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    Bette and Kit

    Kit sat on her living room sofa with a handful of tissues to dry her tears and blow her nose. Her cell phone was on speaker so she could hear the caller, but it was muted so they couldn’t hear her.
    “Hello, can you hear me. Did we drop the call?” The male voice asked frantically. Still only silence, but he didn’t make a move to hang up. Sitting at his desk in his Washington DC apartment having spent the entire day working up the courage to dial the number that he’d acquired just that morning he wasn’t sure what to expect. It had been 30 years. Maybe his grandfather was wrong. Maybe she didn’t care to know him.

    David couldn’t be more wrong. Kit had waited a lifetime for this moment but she was paralyzed with fear. Melvin had told her to expect the call but she hadn’t wanted to get her hopes up. What if her son hated her? Melvin admitted to brainwashing the boy for years into believing that his mother was a falling down drunk with no self-control, but after today Melvin had seen for himself that Kit had it under control. It was time for him to make the biggest amends of his life; reuniting mother and son.

    Kit said a quiet prayer asking for strength, then realized she already possessed it. She was the strongest she’d been in her adult life. She’d been clean of drug and alcohol use for over a year. Her physical health was improving. She’d dropped about 50 lbs and got herself on a steady work-out regimen with a personal trainer. Making dramatic lifestyle changes, and running the Planet put Kit in a different social class whereby she was surrounded by trusted business associates, friends and family that watched out for her well-being rather than the dead-beat leeches that used to make up her world.

    Her mental, emotional and spiritual balance had never been more in sync. Her life was finally coming together. She’d reconciled with her father. Her relationship with Bette was solid. She loved Tina, and wanted nothing more than for the couple to reconcile, but regardless she was Auntie Kit to the baby they were having and couldn’t wait for her niece to be born. Her business was thriving, and after what she’d learned today from her father she had money in bank to buy it outright. The only thing she wasn’t very proud of was getting involved with a married man. Would her son disapprove? Her father had been accepting of Benjamin but then he wasn’t exactly the best judge of moral character.

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    1. Enjoyed this post, thanks BAT. I always loved Kit and you bring her alive.

      Looking forward to the ‘Dinner Post’ which I hope will appear soon ! As you say, ‘gone too long’ Still sticking with you though BAT, still sticking.

      Thanks again

    2. Shocked! Thank you Jesus! I woke pissed off cause I have a meeting at 8 am and I had to read this even if it meant being late for the meeting. Amazing! Look at God! Want he do it! Cause after finish reading this amazing story I got a txt saying the meeting was CANCANELLED. Thank you God! I love me some Tina in this story! She sure shocked Bette! I knew Bette would be pissed about Melvin. I knew you was going to leave us in a cliffhanger! Please brighten our day even more by POSTING again today. Please, please, please with sugar plum on top. I had a feeling Melvin was dying:( I hope and pray that we tells them so they can spend time together as one big happy family before he pass! But first let them see he’s making amends out of the goodness of his heart before he tells them he’s dying. I loved that David will meet with Kit. I’m thankful and grateful you finally posted again. PPS like today please!

    3. Yes, i am for sure still sticking with you!

      You are worth the wait, but i would’nt mind if you decide to post asap, like tonight 😉

      Miracles do happen Bette, believe in it.

      It is good to see Melvin is trying to make amends with both his daughters and Tina.

      And David reaching out to Kit, wonderful to see that happen. Kit deserve happiness.

      Looking forward to see how Helena is going to react when she will be ditched from Tina’s table and life.

      A fantastic update! Thank you!

    4. Thanks for the update! You’ve selected one of my favorite characters, Kit. I liked your story very much! I’ve got to bring Kit into my next tale so, I am delighted read her as you’ve her in this situation. One that’s critical to her character.

      Personally, I’m fascinated by Helena. I may be the only one, but the broken parts of Helena I look forward to exploring one day.

      Good job!


    5. Hi BAT:

      Very nice chapter, long time I haven’t read your wonderful writing; I just updated myself with this new story; I like this one very much; very promising, refreshing and hopefulness.
      Here, there is another version of Melvin, as a reasonable man, learning from his mistakes, open-minded and committed to mending fences, Kit is also an inspirational character in this story, she fought her demons and addictions and her not only survived but thrived.
      I like Tina-Bette interaction in this chapter, they both have hurt each other, but their love is still there, the emotional pain have made them more mature and they may want to give their relationship another try, hopefully, is not only because they are waiting for a baby, but mainly for the love they have for each other.

      Thank you for this precious story, I’ll wait for your next post, with a bit of luck, soon.


    6. Great chapter. Have already written a comment but it disappeared for some reason and don’t think I can redo it. The same thing happened a couple wks ago in another story and it was in the trash on your authors page. I had not quite completed a thought when it vanished. Maybe that’s where it is this time. At any rate this was a good chapter, enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

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