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    The Idea of Space

    Tina sat in the driveway parked behind Bette’s car for a long time. Her heart was beating, her palms were sweating, she couldn’t make sense of anything. She stared at the back of Bette’s car and asked herself over and over again, what did she hope to gain? What was she doing there?

    There was a lot of truth to what had been said. Some more truths, also, that Tina couldn’t really remember being put so bluntly into words. Bette was guarded sometimes, it felt like she almost asked without asking to assume that she felt one way or another. In the beginning, Bette’s feelings felt so loud at times that Tina could hardly think about her own over the sound. Then a shift occurred, once they had chosen to settle down, and that loudness diminished and became a low frequency hum. It was peaceful. It almost made Tina grow questioning. Tina questioned Bette’s…. Everything. All the while, she had been so busy trying to make her own way to realize the peace was really just… Peace. In the moment Tina was beginning to realize how tranquil it was in New York, the only thing that wasn’t serene was her. She was so focused on playing catch up that she tuned in to the chaos like it was a late night talk-show that never ends. She discovered Carrie in that chaos and then Carrie was the only thing that made sense. Carrie…

    Like a lightbulb bursting over her head, the blond woman cursed and grabbed her phone, plugging it in and furiously trying to press the top button to turn it on. She had no idea what she was doing but she knew for sure, at least, that what she was doing was not at all what she was supposed to have been doing. Turning on her phone, she saw a few missed texts and a phone call from work, one from Bette, and Carrie. Tapping into her messages app, she began to quickly compose a text to Carrie to let her know that there had been a change of plans, but not to worry. Beginning to write I love you at the end, she paused. She stared at the start of the new message line ’I love…’ for a few seconds. She bit down on her lower lip and concluded the sentence with ’you’ then sent it off before leaving her phone in the cup holder and opening up her car door to step outside of the vehicle.

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    1. Tina has now made a first step…she is beginning to share the responsibility for what their relationship was. She has begun to correct Bette’s misconceptions as to what she believes were her own errors…. It takes two to make a relationship… and it takes communication between the two to understand each perspective as to what occurred and why…. I hope these two do talk and share their views on what happened and where they went wrong…. maybe there is a chance they can get back together? Tina does love Bette as much as Bette loves Tina- she has simply forgotten and needs to be reminded….

      • 100% – Tina has chosen to take that step forward, and, in my story, I hope she continues to. I never really know what’s going to happen in a chapter until I actually sit down and start writing it. I figure, if it comes organically, I can’t really complain.

        So, we shall see what forms it takes.

        Still, I thank you so much for coming along on the journey with me. :)

    2. Hey Sloan,

      What a delight to see another chapter so soon!

      First thing i want to say regarding your last line is:

      “There was no real telling what would come of it.” We already know how it will end, a Tibette reconcillation!

      My heart breaks for Bette, my God, what she’s been through and still has to go through, heartbroken because Tina didn’t see that peace really meant peace. Bette gave Tina everything and of course she’s not perfect but after their move to NY, Bette found her peace while Tina didn’t see it that way and to find or prove herself she got caught up in chaos with no anchor but she had it in Bette but she dared not trust that. Tina lost her way again and Bette and Angie are still feeling the consequences. She found Carrie in her chaos and stuck with it and frankly I don’t believe she’s really in love with her, just someone she’s grateful for.

      Tina has to learn not to run away every time, I think that’s what Angie heard, or how I understood it, not again…in the bedroom when she heard Bette say that. That Tina needs to stop running away.

      And Tina really needs to learn not to just say something to Bette that sounds like an accusation. I’m glad Bette reacted that way.

      What they need to do now is sit around the table and finally discuss everything that went right and wrong in their relationship, sand it down and start over. (is a Dutch expression).

      It seems to me that Tina had some kind of eye opening when she heard the conversation between Bette & Angie. Now please let them talk to each other, be open and honest with each other!

      This story is really really good and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        It was always something I really wanted to see in Bette that I don’t think we’ve every really had the opportunity (maybe because it just doesn’t make good television, then again, I’m not a show runner) but we’ve never really seen Bette wholly at peace.

        It makes sense to me that after they would move, get married, finally settle down after everything that had happened, that Bette would find that settled feeling. It also makes sense in my mind that, perhaps, careers would impede on this, maybe not on Bette’s end because she’s already so accustomed to that work/home balance that Tina isn’t fluent in, that she would struggle. So I think I’m still working out the kinks in the wool work but I do really hope that my story is one that you can come back to and enjoy.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I so very appreciate it. :)

    3. This is an intriguing story. I have waited to comment to see how it unfolded but wanted you to know that I appreciate so much writers who try to make sense of this impossible story line from GQ. I agree with BiBi that I will only read as long as they reconcile and get back together, as equals, together. Bringing Angie in the middle makes me a little uncomfortable because she just a kid. Hopefully Tina will just speak her mind, her heart clearly so Bette can begin to heal. Thanks for writing and for posting so quickly.

      • Hey BK,

        I’m so glad that its built some intrigue, and thank you so very much for reading and taking time to comment. I do very much so appreciate it.

        Trying to make sense of the storyline we’ve been given has always been something floating around in the back of my mind because, as I’m sure you’d agree and many other writers and participants in the show could agree, this Gen Q storyline just…. Doesn’t add up.

        It’s such a bizarre wrench they decided to throw in.

        But yes, I try to post daily. On the weekends is sort of my time to think about the direction I want to go, but Monday through Friday, I really try my best to post at least once. Writing is one of the tools I use to get focused for the day, so that helps. XD

        Thank you so much again for reading.

      • Well, to clarify, Bette was really the one trying to push having the party. Her reasoning being that it would cut cost, that they wanted to express their support and, in Bette’s mind, what better way to prove they are still a family unit moving forward than having such an event at a family oriented venue (like the home that she and Angelica share, which, she imagined, would be host to Tina and Carrie often in the future because Angelica primarily lives with her). It was her way of expressing that their home was open to Tina and Carrie.

        But I see where you’re coming from, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time out of your day to read and comment. :) It means a lot to me.

        I hope some of my future posts will remedy your view on Tina, my sincere hope wasn’t to write her off as selfish or entitled. But, yes… Future posts may help in that.

    4. I’ve refrained from commenting, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I am so upset with the new Show’s treatment of TiBette.
      Anyway I now want to say that I am hanging on your every word and waiting eagerly for your next post.

      • Well, I’m glad you chose to comment and ready, thank you for taking the time to entertain my story. :) I very much appreciate it.

        Luckily, when I get invested in stories I tend to try to post daily – of course, on the weekends I’m a little more lax to try and focus on ideas, but through the week I’ll try my best to post in the morning before work (it’s sort of therapeutic for me).

        P.S. I also agree with Gen Q. I still feel personally victimized by the writers. XD

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