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    The Kennard-Porters

    Kit pulled up to the front of the Beverly Hills hotel and parked in the roundabout. She didn’t bother to get out of the car as her father was already coming through the brass plated doors held open by yet another impeccably dressed doorman. Although Melvin realized that the hotel had to employ at least six doormen to cover a 24/7 shift they were so uniformed in their character and appearance that even after several days of being a guest at the hotel he could hardly tell when there was a changing of the guard. Not surprisingly they all greeted him by name.

    “Have a good evening Mr. Porter” the young man smiled and nodded at Kit as he helped Melvin into the car and gently closed the passenger side door. Kit leaned over and kissed her father on the cheek then waited a few minutes for him to settle in and buckle his seat belt being careful not to wrinkle his suit jacket. He looked dashing in his tuxedo and it was obvious that he’d visited the on-site barber shop for a fresh cut and shave. He was no doubt a very charismatic man. It was probably one of the characteristics that allowed him so much success but also aided in his manipulations of people and events to suit his purpose.

    “You look very handsome Daddy.” Kit commented. Even though he was in his eighties she imagined that he still attracted women and probably hadn’t changed his philandering ways.

    “And you look very beautiful Katy.” Melvin was sincere in his compliment of her attire but he knew it wasn’t the dress that made Kit look so beautiful this evening. It was the joy and happiness in her heart bursting through her very pores.

    “Thank you, Daddy.” Kit answered as she put the car in gear and pulled out of the hotel parking lot. It was just a twenty-minute drive to the banquet hall where the event was being held so Kit started the conversation almost immediately. “David called me earlier.”

    “Is that right?” Her father answered as if hearing from her son was an everyday occurrence.

    “Did you know he was going to phone me this evening?” Kit asked casually not wanting to give away how irate she really was.

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    1. There is a God! Thank you so, so much for the great post! I knew Tina would be shocked when she heard Melvin call her Tina! Now, Helena will have to deal with Melvin. I love it! Now, I can go to sleep happy and a smile on my face. When can we expect another post? I know enjoy this one for now. Appreciate thanks so much again. PPS

      • cellphone48 you’re such an inspiration. Thank you. I don’t want you missing sleep waiting for the next chapter as I recall you have a very busy sometimes crazy work schedule. I am working on the next chapter, just don’t know when or how it will go. I will post as soon as I have something I can live with.

    2. Excellent chapter! It made me very happy.

      Helena better watch out. The Porters don’t let mess with them.

      It is still somewhat strange to see Melvin as a nice man, but i am glad that he is doing his best to show Bette, Kit and Tina that he is a changed man.

      You are never to old to change and grow.

      Thanks for the update!

      • Thank you Bibi28. You are correct in that it is somewhat strange to see Melvin as a nice man. He was a gruff character on the show but I think we saw glimpses of a softer side of him when he was on his death bed. It might have been the medication or facing his mortality but I think had he survived the cancer he could have become the character I am writing in this story. I won’t make him too sugary sweet. I remember when Helena came back after season 2 and it appeared that it was a totally different character played by the same actress. Her transformation was totally unrealistic to me. Hopefully I can pull it off with Melvin.

    3. Happy Day!!! Yay Melvin, go on with your bad self. Hopefully helena will get a chance to feel Melvins’ wrath and be permanently dismissed by him. Can’t wait to read that. Helena can be a superlative bitch and she does need to be taken down all the way to the ground. I really do hope in this story that Melvin knows Peggy very well and maybe the two of them can give helena what for, she deserves it. Then let Bette wipe the floor with her. Helena just needs a good ass whipping and I think Bette and Kit can give her a good one. I’m very proud of Melvin. Can you just imagine three Porters and Kennard as a united front against hel-bitch. What a glorious thought. Great chapter. Thanks for posting.

    4. BAT!! I have missed your stories so much!! I haven’t been on in a good while and I am excited to see nothing has changed. Your storytelling has always captivated me. I just love what you’re doing with this story and I hope there are many more chapters to this. It seems Helena is up to no good now that she’s be ousted as Tina’s puppeteer.

      • Wow, so good to hear from you OliviaKelly. What a nice surprise to have you back. Glad you are enjoying the story. It’s been on my mind for a while to write. I know where I want to take it, but just taking a bit of time to get there. Thank you for commenting. Hope you will stick around for a while.

    5. Hi BAT,
      Life’s been catching up with me too so I can understand a slight delay on posting, still can’t resist the usual – PPS !!
      Must say I do like the ‘nicer’ Melvin and am dying to see how your Helena turns out.
      Nice to have you writing again and look forward to more.

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