in alot of ways.
        Appreciate your question and interest in both stories, glad you are along for the ride.

    6. Hi BK,

      What a wonderful chapter to read after my shift today!

      I wouldn’t know what i could comment what the others already said and pointed out!

      It was a beautiful read. The communication, their inner thoughts, their bond, the little something Bette got or more specific Tina got in the kitchen.

      Grandma Ellie, such a smart and delightful woman!

      And at last the dance at the end!

      Just amazing!

      I love this story!!! You are so good as writer and have a really outstanding talent to tell a story about our favourite couple!

      Thank you so much!!!

      • BiBi
        Thank you. I got a chuckle out of you taking the time to post that you were going to read it and comment later when your shift was over. Too funny. Glad you liked it. I love Granny Ellie too, she will play a big role in Tina’s life as Bette comes into more and more contact with her. So fun to write. Thanks!

    7. BK…..I am at a loss for words, as they have all been captured by the foregoing commenters! I can only express how completely I enjoyed this chapter….even though you did leave us with something of a cliffhanger. You are such a talented writer! Your characters are so well developed, that your story gallops through my imagination like watching a magnificent Kentucky thoroughbred take the Triple Crown! (My simile is purposeful and meaningful, as I am from the beautiful Bluegrass State!). What else can I say? I LOVE THIS STORY! So many heart-touching, amusing, well-developed moments of anticipation, sweetness and downright joyful love, put a long-lasting smile on my face. Awaiting your next posting with all those foregoing adjectives!
      Dr. A

      • Dr A
        What a beautiful comparison of this story with the Triple Crown race and majestic-ness of the horses. I have traveled often to the Bluegrass state and it is beautiful, although I have not been to a race in person. So glad you like the story and took the time to comment, this motivates me to get writing. Procrastination is sometimes a good friend of mine. Have a great weekend.

    8. Excellent! As someone who was Southern born and raised, it’s a big deal that Granny Ellie accepts Bette and Tina’s relationship. It’s a very conservative place. I’ve lived in North Carolina for most of my life and you described Southern sayings perfectly.

      It’s wonderful and delightful that Bette is so patient. I identify with Tina and the need for trust in order to move to the next level.

      Looking forward to. A new chapter. I appreciate the long chapters too.

      • Deanna
        You are so right about it being important for Ellie to accept Bette, great catch and insight. Thank you for your continued support of both stories, glad you are a part of the journey. Have a great weekend.

    9. BK

      Wow… I so love the way you captured the characters and their beginning. I do believe you have captured how the actresses approached their characters and what it would look like in their early days.

      I love the gentleness and I especially loved how you began the physical intimacy with the kitchen scene. It was Tina’s giving Bette permission so to speak and getting a taste for what to come. In a way it seems the best way to approach their inevitable making loving slowly and deeply, getting the excitement out of the way to enjoy the experience fully.

      Anyways… Love your word choice. I so know what you mean about rewriting and finding the perfect words for what you want to convey. I love words there are so many that allow us to pick the perfect image, feeling, thought.

      Till the next chapter


      • Super K
        Thank you, this means alot as I love reading your stories as well. Trying to capture these two has been a challenge but helps with all the craziness that is going on around us now. Fun to imagine how their first years were together before things got in the way, before we see them in Ep 1 trying to have a baby when things aren’t that great around them. Thanks for reading and commenting but MOSTLY thanks for your story! About to read it now.

    10. This story is poetry…
      Patience, tenderness, simple but essential gestures – everything’s beautiful and meaningful.
      Like deep friendship and trust paving the path to true love…

      I cannot help but taking two quotes of you in this wonderful chapter, for I love them so much :

      “Bette did not respond to Tina’s declaration of love earlier, but Tina knew this would take some time. There were many layers to Bette, hidden insecurities and hurt and Tina was prepared to wait as they unraveled. Bette had been patient for her to be ready physically and Tina would do the same for Bette emotionally.”
      And :
      “Saying it’s just you is like saying Niagara Falls is just a waterfall, that the Amazon is just a river. You… are… everything.”

      How these “many layers” and “hidden insecurities and hurt” are talking to me – of course they are. Like a mirror.
      And few minutes ago, interrupting my reading of this chapter to answer a phone call from my beloved lifetime best friend, I more than ever, hearing her voice and sharing our own tender banter, know the meaning of someone being everything…

      Thank you so, so much for your words, your sensibility, your talent – and this beautiful soul and heart I can almost touch each time I read you.

      • Therese
        As always, your comment leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I am so glad you see and receive this story the way it is intended – as a simple but beautiful love story. Love reading your take on what you read and hearing what parts reached out and grabbed a hold of you.
        Peace friend

        • Dear BK,
          Your own comment also leaves me with a “warm fuzzy feeling”, thank you !

          Here, in Geneva, it’s 6 in the morning right now and I will begin this new day savouring a new chapter of your magnificent story – such a magic journey through the birth of a great love story.

          A shared one : that’s the only true miracle in life. To love and to be loved in return – one can reach the first step but never achieve the second…

          Thanks to you, my morning will be surrounded by beauty.
          I’m a very slow reader but that’s only because I’m a kind of gourmet for great stories like yours !

          Take care of you, my friend. All my very best wishes and warmest thoughts !

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