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    Remember Who You Are 39

    CHAP 38 ….
    Tina never forgot this moment. Never forgot the sight of her graceful, scantily clad wife, swinging through the air in a perfect arc, a look of absolute terror on her face. “Now! Bette! NOW.” Tina yelled and Bette let go instantly, dropping to the water with a big splash. She emerged with a giant smile on her face, laughing like a little girl. Many, many years later Tina would look back on this moment fondly, the sunlight making the water sparkle around the bronzed face of the person she loved most in the world, who was willing to go outside her comfort zone for the simple reason that Tina asked her to.
    Tina swam towards her, kissing her softly, her lips cold and wet but her mouth warm. “I love you more now than ever and I didn’t think that was possible. Come swim over to that bank there, I’ll show you how to get out.”
    Once at the bank it was an easy climb out, their bodies feeling the heat of the sun on their chilled skin, both laughing and smiling. “You look beautiful, Bette” Tina said, taking in the sight of Bette with her wet underwear clinging to her toned body, dripping from her dip in the river. She took her wife’s hand and led her back up the path, this time from the other side where she stopped just before reaching the big tree. Tina slipped on her shorts, amused that Bette had taken the time to fold their clothes before swinging into the water.
    She went to the base of the tee, in just her sports bra and shorts, still barefoot and looked up. “It’s up there, I know it…” she whispered to Bette who craned her neck to look up into the branches, frowning. It was a long way. The tree was massive but that didn’t bother Tina, who started to climb.


    Bette stood at the base of the tree, dressed but with her clothes still damp from her earlier foray into the water. Damp clothes and Bette Porter did not often belong in the same sentence. She frowned. A flurry of birds leaving the tree caught her attention and she looked up to see Tina making her way through the branches.

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    1. Hi BK,

      What a deeply moving chapter, full of emotions, the incredible and unbreakable love and bond between Bette and Tina that has grown to a peak while they got through all the mess that other people inflicted on them.

      There are a few things I would like to highlight that have made a deep impression on me or made me laugh out loud:

      1. Bears.
      Are there bears in these woods?
      She looked around, suddenly unsure of the situation she now found herself in. She thought she heard something rustlinAloneg behind her and spun around quickly but saw nothing.
      Get yourself together, Porter. You are an award winning Gallery owner with at least one magazine cover and a 401K that is the envy of your peers
      Because bears care about things like that…

      -Hilarious how Bette is talking to herself! Well written!

      2. Babe.” Tina said, softly, her eyes not leaving Bette’s. Not leaving the safe, warm pools of brown that promised a safe port in the storm.

      – This Line tells so much about how save Tina feels with Bette. Beautiful how you described it!!!!

      3. “Baby, you were so eager to do your Kamikaze Leap of Death into the river that you didn’t look in the basket. Just be glad I didn’t eat them all while you played Tarzan in the trees…”

      – This made me laugh, Bette has a great dry humor!!!

      4. The magnitude of the request settled in her heart, where she held it for the rest of her life, always knowing that Tina’s trust in her was infinite, absolute and not to be squandered.

      – What can I say to this. This is the ultimate proof of Tina’s absolute trust in Bette. and that Bette will never betray that trust.

      5. It perfectly captured Tina as a tiny, feisty, adventurous little girl. Bette absolutely treasured it and later, Tina had it enlarged and framed for Bette’s office, where it hung by her desk and never failed to make her smile. They called it the “Try Me” picture and even visitors to the office commented on it.

      – I can see the picture clearly on my eyes. Tina as little girl, a proud, feisty and confident as Bette named her, water mouse. The three pictures are so important to Tina, they tell her she was really loved by her father and mother. I loved the items Boo put in the box like the envelope with the 100 dollars and that it meant she could start somewhere else a good life. The letter that she wrote. Never look back and move only forward. She was a truly awesome woman (Grandmother)
      Tina let go of the past as soon she put that envelop in the mailbox, a telling gesture that she closes this part of her life for good

      Well… my birthday is in two weeks and we could honor Boo and the river… in a special way. We could find… someone… someone there to work for us… they could distribute an envelope of cash to every home that banks on the river once a year and maybe at Christmas, I mean there’s only twenty, twenty-five houses or so?”

      – This shows what a kind woman Tina is, just like Bette who bought the land as a gift for Tina.

      BK, I can emphasize so much more, but then it becomes a comment of 19 pages ????. You have a great talent and know how to take me along in the story of Bette and Tina !. What this story mainly tells is how Bette and Tina grew as a person and as a couple.

      I hope to read many more chapters, I will never get enough of this story!

      Thank you my friend, also for posting this chapter a little earlier ????

        • I think my wording was confusing to everyone – I meant I will fast forward a year for the story not in real life! So hopefully a new chapter a new focus next week some time. Glad you liked it, thanks Sharon.


          • Thank god!! When I read the author ‘s note I was kinda sad. Thank you for clarifying lol I feel betternow. I can’t wait for more of their journey together ❤

      • BiBi
        I absolutely adore that you dissect each chapter and pick out your favorite part. I laughed at Bette’s statement about the 401 as if that was something that would keep a bear from attacking her. Also, the picture of the little girl is how I pictured Tina growing up throughout this story – a little warrior who had to fight for attention, for love, for peace. Glad you liked that part too.
        Thank you so much for commenting and staying with the story so well. It is tremendously encouraging as a writer to hear reader’s thoughts and comments after all the time it takes to put a story out. So, thank YOU for that.
        Enjoy your busy week friend!


      • There is no way I could add anything to this Comment!
        Well done my friend.

        A great chapter, I spent half of the time reading it laughing, then crying and then laughing again whilst I wiped my eyes and blew my nose.

        Thank you BK, thank you,

    2. BK,

      Agree with Bibi28 post in its entirety. I have to confess that this is the first time I ever read any fan fiction and cried. This chapter has literally reduced me to a blubbering fool. The descriptive language is so vivid and easy to picture. You are very talented. The only scenes I will add to those already mentioned are Bette tending to Tina’s cuts and scrapes and a young Tina searching for the perfect rock. Thank you very much for this beautiful gift.

      • Billy
        your comment was very touching for me. Thank you for being an integral part of this story and taking the time to let me know how you felt reading the chapter. I teared up too, when I wrote about Tina seeing the pictures. Makes me miss my own mom.

    3. BK, this was beautiful. I’m still drying my tears. The first tears came when Tina was contemplating when and how to open the box. I could see this scene so clearly form before my eyes. With Bette taking in every tiny movement from Tina, being there for her, observant, mindful. Then the pictures! Such sweet memories and family history.

      Quotes I add to Bibi’s: “She grinned at Tina proudly, and Tina’s heart caught in her throat. So out of her element, a fish out of water as Boo would say, and yet… and yet… here she was. For me, Tina thought.”
      This realization and Boo’s words at the end of the letter “You are loved beyond messure” will hopefully help Tina to overcome the last of her anxieties and doubts about herself or Bette.

      Bette and the Swiss knife – too cute and so like the Bette you painted in your story. Love these moments when Bette takes on those little challenges and simply trusts Tina. She knows that Tina wouldn’t ask something of her that won’t feel right to her.

      There are so many moments in this chapter that make me want to read it over and over again.
      Your words are once again so vibrant, colourful and meaningful. Reading them feels like taking the first sip of the perfect red wine. The enticing, rich flavours you smell while bringing the glass to your mouth, then the flavour explosion on your tongue and palate. With each sip you discover a new flavour and you can’t stop tasting it again and again, even though you know the bottle will be empty soon enough.

      That said, I have a question. What do you mean with “The next chapter may be a year or so down the road.”?
      A year in Tina’s and Bette’s lifes or a year in your life?
      Big difference. One of which makes me hold my breath in anticipation.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful “coming full circle” for Tina. And subsequently for Bette too, Feeling quite emotional now so please feel hugged once again for sharing, BK.
      I’m re-reading the story already (at ch 30 right now) but I still can’t get enough of this story.

      Have a great week

      • Dearest KP, I adore your comments. Love Love how you pick out the best moments. I loved writing the swiss army knife part. I added that in after the rest of the chapter had been written. Too funny.

        To answer your question – I meant I would fast forward a year in their life not mine. I would forget all the details and drive you all mad with confusion if I waited a year. So rest easy, let go of that breath you are holding and wait a week or ten days and I will have figured out where to go with a new direction for our ladies.

        I know I want to move away from the drug dealing and Donna but Lucy still seems to have a voice so she will be a part of whatever comes up next.
        As always, I am grateful for your loyalty and continued interest in the story!


    4. I can see Bette Porter in the woods on a tire swing by the river so vividly. I can’t count how many times I’ve swung on a tire/rope swing and plunged into a lake. Us country gals, did thing all of the times.

      This brought back to my own childhood and tree climbing days.
      This is such a fantastic story. I’m so grateful Tina knows both parents loved her. Boo gave Tina closure.

      • YES! You can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. And, it appears the reverse is true for our city gal Bette Porter. As they would say in the south…. Bless.

        Thanks Deanna!

    5. BK
      I am not very good at expressing my feelings in words. I just want you to know how much I have loved this story! You are an amazing writer. Looking forward to the next chapter even if I have to wait a year.

      • Thank you Lee. So nice to hear from you. You won’t have to wait a year, I was only going to fast forward the story not have us all wait! Stay tuned…

    6. BK,

      I have read the chapter twice and cried several times & actually had to stop a few times because it so resonated as to who they are & how they love one another.

      As many have already mentioned, the trust they have for the other is so profound & endearing. Their willingness to blindly trust the other to keep them safe & loved.

      Like Bibi, I had my special moments throughout the chapter that stood out – especially liked the items in the box – things that a Granny would cherish, loved the banter between them in many scenes.

      What a great tribute to Boo from Tina to honor her with the yearly gifts & at Christmas times as well. And then the care she took to keep the little shed stocked with things for the families when they needed them the most.
      How sweet of Bette to purchase the land for Tina & make it useful.

      And the letter – setting Tina free to live her life to the fullest with the love of her life – just AWESOME!!!!!!!!

      You should be very proud of this story & the amazing writing that you have bestowed on your readers.

      Thank you my friend for this gift & the joy that comes with it!!!!!!

      Will keep my eyes out for the next installment in the near future.

      • Collins
        You have been a great sounding board for this story and very encouraging when I hit the proverbial wall last week. I appreciated your input on what to put in the box, that section alone took me days to figure out and your suggestions were a big part of the final result. Grateful my friend!

    7. What can I say… this is one of the best, if not the best Bette and Tina reconciliation story I have read. These two went from torn asunder to a reconciling couple, to defending themselves from a psycho-path, to the unimaginable revelation that they were not who they thought they were, to the reward that they not only love each other, but are the product of relatives who loved them throughout their lives.

      Your treatment of the relationship between Bette and Tina was absolutely magnificent. Their relationship hinged totally on their insistence that they communicate with each other no matter what happened. It took years for the two to understand that they are in this life together and that they will never have to face anything alone again. And the author’s ability to demonstrate the growth of trusts and well as devotion between these two women has been a master piece in writing. The words bring the imagination of beauty of their world, the pain of their losses and conflict, and the joys of their victories. It has been a real privilege to have read this story.

      I love the way you intertwine some of the southern culture into this story. The box was full of things which most any child raise in the south would have saved as childhood mementos – the plaster painted palm indention, the arrowhead, the feather, a rock, marbles, fishing lures, money, pictures and a letter. All have meaning and represent some event in our lives – a time when things were simpler. Boo was a wonderful mentor for young Tina. A very wise woman who probably not highly educated but learned from the school of hard knocks. Everyone needs a Boo in their life. She really was the perfect grandmother.

      My thanks for this gift to us. This is a true representation as to who Bette Porter and Tina Kennard are. I hope we see more of your work in the future. You have a real talent. Best wishes for your life and future.

      • Martha
        As always, I truly love reading your comments. I am so glad you see them and this story the exact way I wanted it represented, it makes me happy to see that it played on paper out the way it played out in my head. I have more in store for them, don’t worry. Thank you Thank you.

        • Agree with Martha and all. I know I already posted but just wanted to say that I have read the story three times and it is definitely my favorite. I hope you continue to write because you clearly have a lot of talent. Like others have said I love that you included aspects of Southern culture. And I will always remember Bette calling Tina ‘Mouse.’

    8. Oh BK… no words… so beautifully written,

      I had a thought, but maybe I’m misremembering: Tina thought Boo had died, but Tom had suggested – and now we know for sure because of the letter – that Boo just moved. So, is Boo still alive now? About 20yrs or so has passed since Tina last saw her, but if Boo was in her 50/60s when Tina was young then she could be living now. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love to meet Boo. You’ve written such an amazing character! I’d love to see Tina with her now, introducing her to Bette. Tracking down a Beloved, long lost relative seems just like the thing this Bette would do for her Tina! :-)

      Anyway, just a thought. I’m sure I’ll love whatever direction you move this story in. Thank you for blessing us with your writing! <3

      • Elizabeth
        I am speechless. This is a FANTASTIC idea. It never crossed my mind that Boo might still be alive. What would that even look like. Where would she be? How would Bette find her? How would that reunion play out? My brain is a swirl of possibilities and excitement and I think you have led me by the hand to the road this story needs to go. Gratitude, my friend,

        • I’m honored to have offered just the smallest amount of guidance! Gosh, BK, I’m so excited just thinking about what you’ll do with this story line. I’ll be waiting with baited breath until the moment I get to read Tina’s reunion with Boo. I just know it will be delicious!!! :-)

    9. Oh BK,
      This chapter was so sweetly written. I agree with all of the other comments and just want to say thank you. The love that they have for each other in this story fills my achy little heart. And thank you for the clarification, I thought you meant a year in the real world. I almost cried. Can’t wait to see where they are a year down the road!

      • RiskyKitty- STOP reading my story and go write yours ! Right now young lady, you have people waiting. Will there be more Bette on the bike, some time for the two to talk one on one? Will the secret of the Venus pull them off to some exotic city in Europe to find the culprits?

        Inquiring minds want to know!! Get to it!

        I am kidding. Not really. I am so happy you are on board for this story and so appreciate your comments but I am Bette level impatient sometimes. :))


        • BK!!! But…But…I was dying to read yours first! I mean, you left Bette soaking wet in a bra and panties and Tina in a tree! Come on!!!

          And yes, ok! I’ll post the next chapter now. It’s just been waiting in the computer for me. Teehee! ????

          And duh!!! Of course there’s going to be more Bette on the bike! ….Ok, no more spoilers, we’ve got a looooong way to go.

      • DumplinT where you been? :)))
        I would love IC and JB to read several of the stories on this site! Their ratings would go through the roof if they would give us a healthy, normal TIBette. Thats the irony. They think they need to fabricate frustrating drama and character swings to keep people coming back but we would all watch just to see Bette make Tina dinner LOL
        Peace, welcome back

    10. Bk

      I remember reading a quote that said “The scariest moment is just before you start”. I would had add the saddest is when you end.

      Such a beautifully written story. The essence of a relationship is feeling of well being, security, companionship, the feeling of home, love, trust, the feeling of adoration being received and the feeling of adoration going through you. The essence of a relationship is splendor, sensual, secure, life giving. It is expansive, funny and proud. The essence of a relationship is not lonely.

      You have capture all of the above with this story. From the very beginning where you picked up after the horrible thing Jody did to Bette to get even, to the fall, Tina had while running when her mind was full of thoughts. The strength and support Bette showed Tina as Eric began his assault on Tina. The trust they showed towards each other as the story twisted and turned. The funny private moments that you gave us as they moved through life. The sensual life giving love they had for each other.

      This is the TibBette we all love and you have captured it so wonderfully with your imagination and the words you chose to tell it.

      Cant’t wait for the sequel.


    11. “Remember Who You Are”…
      This title of yours summarize not only your characters here – your magnificent Bette and Tina – but also you and your readers.
      Your so talented writing brings us such a huge range of emotions and reflections on life, I’m amazed…
      Yes, through this story, beyond the drama, beyond the difficulties your B&T have to cross, it’s an entire journey in humanity. Here and there, I’m even sure we were all able to touch the inside you, for there’s obviously personal things and, above all, this true generosity, this palpable heart and soul that are to be yours.
      I thank you so, so very much for sharing so many things, giving us so many things…

      Remember who you are too, my dear author : a good person, a beautiful heart, a sensitive soul.

      With a deep gratitude and affection – Ariane

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