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    The Moment I Fell

    Tina sat curled up on the couch with a script and a notepad to occupy her time on a Saturday evening. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that a tall, lanky figure was lingering in the hallway adjacent to the living room.

    A few audible sighs came from the direction of the hallway. Tina smirked to herself and waited patiently for the conversation that would inevitably be initiated. The shadowy figure began to retreat then abruptly stopped and turned around again. The blonde raised one eyebrow and stifled a giggle as she tried to focus on the script in her hand.

    “Mom?” The term of endearment was a tentative question.

    “Yeah, sweetie?” Tina responded without looking up.

    A beat of silence. The 12-year-old grappled to find the additional words she needed to articulate. Sensing her daughter’s internal struggle, Tina looked up from her work.

    “What is it, honey?” She asked, setting her papers down on the coffee table. “Come sit with me.”

    Angelica reluctantly dragged her slipper-covered feet across the hardwood floor and plopped down next to her mother. Avoiding eye contact, she allowed Tina to smooth down an errant curl on the side of her head.

    “When did you know you were in love with Mama B?” Angie’s eyes finally reached her mother’s at the end of her question.

    A quirked brow quickly gave way to a smile, then a blush as inappropriate memories of multiple orgasms played in Tina’s mind. With a quick shake of her head, she chased the thoughts away to focus on her daughter’s question.

    “Umm, what prompted that question?”

    Angie dropped her eyes again and shrugged. “I don’t know.” She murmured.

    Tina studied the tween’s face, as she realized that her baby girl might be crushing on a classmate. “Well, I knew that I was attracted to Mama B the moment I first saw her. But I don’t think I knew was in love with her until a little while later.”

    “You weren’t in love with her at first sight?”

    Tina breathed a chuckle at Angelica’s romantic optimism. “I think maybe I let you watch too many romantic comedies.” She said with a wink. “Real life and real love aren’t always the happily ever after fairytale endings.”

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    1. This is only a one-off. But I suppose if you’re keeping score, this could potentially be a second part to the last fic I posted.

      I have so many unfinished story files sitting in my documents folder, it’s not even funny. I’ve realized that as I get older, the times when creativity and inspiration strike are fewer and farther between. Time is the great equalizer, but there never seems to be enough of it, especially when you’re struggling to find that healthy work-life balance.

      I hope you are all doing well and are happy and healthy wherever you may be.


      • Hi, meloveslu! :D Thanks a lot for this lovely, fluffy, quite polished one-off! I’ve always loved your stories and I truly hope you’ll find the time and be inspired someday soon to put the finishing touches to your creative projects. And let me guess the identity of the third writer who “inspired” you to share this one-off. Is it BEG who broke her 11-month silence to post an update on “Home Again Part 2”? I heart that story and that writer too.

        Thanks again and have a lovely, productive new work week! :D

        • Fantastic guess MightyMouse! You should be a detective ;-)

          Appreciate you reading. When I find time to finish some of these bad boys, hope you’ll be there with more of your wonderful flattery.


    2. Hi, thanks for the story!

      So, it’s second part of “20 years”? – good.

      And about your comment – what are your three favorite writers, who posted last month? BenMac, Cella?

      P.S. Interesting – how many comments will be about “Playing by heart”? :)

      • Hey Zhenya!

        Yep, I think it could be a follow-up to 20 Years since we don’t know where Bette is coming home from. I didn’t really plan it like that, but t seems like it works right?

        You certainly named 2 of my 3 faves. I’ll let you do a little digging around to discover who else may be a favorite of mine ;-)

        I’m willing to bet many of these comments will have some mention of PBH. It is definitely the largest unfinished file in my documents folder 🤣

        Thanks for reading!


        • Hm, third author? Pie, skydancer, Valerie? ;-)

          And of course, i would be happy if you can give proper final for your biggest story ( and maybe give inspiration another two writers with unfinished busines :) – kins40 and peculiar), but i understand that it might be difficult for you – too many time has gone and hard to get your mind back in storyline again.

    3. Hi Meloveslu,

      I am always happy when you find some time to post a story! And i hope you find the creativity and inspiration to post those unfinished stories. Maybe Playing by Heart?

      I hope you find the right balance between work-life.

      Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

      • Bibi!

        Thanks so much for reading. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside when you come out and support my stories. I hope you’re right about getting some more inspiration. One of these days, I could surprise myself and finish up that story you’re asking about.

    4. Love the flow and pacing of your stories. And this one, what a sweet, elegant feel to it. I wish I had the writing chops to pull of a story in the in the first-person. You on the other hand, have mastered it. Outstanding, young lady.

      • Oh please! Writing first person pales in comparison with the ability to weave an in depth plot line with serious subject matters that continually keeps the audience guessing as well as engaged.

        But I will graciously accept your compliment and revel in the fact that you read my fluff anyway. Thanks!

    5. Great to see you posting again and I must add my pleas to the others for you to finish your stories where you have left us hanging wishing for more :-)
      You know which ones they are!
      Thanks for this please post again soon

      • Sassy! So glad to see you caught this one! I hear your dog whistle. It’s always in the back of my mind and occasionally an opened document on my macbook that just stares at me, daring me to write the ultimate ending. Just have to find that window of opportunity to seize the inspiration. It’s much harder than you would think,

        • I am not unaware of how hard it is and appreciate very much your getting inspired and the time to put it into words.
          Still would love you to find the inspiration and the time :-)

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